Illinois DMV Records

Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles

The Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles, or Illinois DMV, is in charge of handling everything related to motor vehicles such as new vehicle registrations, driving licenses, renewal of licenses, applying for permits, car title registration, as well as ordering specialty license plates. You can get all these services by visiting the Illinois secretary of state offices or you can save time and money by getting online services from their online platform.

Illinois DMV Vehicle Registration Process

The process of new vehicle registration is handled by the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State (SOS). Registration can be done using Electronic Registration and Title (ERT) system and it is done within the first 20 of buying or inheriting your vehicle, whether new or used. The new registration form must be accompanied by applicable titling and registration fees.

Illinois DMV RecordsIllinois DMV Vehicle Registration Requirements

When using the Illinois ERT System, an applicant begins by entering his or her last name, the license number and four digits of their Social Security number. Also, the following information is required:
Whether the car is used or new, in case it is used, it must be specified if it is rebuilt or not
Specify the title such as registration only, title transfer or corrected title.
? The title number
? The vehicle identification number
? The purchase date of the vehicle
? The vehicle license plate type

The completed Illinois DMV vehicle registration application form, supporting documents together with applicable registration payments are submitted to the local Illinois SOS office within a period of seven days of obtaining the application. Consecutively, the new registration soft copy form can be submitted via email to the Vehicle Services Department of the Illinois SOS.

How to Register a New Vehicle with the Illinois DMV

In Illinois, new vehicle registration services are handled by the dealer if they are bought directly from a dealership. The information submitted to the SOS include; an IL registration of the vehicle and title type, Sales Tax Transaction accompanied by a tax check payable to the Illinois Department of Revenue and car surrender document along with all car titling and vehicle registration charges.

How to Register a Used Car with the Illinois DMV

The procedure for registering a used car purchased from a dealership is different from that purchased from a private party. While individuals who purchase cars from a private party submit all application forms to the Illinois SOS, the registration process is handled by the dealer if you purchase your used car from the dealership.

Illinois Driver’s License Services

Motorists in Illinois must renew their license within the legally set period by type of the licenses they hold. Motorists with two to four year are allowed to renew their license up to one year prior to the expiry of their licenses. Those with one year can do so within six months to the expiry date. Motorists with 87 years and older must renew their driving license every year at their local Illinois DMV offices.

How to Renew Your Illinois Driver’s License

You can renew your driving license either in person at Illinois Drivers License office or through online. Online renewing services are designated for Illinois safe drivers only. Here motorists will get their renewal notice via email within 60 to 90 days before the expiry date of their present license. To apply online you must have a later eligible as a Safe Driver, whereas in person applicant must submit the following documents.
? Date of birth
? Residency area
? Social security number
? A written signature

Illinois Driver’s License Renewal Costs

Renewing your driver?s license in Illinois, you must pay renewal charges, and they can vary depending on the age of the applicant. The renewal charges for most drivers are $30, though minor and senior drivers may pay less. But 87 years and older drivers are allowed to renew theirs for free.

Illinois Driver’s License Renewal Online

As mentioned above, online renewal services are for Safe Drivers designated by the IL Secretary of State?s office. To qualify for online renewal services your driver?s record must be free of any traffic convictions from the past four years. Qualified applicants can then visit linois SOS Safe Driver Renewal website and log in in with their renewal authorization number that is written on their license renewal form. The applicant must also have a checked credit card or a valid debit card to pay for the renewal costs alongside other transaction charges.

Illinois DMV Driving Records

Also, referred to as driving record abstracts, the Illinois driving record can also be provided by the Illinois Department Of Motor Vehicles. These records indicate a history and personal information of every driver driving within the State of Illinois. These records are important and can be used as court case evidence during a trial and employment requirement for certain jobs that require the individual’s driving history. Insurance providers also base premiums on driving record.

Illinois DMV Driving Records Include

? Full names of the drive
? Date of Birth
? Phone number
? Address
? License number and status
? Traffic points
? Traffic citations

How to get Illinois Driving Records

You can get driving record abstract in two ways from the Secretary of state office. There are in-person or via email after access to online driving records website.

How to Obtain Your Illinois Driving Records In Person

You must apply for your driving record abstract at any local Driver Service facility within Illinois. You are required to fill out a request form (DSC DC 164) and pay $12 in cash. If requesting on behalf of a person, you must have a written consent from that particular person.

Obtaining Illinois Driving Records via Mail

You can get a copy of your driving records via email by submitting a completed driving record abstract request form along with a $12 processing fees to the Secretary of State Driver Analysis section. The form must have your full names, sex, and date of birth and license number. You can get an email notification after ten days of application.

