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Search License Plate Records

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Driving Records License Plate VIN

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Driving Records License Plate VIN

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Driving Records License Plate VIN

Driving Records
  • Full Name of Driver
  • All Known Aliases
  • State of Violations
  • County of Violations
  • Types of Violations
  • Court Documents
  • Address History
  • Contact Information
Traffic Citations
  • Full Name of Driver
  • All Known Aliases
  • Speeding Tickets
  • Red Light Tickets
  • Stop Sign Tickets
  • Reckless Driving Tickets
  • Distracted Driving Tickets
  • Additional Traffic Tickets
Vehicle Records
  • Full Name of Owner
  • All Known Aliases
  • Vehicle Make & Model
  • VIN Number
  • License Plate Number
  • Vehicle History
Criminal Records
  • Full Name of Driver
  • All Known Aliases
  • DUI/DWI Records
  • Vehicular Assault
  • Vehicular Manslaughter
  • Vehicular Homicide
  • Certain Hit & Run Offenses

The License Plate Number Database

In the member’s area you will find our “Driving Records” section, and all of our license plate, VIN, driving, and vehicle related records searches are in that section. Our license plate records searches include VIN numbers, vehicle history and ownership records. Other driving related records include traffic citations, felony driving offenses, misdemeanor driving offenses, vehicle ownership reports, license plate records, and vehicle history reports. You can search any license plate by typing in a plate number and searching. Other searches available in the member's area include criminal records, birth records, death records, marriage records, divorce records, court records, people search, and phone number lookups.

License Plate Records as Public Record

There are many reasons why someone would be required to search a license plate record, such as following a particularly bad accident where both individuals failed to communicate correctly and vital personal information is missing from the incident. Or, in some cases, you can look up a license plate record in an attempt to view any driving violations or the status of a driver in various states across the country. This entire process is quite simple and, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, is totally legal and considered public records in most counties or states. In some cases, however, you may be required to route your license plate record request through the local sheriff's office or police department, who may then release the records for your public viewing.

In order to search by license plate and access license plate owner information, the person searching must have a valid reason for the search. At, we offer license plate searches, and before you can see your results, you will be required to choose why you are searching.

According to federal law, which always supersedes local county or state law, public records, including driver information and license plate records, are considered public access should any United States citizen request the records formally. Should the local DMV deny such a request, as they are wanton to do on occasion, there are a few different agencies one can write to in order to put their request to someone higher up in the government food chain. 

One instance of such a happening occurred at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department, where an unnamed individual requested access to license plate records but was denied almost immediately by the officials on hand. The denial came down to confidentiality of the individual who owned the license plate number currently. This tends to be totally anonymous data, however, as most people would know, but the confidentiality of the individual is far more important than simply releasing such data to the general public on a whim. Each case is most likely different and looked at carefully by officials, though the end results may turn out the very same, no matter the case or circumstances.

Through the Freedom of Information Act, license plate records are technically public record available to anyone seeking the information through the correct channels. Most state and county laws, however, tend to forego such rules and simply make their own where they please. This may be good for the individual who owns the license plate, but overall it is a breach of freedom.


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