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Wyoming DOT Offices

City / Office Address Phone
Afton Driver Services 460 Washington St Afton, WY 83110 307 886-5252
Baggs Driver Services 105 2nd St Baggs, WY 82321 307 383-2000
Basin Driver Services 215 South 4th Basin, WY 82410 307 568-2529
Basin Big Horn County Clerks Office 420 West C St Basin, WY 82410 307 568-2357
Basin Big Horn County Treasurers Office 307 568-2578
Big Piney Driver Services 650 Piney Drive Room 112 Big Piney, WY 83113 307 276-3059
Buffalo Johnson County Treasurers Office 76 N Main St Buffalo, WY 82834 307 684-7302
Buffalo Driver Services 350 East Hart St 3 Buffalo, WY 82834 307 684-5809
Casper Driver Services 800 Bryan Stock Trail Casper, WY 82601 307 473-3333
Casper Natrona County Treasurers Office 200 North Center Casper, WY 82601 307 235-9470
Casper Natrona County Clerks Office 307 235-9217
Cheyenne Laramie County Clerks Office 309 West 20th St Cheyenne, WY 82003 307 633-4246
Cheyenne Laramie County Treasurers Office 309 W 20th St Room 1400 Cheyenne, WY 82001 307 633-4232
Cheyenne Driver Services 5300 Bishop Blvd Cheyenne, WY 82009 307 777-3835
Cody Park County Clerks Office 1002 Sheridan Ave Cody, WY 82414 307 527-8600
Cody Park County Treasurers Office 307 527-8630
Cody Driver Services 808 Meadow Lane Cody, WY 82414 307 587-3346
Douglas Driver Services 1125 West Yellowstone Highway East Unit Douglas, WY 82633 307 358-5078
Douglas Converse County Clerks Office 107 North Fifth St Ste 114 Douglas, WY 82633 307 358-2244
Douglas Converse County Treasurers Office 107 North Fifth St Ste 129 Douglas, WY 82633 307 358-3120
Dubois Driver Services 712 Meckem St Dubois, WY 82513 307 455-3140
Evanston Uinta County Clerks Office 225 Ninth St Evanston, WY 82930 307 783-0306
Evanston Uinta County Treasurers Office 307 78-3033 x3
Evanston Driver Services 350 City View Drive 204 Evanston, WY 82930 307 789-2257
Gillette Campbell County Treasurers Office 500 S Gillette Ave Ste 1700 Gillette, WY 82716 307 682-7268
Gillette Campbell County Clerks Office 500 S Gillette Ave Ste 1600 Gillette, WY 82716 307 682-7285
Gillette Driver Services 3540 Warlow Drive Gillette, WY 82716 307 682-2671
Glenrock Converse County Treasurers Office 401 Birch St, Suite 129 Glenrock, WY 82637 307 436-2732
Green River Sweetwater County Clerks Office 80 West Flaming Gorge Way Green River, WY 82935 307 872-6400
Green River Sweetwater County Treasurer 80 W Flaming Gorge Way Ste 139 Green River, WY 82935 307 872-6380
Jackson Driver Services 1040 Evans Road Jackson, WY 83001 307 733-4571
Jackson Teton County Treasurers Office 200 South Willow St Jackson, WY 83001 307 733-4770
Jackson Teton County Clerks Office 307 733-4433
Kemmerer Lincoln County Clerks Office 925 Sage Ave Ste 101 Kemmerer, WY 83101 307 877-9056
Kemmerer Lincoln Country Treasurers Office 925 Sage Ave Kemmerer, WY 83101
Kemmerer Driver Services 922 Cedar Ave Kemmerer, WY 83101 307 877-9372
Lander Fremont County Treasurers Office 450 N Second St Lander, WY 82520 307 332-1105
Lander Fremont County Clerks Office 450 North Second St Room 220 Lander, WY 82520 307 332-2405
Lander Driver Services 125 Sunflower St Lander, WY 82520 307 332-9858
Laramie Driver Services 3411 South Third St Ste 8 Laramie, WY 82073 307 745-2225
Laramie Albany County Treasurers Office 525 Grand Ave Ste 205 Laramie, WY 82070 307 721-2502
Laramie Albany County Clerks Office 525 Grand Ave Ste 202 Laramie, WY 82070 307 721-2543
Lovell Driver Services 203 East Second Lovell, WY 82431 307 548-2494
Lusk Driver Services 905 S Main St Lusk, WY 82225 307 334-2098
Newcastle Weston County Treasurers Office 1 West Main St Newcastle, WY 82701 NA
Newcastle Weston County Clerks Office 307 746-4744
Newcastle Driver Services 723A Washington Blvd Newcastle, WY 82701 307 746-2690
Pinedale Driver Services 120 South Cole Ave Pinedale, WY 82941 307 367-4381
Pinedale Sublette County Clerks Office 21 S Tyler St Pinedale, WY 82941 307 367-4372
Pinedale Sublette County Treasurers Office 307 367-4373
Rawlins Carbon County Clerks Office 415 West Pine St Rawlins, WY 82301 307 328-2668
Rawlins Carbon County Treasurers Office 307 328-3631
Rawlins Driver Services 301 Airport Road Rawlins, WY 82301 307 328-4102
Riverton Driver Services 877 North Eighth St West Riverton, WY 82501 307 856-3202
Rock Springs Driver Services 3200 Elk St Rock Springs, WY 82901 307 352-3001
Sheridan Driver Services 1949 Sugarland Drive 168 Sheridan, WY 82801 307 672-5924
Sheridan County Treasurers Office 224 S Main St Sheridan, WY 82801 307 674-2520
Sheridan County Clerks Office 307 674-2500
Sundance Driver Services 101 Cleveland St Sundance, WY 82729 307 283-2557
Sundance Crook County Clerks Office 309 Cleveland St Sundance, WY 82729 307 283-1323
Sundance Crook County Treasurers Office 307 285-1244
Thermopolis Driver Services 324 Amoretti St Thermopolis, WY 82443 307 864-9407
Thermopolis Hot Springs County Clerks Office 415 Arapahoe St Thermopolis, WY 82443 307 864-3515
Thermopolis Hot Springs County Treasurer 307 864-3616
Torrington Driver Services 2950 West C St Torrington, WY 82240 307 532-1270
Torrington Goshen County Clerks Office 2125 East A St Torrington, WY 82240 307 532-4051
Torrington Goshen County Treasurers Office 307 532-5151
Wheatland Platte County Clerks Office 800 Ninth St Wheatland, WY 82201 307 322-2315
Wheatland Platte County Treasurers Office 307 322-2092
Wheatland Driver Services 68 16th St Wheatland, WY 82201 307 322-6509
Worland Washakie County Clerks Office 1001 Big Horn Ave Worland, WY 82401 307 347-3131
Worland Washakie County Treasurers Office 1001 Big Horn Ave Ste 104 Worland, WY 82401 307 347-2031
Worland Driver Services 608 South 12th St Worland, WY 82401 307 347-6528

