Do I Have a Warrant

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How to Find Out If I Have a Warrant

Finding out the question to, “ Do I Have a Warrant ,” can save you a lot of grief and uncertainty with not knowing. Many people do have active warrants and don’t realize they have one. This can be caused from a multitude of factors including; missed court appearances, missed jury duty, violation or probation or parole orders as well as fugitive evading the law.

Do I Have a Bench Warrant

Many people that have missed court appearances for traffic citation or a missed jury duty might get a bench warrant. A good place to start looking to see if you have a bench warrant would be the courthouse where you were supposed to appear. It might be your local county traffic courthouse or it could be a superior courthouse where you were supposed to report for jury duty. A good best practice in this scenario would be to contact the clerk of the court and inquire, “ Do I Have a Bench Warrant ?”

Do I Have a WarrantDo I Have a Misdemeanor Warrant

A misdemeanor warrant is a bit more serious. A misdemeanor warrant is where the court has ordered local law enforcement to arrest you for a criminal act, a violation of probation or parole. This would be a good time to seek legal counsel to determine what to do next. Being arrested might limit your opportunities to get proper legal assistance to mitigate a misdemeanor warrant.

Do I Have a Felony Warrant

Felony warrants are the most serious warrants and are public domain, as are most all warrants, where any law enforcement agent can arrest you on the spot. Typically, a felony warrant is where a person has committed a felony crime and has not been arrested yet. That is when you will receive a court ordered warrant for a felony for that person.

Do I Have an Out of State Warrant

An out of state warrant can be serious or not so serious depending on what type of warrant has been issued. If you have a felony out of state warrant then you can be extradited back to the state that issued the warrant to stand trial and / or be locked up. If it’s an out of state bench warrant then it’s much less serious and you may be able to have this removed if you have moved to another state, such is the case with missing a court appearance for jury duty and some traffic infractions depending on the state and the nature of the traffic violation

Do I Have an Arrest WarrantDo I Have an Arrest Warrant

An arrest warrant is any warrant that is issued by the courts for the immediate arrest of the person in question. If you suspect you have an outstanding misdemeanor or felony charge, or have been in violation of your parole or committed a probation violation then you’re in jeopardy of having an arrest warrant for your arrest. Finding out the answer to the question, “ Do I Have a Warrant For My Arrest ,” can certainly be of assistance in resolving any additional complications legally.

How to Find Out If I Have a Warrant

There are a couple of ways to find out, “ Do I Have a Warrant .” The first method being calling up the courthouse clerk and inquiring about any potential warrant is a good start. You can also contact your local sheriff department or other law enforcement to run a warrant search for you. A third option, and an anonymous option, is to use a 3rd party public records website to search potential warrants online. This last option is very popular because you can find out immediately if there is a warrant for you without notifying law enforcement. You can also potentially find more information about your criminal background and any outstanding issues that might put you at risk.

Using these strategies outlined in the above blog post can help to get rid of the uncertainty of, “ Do I Have a Warrant . “

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    1. Richard, we will need your full name, age and state of residence to find out if you have an active warrant

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