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Free Criminal Records Check Online

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The Power of a Free Criminal Records Check Online

Free Criminal Records Check online can reveal a lot of important information about someone. Performing an online criminal records check can help you ensure that you and those around you stay protected, for minimal costs. Whether you want to perform one on someone you trust or someone you don’t know very well, an online criminal records check can reveal a lot about a person. With a free criminal records check online you’ll be able to find out without obligation.

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Here’s What to Expect from a Free Criminal Records Check Online

Most online criminal record checks are not free and many of the free searches have limited information. You’ll want to make sure you are using a accredited public records database resource.  The information that’s gathered in a criminal records check is obtained from court records, arrest records, police records, civil records and other criminal reporting agencies. You can usually find out the charges and date they were brought forth, sentencing records, jail or prison records and court records. It is important to note that when you check someone’s criminal records you verify that they’re the correct person. Many people have the same first and last name so you’ll want to use a birth date, address or other identifying information to confirm you’ve found the right person.

1 in 4 Americans Have A Criminal Record

1 in 4 Americans have some sort of criminal background, according to Bureau of Justice Statistics. By knowing more about someone through a criminal records check you can protect yourself and your loved ones. After all, you don’t want to put yourself in harm’s way if you don’t have to.

Keep in mind that while this does provide you with a valid starting point, it’s always good to go with your gut when putting your trust into other people. Couple your findings with your natural instinct and you’re sure to make sure that you only surround yourself with those you truly feel comfortable around.

Benefits Of Using A FreeCriminal Records Check Online

The internet has brought forth advancements, especially when it comes to doing criminal background checks online. It’s a much more efficient way to find criminal records online than going to the court house or county recorder. It will also ensure that you get the latest information instead of having to rely on outdated records.

When you do decide to do a criminal records search online, go with a trusted public records provider. This will ensures that their help is given when it’s needed. Also make sure that their interface is easy to use to avoid any technical issues during the process. is offering a 5 day free trial. So you can perform a free criminal records check online without obligation.

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Free Criminal Records Check Online

Free Criminal Records Check Online

  1. Wow, it’s crazy to think that 1 in 4 Americans have a criminal background. My dad is threatening/joking that he will retrieve the criminal record of my potential suitors even if they don’t have one. I am surprised to hear how easy it can be to obtain though.

    • Hi Annie,

      Thank you for the feedback. It sure is interesting that so many Americans have a criminal record. Did you know that traffic violations are considered criminal records?

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

  2. Yes it’s not hard to obtain criminal records through sites like and so on.

    • Hello Herman,

      You are correct, it is easy to obtain free criminal records check online through various websites. The main difference between and other websites is that we give you access to unlimited criminal records checks and many others will charge you for every criminal record you search for. Below is a link to sign up for our free criminal records check – 5 day trial.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

  3. I Alma Rosa Padron
    I’m checking my background for
    Personal resins.

    Thank you
    Alma Rosa padron

    • Hello Rosa,

      I would be happy to assist you with a background check or criminal records check online. I am not certain what “Personal resins” means. In order for me to assist you I will need the city and state where you live. Many times in the United States people have the same first and last name. This makes it difficult to locate the correct backgorund or criminal records for the correct person. So if you can provide me with as much verifiable information as possible it will be easier for us to track down the correct public record for you. An address and your age will help us to find that correct record for you.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

  4. Trying to access my rap sheet

    • Hello Demetrius,

      A nationwide criminal records search shows several criminal records for Demetrius Sims in California and a couple criminal records in Alabama. In order to view the specifics you can purchase a 5 day trial membership for $2.95.

      Best Regards,

      SearchQuarry Team

  5. Free??? 2.95 is not free!! False advertising…you are liars…

    • Hello Derithia Vanderpool,

      I’m sorry to inform you that you’re incorrect. We do offer a Free Trial where you can lookup unlimited criminal records for 5 days. If you click on the link where it says “Free Criminal Records Check” ( Hint: It’s mentioned twice in the first section of the article ) you will be able to test drive our online criminal records check for Free. I have also included a link below.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

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