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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

North Carolina Criminal Records Search

Ranging from simple traffic violations to serious criminal offenses, criminal records show a wealth of information about a person?s past. The North Carolina Department of Public Safety maintains the North Carolina criminal records.

North Carolina Criminal Records Include

  • Basic identifying information such as name, age, DOB, and driver?s license number
  • History of your addresses of residence
  • Any convicted felonies or misdemeanor
  • Any property ownership
  • Physical characteristics and distinguishing body markings such as scars, tattoos, or birthmarks
  • Current and past arrests
  • Federal and state bankruptcies
  • Court warrants

The county or state determines the information on a criminal record. The North Carolina Department of Public Safety list all criminal offenses committed by a person in the past in the criminal record. By performing a criminal record check, anyone can access their North Carolina criminal record. Generally, the following people require a person?s criminal record:

  • Potential employers
  • Landlords
  • Business partners
  • Lenders

A person who doesn?t know you well can use your criminal record to get a sense of your character, criminal past, and trustworthiness. Since criminal records are public information, no justification is required to obtain them. Nonetheless, to obtain North Carolina criminal records, you need to follow a specified procedure. The first way to obtain North Carolina criminal records is contacting the clerk of the court in the county where you reside. Another way to obtain criminal records is online through public databases. Not associated with the State Bureau of investigation, these online public databases provide criminal records for a fee.

The process of requesting for and obtaining North Carolina criminal records is pretty simple. First of all, you need to contact SBI by calling them at 582-8660. After you make a request to them for the criminal record over the phone, SBI will send you a packet of information including a form to complete. This is a basic requirement of SBI. Fill out the form and send it along with the required documentation back to the SBI. The address you need to mail to will be mentioned in the packet of information that SBI sent you. Following is where you?ll need to mail your request:

NC State Bureau of Investigation Criminal Information and Identification Section
Attn: Technical Unit
Post Office Box 29500
Raleigh, N.C. 27626-0500

After SBI processes your request, you will be able to obtain North Carolina criminal records through State Name Check, Sate Fingerprint Check or National fingerprint check.

North Carolina Criminal Records

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  1. says:

    In order or correct incorrect public records you will need to reach out to each of the databases where your North Carolina criminal records are listed and request to have your information updated. You might be required to provide evidence of who you are depending on the public record repository. You can also request to have your name removed from most public record repositories if this continues to be a problem with this other person’s criminal records being reported under your name.

  2. says:

    I just found out that another woman has the same name as me and her criminal records are showing under my name. How do i get this corrected.

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