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California Criminal Records Search

California law requires everyone who has a criminal record understand their information is forever public. No one who is arrested, charged with a crime, or given a traffic ticket is ever going to see that information disappear from the public system. It?s public, it?s important, and it?s information you cannot get rid of. This is for various reasons. For one, anyone with California criminal records to their name must be easily searched to potential employers can understand the type of person they are working with or might work with in the future. California criminal records alert schools, employers, and even parents hiring a babysitter of any issues they might need to be aware of when entrusting someone to their business or children. With online Criminal Record websites you can lookup someone’s California criminal past anonymously so that no one knows you’re looking them up.

Official California Criminal Records

Not just anyone can search for a criminal record in California. The law requires only specific law enforcement agencies and those who have the proper paperwork signed by the person whose history is being searched. For example, an employer can require a background check from a person and take on their information for permission. A parent hiring a babysitter can ask a potential babysitter to sign a consent form allowing the parent to search their criminal background to find out if that person is a registered sex offender or a criminal of any sort.

Once this information is obtained, records are searched through the California Department of Justice. There is a $25 fee associated with any background check or criminal history check. It?s non-refundable, and it?s easy to do. If you want to obtain a copy of your own criminal history, you can do that by paying the same $25 fee and simply asking. Anyone is free to search for their own private information at any given time.

California Criminal Records Online

All criminal history information is available online at any given time. You can visit the website of the California county courthouse where someone was arrested or charged with a crime to see this information. It?s free to search, and it?s easily done by locating the public records link and searching the name of the person in question.

The only downfall to this is you must know where the person was arrested. It could be any county in the state, but information won?t appear unless you search the correct county. If there is a traffic ticket, an arrest, a mugshot, or any other information available, you?re going to find it on the county website and see what information is available. This is free because the paperwork is generic and cannot be used by you to do anything other than simply view it. It?s easy to view this information, and it?s even easier to see what you might find when you know where to search. You need only the person?s name, but having more information than that makes it possible for you to narrow your search significantly when you need criminal information on a person.

Note: offers criminal record searches online. Our resources are for reference only and cannot be used for credit checks, employment, rentals, housing, security clearances, adoptions, visas, passports, or any other legal reference. We are not an FCRA certified resource. Please verify any information obtained as there are occasional inaccuracies.

California Criminal Records

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