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Performing A Tennessee Warrant Search

It is possible to find information about legal warrants in the state of Tennessee in a number of ways. One place to perform a Tennessee warrant search is through online public record databases. This is part of the public record that the state makes available. It is a right to know issue for the public, and the ability to a Tennessee warrant search is considered very important to a lot of Tennessee residents. If you’ve had a traffic citation or are currently on probation in Tennessee, then you might consider verifying if you have any outstanding Tennessee warrants. To begin your search, enter the name of the person you want to lookup into the search form of a public record site. If you know the city or county that would be helpful too but not necessary as you can search statewide. Then after the search results are displayed, make sure to verify the person you are looking up is correct. Sometimes there are duplicate records for people with the same names. If this is the case, then you may need to know their age, date of birth, address, or middle name to confirm you’ve found the right record. Once you’ve determined you have the right person’s record you can view their criminal charges, prior convictions, court case records, criminal background records, and any incarcerations or probation records. There is a lot you can find about a person with a simple name search online, these are all publicly available records that anyone can find online.

Run a Tennessee Bench Warrant Search

There are a couple of options to run a Tennessee bench warrant search online. The first option is to search through the local city and county courthouse websites. If you know the county where to search, there is a good chance that you can log into the courthouse website and search for active TN bench warrants. Since most all bench warrants originate with a county courthouse judge signing off on them, they will have an up to date record of these court orders.

A second option, if you don’t know what county to begin your research, is to use the Tennessee state courts website to run a statewide search. They offer online access or active bench warrants and offender listings for the entire state. You will need to sign up with login credentials to use their resources, which means your searches will not be anonymous. You can also call them or email them for your inquiry if you have difficulty navigating their online resources.

A third option is to use an online public record website where you can search statewide, or nationwide if you want to check other states as well. Another benefit of using a resource like this is your searches will be anonymous and you will also be able to access a person’s complete criminal history and public record profile. You can’t do this with any state run law enforcement agency or courthouse resources.

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Run a Tennessee Arrest Warrant Search

A Tennessee arrest warrant search can be performed a few different ways. Some of these resources are anonymous and others are not. If you are concerned you have one issued in your name and want to get in front of it before being arrested then you may consider using one of the anonymous resources. Here are some solid options to begin your research:

  1. Visit the county sheriff department website or police department website in the city or county where was issued. Most of the larger metropolitan areas and county law enforcement websites have online listings of their most wanted persons, known fugitives, and online resources to search active TN warrants. Some examples include the Nashville Police Department, the Hamilton County Sheriff Department, and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department.
  2. Another TN state agency that will allow you to search for arrest warrants statewide is the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. They have active listings of fugitives and the most wanted in the state. You can also call them directly to run an active search if you don’t find what you are looking for on their site. The most wanted list is updated daily but might not include non-violent offenders. The list of active warrants is too long to display all of them online so calling them is a good option if you need to be certain.
  3. You can also use a public record site to run a statewide search. You will need to have the full name of the person of interest, and any additional information you have will help with your research. The preliminary search is usually free however, if you need a detailed report or a full criminal history abstract of the person you are researching, this will cost a few bucks. Many people choose this option because of the convenience and confidentiality of the online search.

What to Do if You Have an Arrest Warrant in Tennessee

If you discover there’s an arrest warrant in your name, there are some important steps to take to handle the situation without making it worse: 

  • Consult With a Defense Attorney: Before talking to the courts or law enforcement, and making any decisions, get the advice of an attorney first. A skilled criminal defense attorney can advise on the best course of action. Even if you can’t afford one, try to get some legal advice before surrendering yourself to the courts. The worst-case scenario is being arrested and waiting until a public defender can assist you, which can drag the court case out longer depending on their ability to assist you in a timely manner. 
  • Turn Yourself In: As much as you might not like the idea of surrendering yourself, turning yourself in can sometimes be the best thing you can do in the eyes of the court, especially if accompanied by an attorney. This shows a willingness to cooperate with the system and let’s the judge know that you are taking your situation seriously. 
  • Prepare for the Consequences: Depending on the nature of the warrant, you might face fines, court appearances, or even jail time. It’s crucial to be mentally and financially prepared. You may be able to bond out of jail until your court arraignment and that can give you much needed time to get your affairs in order in the event that you need to do some jail or prison time. It can also give you time to prepare your criminal defense and make sure that you have all the information you need to defend yourself in court. 