Illinois Traffic Citations

The department of motor vehicles also accepts payments for your traffic citations. Illinois traffic citations are paid online, by email, by phone or in person depending on instructions issued by the court. To pay through online you must use the Illinois E-Pay system which is thought to be easier as compared to other ways.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is solely entrusted with the responsibility to serve all services needed by motorists and vehicle dealers. So if you have issues with your vehicle registration, license, driver records and tickets you can visit the Department?s offices or online website for help.

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Responses to “Illinois DMV Records

  1. says:

    Benjamin, you will want to contact the Illinois motor vehicle department directly to inquire about getting your Illinois driver’s license number. You can call them directly @ 312-793-1010

  2. says:

    I moved to a new state several years ago and had to surrender my Illinois licence to get my Texas licence. Now I\’m trying to get a name change, but I need to know my Illinois license number for legal documentation. How do I find this out? The driving abstract request form required the license number, so that\’s not going to work. Is there a form for finding out your old licence number??

  3. says:

    Christopher, you will need to contact the Illinois SOS directly about getting your driver’s license replaced and perhaps get a new Driver License Number number since it was stolen.

    How to Replace a Stolen Illinois Driver’s License

    You will want to contact the Illinois Driver Services facility about replacing a stolen Illinois driver’s license, as well as file a police report. To get a replacement driver’s license you will need another form of ID such as a birth certificate, to prove you are who you say. Then you will directed to fill out the driver’s license ID replacement form and pay a small fee for your new ID card. Processing by mail may take a couple weeks

  4. says:

    Hi someone stole my wallet a year ago and had my drivers license inside the wallet stolen. How do I find my drivers license number? Need number to see if Valid or not?

  5. says:

    Juan, in order to obtain a certified Illinois driving record for employment purposes, you will want to reach out to the Illinois DMV directly. You can visit their website and download the driver record request form and mail it in, since DMV offices are currently closed from Covid19.

  6. says:

    for work

  7. says:

    In this situation you will want to file a police report, with your local Illinois police department, that a vehicle you have been contracted to work on is abandoned and that you are owed funds. You can also file a mechanics lien on the vehicle. You would need to contact your county clerk of the court to find out how to proceed with this process. As far as the DMV goes, you can inquire about getting a hold of the owner to let he or she know you are filing an abandoned vehicle report with the police

  8. says:

    I want to get the money owed me or sale a vehicle I worked on in Bowling Green, Ky. and the owner never came back to pay or pick it up. It has been on the lot for about 5 or more years. The vin # is 1GTCS19X6V8504445 and it is a GMC Sonoma. Can you send me the owners name and address so I can pursue collection on the vehicle. My intentions are to sell it a t public auction if possible if I can tell the buyer he or she can get a title. Please let me know what I can do to sell this vehicle and recover some or all of my money. Thanks

  9. says:

    You should definitely go with your gut but unfortunately if we cannot see the Illinois driver’s license in person it would be very difficult to tell it’s authenticity. You can bring it to your local law enforcement agency or the DMV to verify the IL driver’s license if you’re uncertain.

  10. says:

    I am an out of state employer. Is there a way for me to verify if an Illinois license is fake or not? I have one in hand that looks like a really bad Photoshop job on the person’s head, but the rest of the document looks ok?… Maybe? Not sure how else to know if it’s legit, but my gut says it’s not right.

  11. says:

    For this classic car VIN number, which is only 11 digits, is not in our database. We only have vehicle history reports available for vehicle that we manufactured in the last few decades with 17 digits. That being said, you can reach out to a multitude of websites ( i.e. CarFax ) that have the ability to run VINs from classic or vintage cars.

  12. says:

    I would like to research the validity and history of a title for a Classic Car which was registered in IL up to two years ago. The title was transferred to Duncan Classic Cars and Imports around May 11th this year, a few days ago. The VIN is 6Y85Q149889, and the car is a 1966 Ford Thunderbird. This VIN does not come up on the national data base for some reason. Many DMV’s provide historical title data for research purposes for a small fee which I am pleased to pay. Thank you

  13. says:

    In order to get a driving record document appostated in Illinois you will need to reach out to the Illinois DMV directly.

    If you’re looking for an Illinois marriage license appostated then you will need to reach out to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

    Typically, appostated documents, also known as certified document, should be obtained from a certified state resource if you’re using it for official purposes, especially out of the country

  14. says:

    Need to have a document appostated where do I go to get it. Marriage licence

  15. says:

    To inquire about an Illinois license plate renewal you will need to contact the Illinois DMV directly. See below on how to contact the Illinois DMV and inquire about a lost or Illinois license plate renewal.

