Michigan SOS Driving Records

Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Michigan SOS – Motor Vehicle Department

While in most states the Michigan Department of Motor Vehicles or equivalent government agency is run by the Department of Transportation, in Michigan, as in nearby Illinois, the DMV is operated by the Secretary of State (SOS). The Michigan SOS is where you will want to head to for just about anything related to your driver’s license and vehicle, including for road tests, vehicle registration, and driving records. Below we will look at the various driver-related services offered by the Michigan Department of Motor Vehicles and how to go about applying for each service.

 Michigan SOS Driving Records

 Unfortunately, Michigan is one of the few states, unlike California and New York, where you are still unable to apply for a driving abstract online. Instead, you can mail an application to the SOS office in Lansing, fax your application, or telephone the Michigan SOS. However, there are restrictions when ordering via telephone. Also, mailing or faxing your application can be a slow process. The fastest way to get your driving record is by visiting a branch office, showing your driver’s license, and paying a fee. You will receive a certified copy of your driving record the same day, and the cost is just $12. A certified copy will be accepted by any government agency, court, employer, or insurer, whereas an uncertified copy may not be accepted universally. You can also get a copy of your driving record through a third-party database, such as SearchQuarry.com.

 Michigan SOS Driving RecordsMichigan SOS Driving Test

 Whether you are a teen driver or are over 18 but applying for your first license, you will need to pass a skills (road) test. Road tests are scheduled at SOS branches located in different Michigan counties throughout the state. If you are applying for a commercial (CDL) or motorcycle license, then you will also need to schedule a road test. While road tests for regular licenses are fairly widespread, not all branch offices offer road tests for CDL or motorcycle licenses. Furthermore, there is no online system for scheduling a road test so you will have to visit the SOS branch in person or telephone them.

 Michigan SOS Driver’s License  

 If you recently moved to Michigan from another state, then you will need to transfer your out-of-state driver’s license to a Michigan driver’s license. In most cases, the written test and road test will be waived if you have a valid out-of-state license that has not been expired for more than four years. You will need to pass a vision test, however. If this is your first license, you are under 18, or your out-of-state license expired more than four years ago then a written test and road test will be required. If you have concerns about your out-of-state license contact the state DMV that issued that license for more information.

 Michigan Driver & Vehicle Forms

 The Michigan SOS has a section of its website dedicated to forms and publications. However, as the SOS is a large government department there are quite a few forms available, many of which, such as election forms, have nothing to do with driving. There are also multiple sections for driving-related issues, such as separate sections for Driver’s Licenses and Owning a Vehicle, so be sure to check the site thoroughly if you don’t find the form you are after in one section.

 Michigan Traffic Citations

 While the Michigan SOS offers very few online services for residents, the good news is that paying your traffic citations is usually much easier. The Michigan Courts have an online form letting you pay for civil infractions (both traffic and non-traffic) online. You don’t even need your traffic ticket number. Instead, you can simply search for your tickets using your driver’s license number, license plate number, or name and date of birth. However, keep in mind that not all counties are participating in the online payment system. If your county is not participating then you will need to pay your tickets either by mailing them or going in person.

 Michigan Vehicle Registration

 If you are coming from out of state then you will need to register your vehicle in Michigan as soon as possible. Registration should also be done immediately if you have a vehicle that has never been registered before. For first-time registration you will need to visit an SOS branch in person. However, if you are simply renewing your registration you can do so online.

 Michigan Title Transfers

 Title must be transferred as soon as possible after you move to Michigan. All motor vehicles, motorcycles, and trailers 2,500 pounds and over must be titled in Michigan. In cases where the title is being held by a lien holder from outside of Michigan, then you can simply bring your most recent vehicle registration to an SOS branch. This will ensure that you have Michigan registration and a Michigan license plate despite having an out-of-state title. Also, everybody listed on the title must be present when transferring the title, although an Appointment of Agent can be used instead if one person cannot be present.


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    John, in order to get your Michigan Driver’s License Clean you will need to contact the Michigan SOS directly and inquire what is on your Michigan driving record that needs to be fixed, paid off or mitigated with a driver safety course. Click here to locate the closest Michigan SOS Office to schedule an appointment.

    How to Get my Michigan Driver’s License Clean

    Visit a Michigan SOS office in person and request a copy of your own driving record (Form: BDVR-153) and locate the issues that need to be fixed to clean up your Michigan Driving Record. You might need to pay some fees and fines or take a driver safety course. Inquire with the Michigan SOS Department Directly @ (517) 322-1181

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    Want to know how to get my license clean 440-269-9850

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    How to Get a Copy of a Michigan Traffic Ticket

    To find out about your Michigan traffic citation or to get a copy of it, contact the Michigan traffic courts. You can contact the county courthouse clerk in your area to assist you with this online or in person. You will need proof of identification and your Michigan SOS driver’s license number.

  4. says:

    I am an Arizona resident who has a traffic citation issued in Michigan on my record. What is the procedure for obtaining a copy of that citation?

  5. says:

    In order to fix this infraction on your driving record you will want to contact your relevant Michigan County Courthouse, which handles traffic citations and violations. It is your right to fight this ticket or try and get it off your record.

    What is a Failed to Yield Ticket

    A failed to yield ticket is an infraction, or non-criminal traffic violation. Typically these tickets are used when a person get’s in an accident and hits another vehicle or pedestrian from not yielding and causing an accident. A Failure to yield ticket can also be issued nearly causing an accident from not stopping to yield for traffic.

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    how do I fix a failed to yield in north Carolina when I have never been there or got a ticket

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