Tennessee Warrants as Public Record and Criminal Records

In Tennessee, as in every state, warrants are considered a part of a person’s public records. This means anyone can access them unless they are sealed for specific reasons like protecting ongoing sensitive investigations or the safety of individuals involved. However, having an outstanding warrant and having a criminal record are two distinct things. A warrant indicates that there’s probable cause to arrest someone, or summons them to court, while a criminal record indicates past criminal convictions. However, if someone is arrested due to a warrant, that arrest becomes part of their criminal record. All of these are public records and even though a warrant does not necessarily mean a conviction, it is still recorded under a person’s criminal record until that warrant is executed or removed or quashed by a judge or magistrate. 

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Tennessee Warrant Search

Tennessee Warrant Search - FAQs

Can anyone lookup a Tennessee arrest warrant?

Yes, since Tennessee warrants are public record, via the Freedom of Information Act, anyone can perform a Tennessee warrant search anonymously online. There are many public record websites, such as SearchQuarry.com, that offer this free Tennessee warrant search that is anonymous and confidential

Can I search Tennessee warrants for free?

Yes, there are a few free online resource to search Tennessee warrants. First, if you know what county one was issued in, you can contact the relevant sheriff department or county courthouse clerk. If you don't know the county, you can search statewide through the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Lastly you can use an online public record website to research active TN warrants anonymously.

Are warrants in Tennessee considered public record?

Yes, all active arrest and bench warrants are part of the public record system which means that anyone can view them online.

How do I find out if I have a Tennessee bench warrant?

There are a couple of options to run a Tennessee bench warrant search. First, you can contact the county courthouse where you think one was issued, they sometimes have online listings, or you can inquire with the clerk of the courts to find out. A second option is to search anonymously using an online public record site. You will need to know the full name of the person in question to run this search with any of the above options.

How do I get a Tennessee warrant removed?

It can prove difficult as most warrants will not go away without being arrested or having the judge remove it. Your best option to petition a warrant is to seek the counsel of a defense attorney that can go in front of the judge to contest the validity of the warrant.

Can I be arrested in another state for a Tennessee warrant?

Absolutely, it can be risky to travel outside the state or country with an active TN warrant. You can be arrested, detained and extradited back to Tennessee for a warrant depending on the circumstances. It's best to handle any active TN warrants before planning on traveling.

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    Aaron Kaylor does not show up in our Tennessee warrant record database.

    How to find out if I have a warrant in Tennessee?

    1. Contact your local Tennessee sheriff department
    2. Inquire with your county courthouse clerk
    3. Use the services of a public record website
    4. Hire an attorney or private investigator

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    Warrants for korie b Mahoney dob 4/15/87

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    We found an arrest record and criminal charges for an Anna E. Young from 2017 but we are not seeing any active Tennessee arrest warrants for this person at this time

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    Active warrant for Anna Young 10/02/1977?
    Murfreesboro, Clarksville or Stewart county?

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    We show an Tennessee arrest record and criminal record for a controlled substance charge from 2022 but not active Tennessee warrants at this time

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    Is there any warrants for alicia Lynn clark 04/14/1979

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    Michael, we ran a TN warrant check for you and nothing came up in our TN criminal records database with your name on it

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    Is there a active warrant for Michael swallows cookeville tn 9/21/82

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    We show a criminal record for a Moneca Ann Conyer from 2021 however we did not find any active TN warrants for this person currently

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    Do you have an active warrant for Moneca Conyer, date of birth 9/4/1981 for aggravated assault & battery or related charges?

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    Do you have an active warrant for Adrian Louis Patterson, 35 yo

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    Are there any active warrants for Sumlee M Fayssoux DOB 6/30/1979 or for Travis W Malone DOB 5/14/1981

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    We’ll need more identifiable information about a Susan Stokes as there are a multitude of people with the same first and last name in this state. Can you also provide a middle name and age so we can conclude our search for you?

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    Checking for warranties on my sister Susan Stokes does she have any

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    Houston, we ran this search and did not find anything active for you in our TN database resources

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    Johnathon, we do show some criminal possession charges from 2018 but not an active TN warrant according to our records

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    My name is Jonathon S.Norden I\’m from mckenzie , tn dob 11/04/1977 do I have a warrant out of Henry co , tn?

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    Our Tennessee warrant record resources show there was an arrest in 2019 for a Nicholas Wayne Brooks as well as a bond issued for his release, however do not show any active TN warrants at this time

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    Is there a warrant for Nicholas Brooks 2/11/1983. Rutherford tn

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    We do show criminal charge from 2019 and an ongoing court case with this person being released on a bond. It is possible there is a pending bench warrant if there was a missed court appearance however we do not show any at this time

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    Terry, we ran a TN warrant check and found there is an active arrest warrant for a Jeffery Earl Tester for a probation violation but there are no listings for a Jeffery Paul Tester that we can find at this time

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    Could you tell me if their is any active warrants for a Nicholas W. Brooks D.O.B 2/11/1983. Davidson or Rutherford County?

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