Wyoming DOT Offices – Locations, Hours & Phone Numbers

The Wyoming Department of Transportation administers the legal and financial matters concerned with the paperwork and authorization of motor vehicles. This includes the documentation of vehicles as well as licensing of drivers. The department strictly abides by the laws of the state and maintains very strict procedures for the documentation. See the above listings for Wyoming DOT offices.

Depending upon the age of the driver, the type of vehicle and what it is being used for, Wyoming DOT issues different types of licenses which include Graduated license, Commercial Driving License, Junior License, Teenager License and Mature License. The vehicles are to be titled and registered as well. For both these procedures, forms are available online, and in case of expiry or documents being lost, renewal or replacement request can be made; forms for this procedure are available online as well.

Wyoming DOT is authorized to issue permits for driving abroad too. It also manages the transportation of trucking and commercial licenses and permits. The department emphasizes on safety as well. For this reason it suggests guidelines for highway safety and stresses on insurance. The State laws also require the driver, the owner of the vehicle, and the vehicle to be insured.

Publications and manuals related to motor vehicle usage and statistical reports are published on the website and updated from time to time. This data not only facilitates the usage of vehicles for public but also gives a better understanding of the policies and norms.

The website has been developed for the purpose of public facilitation as majority of the users use internet, but all official requirements are finalized in person at DOT offices across the state. Location of all offices, their work timings and phone numbers are published on the website. People can browse through them and contact the offices for making appointments to avoid inconvenience and waiting in queue.

Wyoming DOT Offices
Wyoming DOT Offices

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