    Illinois License Plate Renewal

    To inquire about an Illinois license plate renewal you can call the Illinois DMV public inquiry phone number 800-252-8980 and inquire about your vehicle registration renewal. You will need to provide your name, license plate number and address where your vehicle was last registered.

  16. says:

    Did not receive notice of license plate renewal. Plate sticker expired in April. License number WYTZOX1. Also what is cost to renew state ID?

  17. says:

    There are a few options listed below on how to go about paying your Illinois DMV Fines and setting up a payment plan.

    How To Pay Illinois DMV Fines

    1. Visit the Illinois DMV in person to pay your fines
    2. Contact the Illinois DMV By Phone: 312-793-1010
    3. Visit and pay your fines online

  18. says:

    How do I find out what my total fines are and set up a payment plan?
    Thank you.

  19. says:

    To clear up your driving record and obtain a new Illinois Driver’s License you will need to get in contact with the Illinois DMV either on the phone, via email or in person.

    Suspended Illinois Drivers License

    A suspended Illinois driver’s license can be for many reasons. To get your suspended Illinois driver’s license reinstated you will need to pay the outstanding fees and fines and appear in court for a hearing if necessary. Then you can reapply to have your Illinois driver’s license reinstated by the Illinois DMV.

  20. says:

    on march 9,2018 i went and had my driving hearing and i have a issue back in 2009 that i have to clear up before ind, issue me a ind licence i tried calling but didn;’t get anywhere on hold for an hour i need some HELP PlEASE Jake Monroe 765-749-9608/765-286-3931 i really need to fix this asap

  21. says:

    In order to obtain an Illinois Driver’s License you will want to visit a Illinois Secretary of State facility and apply for a driver’s license and fulfill the necessary requirements.

    How To Obtain an Illinois Drivers License

    1. Go to a Secretary of State office
    2. Apply for a new Driver’s License
    3. Read the Driver’s License manual
    4. Take the written and driving exam
    5. Pay the fee and pass the test

    Illinois Driver’s License Fees

    • 18 – 20 years old is $5
    • 21 – 68 years old is $30
    • 69 – 80 years old is $5
    • 81 – 86 years old is $2
    • 87+ years old is FREE

  22. says:

    And how much

  23. says:

    I want to know how to reapply for my license

  24. says:

    This is a good question but we are uncertain if they verify insurance only through the license plate number or through both the license plate and VIN number. You best bet is to contact the Illinois DMV directly to inquire about this.

    Free Illinois DMV Locator

  25. says:

    It seems like it is possible but we are uncertain if that is how the DMV evaluates whether or not you currently have auto insurance in Illinois. You will want to contact the Illinois DMV directly about this.

  26. says:

    Can the DMV provide insurance verification from VIN of a vehicle?

  27. says:

    Can DMV look up history of insurance coverage based on VIN

  28. says:

    That is a good question. Your best bet would be to contact the Illinois DMV to inquire if a driver’s license renewal is possible if someone is currently incarcerated. Many times a renewal can be made by mail.

    Illinois Driver’s License Renewal By Mail

    1. Visit the Illinois Secretary of State website
    2. Download the form for Driver’s License Renewal
    3. Pay the renewal fee to renew your Driver’s License
    4. Mail in your Illinois Driver’s License Renewal

  29. says:

    I have a friend whose in jail, but wants to renew his driver’s license, is this possible from a federal correctional institution?

  30. says:

    Illinois Driving records for employment, also known as an Illinois driver abstract, must be from a FCRA Certified service or from the Illinois Secretary of State Motor Vehicle Department.

    How to Get an Illinois Driving Record for Employment

    1. Visit the Illinois website
    2. Fill out the Driver Abstract Request Form
    3. Pay the $12 Fee and provide photo ID
    4. Receive a copy of your Driver Abstract immediately

  31. says:

    Looking for my driving record for a job

  32. says:

    Thank you for reaching out. We can certainly assist you with this. I have forwarded this to our customer support team and they will remove this record ASAP. Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions or concerns about Illinois DMV records or Illinois public records.

  33. says:

    This email doesn’t deal with disabled card registrations. Shirley A. Tewes died April 18 2017. I sent an official notification to DMV and turned in the card at our testing office. Within the last week I (she) got a warning about need to renew. Please remove her from your records.
    Thank you!
    aubrey v tewes

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