Can I Get a Felony Expunged

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Can I Get a Felony Expunged?

Most people who are convicted of a felony assume that once they have paid their debt to society that they will be able to move on with their lives. However, with a criminal record in tow, many ex-offenders find getting a job, qualifying for a loan, or being approved for a place to live can be extremely difficult. That’s why getting a felony conviction expunged or sealed is so important: it gives you a chance to take control over your life and once again become a productive member of society.

can you get a felony expunged

What Is A Felony?

A felony is, essentially, another word for a very serious offense (as opposed to a misdemeanor, which is usually a more minor offense). While each state defines felonies differently, in most cases a felony is subject to imprisonment of at least a year. Furthermore, while not all felonies are for violent or sexual crimes, all violent and sexual crimes are considered felonies. Also, repeat misdemeanor convictions can count as a felony, such as a repeat DUI in many states. In Indiana, Minnesota, New York, and Oklahoma, for example, just a second DUI is considered a felony.

How Can I Get A Felony Expunged?

Again, getting a felony expunged depends on the state you were convicted in. Some states don’t allow for expungement, while others, such as California, have a variety of ways you can get your record expunged. In states that do allow for expungement, you will usually need to have gone through a certain amount of time without another arrest and/or conviction. Furthermore, getting a rape, child pornography, or violent crime conviction expunged is almost impossible no matter where you live. Some states make it easier to expunge convictions for juvenile offenders or for convictions where there may have been extenuating circumstances involved. In New York, for example, women who were convicted of prostitution can have those convictions vacated if the offenses were a result of the woman having been forced into sex trafficking.

Felony vs. Other Criminal Records

Felonies aren’t the only items that appear on your criminal record. Your criminal record may include things you have completely forgotten about or are unaware of, such as arrest warrants and minor convictions, including for some traffic violations. Misdemeanors will also appear on your criminal record as will juvenile offenses. However, in some states juvenile offenses are either easily expunged or they are not viewable to the public (only by police and other authorized officials). You can find your felony criminal record online for free through a third-party database, including

Can Felony Records Be Sealed?

Expungement essentially means that the conviction is erased from your record entirely, which is why it is so difficult and sometimes impossible to achieve in so many states. A better option may be sealing. Sealing means that the conviction stays on your criminal record, but that it is not viewable by most members of the public. So, for example, if you are applying for a job that requires a background check, your potential employer will not be able to see any convictions that have been sealed. On the other hand, police officers and often judges will be able to see them, meaning that if you run into trouble with the law again, your previous convictions could have a bearing on any new sentence you receive.

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Responses to “Can I Get a Felony Expunged

  1. I was granted a Certificate of Rehabilitation by a Superior Court Judge in San Francisco, CA. I need the exact date. I think is was early 1970’s

  2. I am wanting to get my husbands felony expunged and surprise him. Please let me know what I need to do. His felony was a drug charge where he took the wrap for someone else.

    1. Typically to get a felony expunged the person who was found guilty of the crime must request to have it expunged and not all felony crimes can be expunged. Your best option to inquire more information about getting a felony expunged would be to contact the courthouse clerk where he was sentenced, or hire legal counsel to assist you through this process.

  3. I have a fellony in 1972. I was paroled to Fl and have lived touble free since then. I also had my rights restored about 5 years ago. I would love to buy a gun if I ever needed one. What would I need to do?

    1. In the state of Florida it’s illegal to purchase a firearm if you have a felony or misdemeanor conviction. That being said, we are uncertain if getting your felony expunged will allow you to purchase a firearm. You might want to contact the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to inquire about this matter. We are not a legal service and don’t have an affiliation with any government agency so we cannot offer you and specific advise.

  4. I have a possession of controlled substance charge from Alabama over 19 years old.i would like it to be exponged so I can get a good job and posses a firarm.its my only offense. I live in South Carolina now.where do i start

    1. There are a couple of possibilities with a felony criminal record like you’ve mentioned. You can get it expunged or have it sealed. You might want to start with talking to the court clerk where your case was tried. In some cases if enough time has passed and you’ve full-filled your probation and paid your fines and fees then you can get your South Carolina criminal record sealed. Expungement can be a much more difficult process depending on the exact nature of the crime. You might also contact a lawyer and consult with them as the can see if there is a precedence for your case, which would be helpful.

  5. I got a felony drug charge when I was 15 I\’m 26 now could I get it removed. I\’m from fulksrun VA.

    1. To get a felony expunged in the state of Virginia it really depends on the nature of the felony and if you’ve paid the fines and fees associated with the felony and if you’ve served the required amount of jail time, fulfilled the community service requirements and are no longer on probation. Your best option would be to contact the county courthouse clerk where you were tried and sentenced and request an expungement of your felony. They will be able to better assist you with getting a felony removed from your criminal record.

  6. My name is Ronnie L Pendleton trying to get my record expunged. I have a non violence change in Mississippi. The change was in Brookhaven, Mississippi.

  7. My only felony conviction was in 2002. I have all my rights back but my gun rights. Getting this felony expunged would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Your best bet to find out if you can get your felony expunged is to go through the courts where your felony conviction was issued. If you contact the courthouse clerk and make this inquiry they can direct you to the correct venue to file to have your felony expunged.

  8. Hi,
    I’m from TN and caught my charge there. Class e felony massage without a license a BS charge if you ask me.
    The laws seem much stricter in AZ. I got it expunged in TN but will that uphold here in AZ since they only “set aside?”

    1. If your felony was expunged it sounds like it should uphold in Arizona but you will need to verify this with the relevant courts in Arizona. We do not have an affiliation with any state or federal government agency so you will want to contact them directly

  9. I have a felony on my record from early 2000 and I need to have it taken off to get the job I have worked so hard for.I was told my case was in Diversion which I thought meant once I completed my probation it would be taken off my record.please help me.I deserve this job and this felony happened over 15 years name is John Terry.9012169644.please help me.I deserve better

    1. We understand your concern with getting your felony expunged however, this is a matter that you will need to contact your county courthouse where this felony conviction took place. We do not have an affiliation with the courts so you will want to contact the courthouse clerk and give them the same information you provide here.

      How to Remove a Felony

      1. Get your record sealed by a judge
      2. Get a Certificate of Rehabilitation
      3. Get a certificate of Innocence
      4. Get your record Expunged
      5. Get a Pardon

  10. I had no violent felonies in New Jersey about 10 years I haven’t been in trouble since I own a home I work IAM a person who gives back to the community please let me know what I can do

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