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The Importance Of An Ohio Warrant Search

To find out if you have an active warrant out in your name in the state of Ohio, you can try a few different options. One way to perform an Ohio warrant search is to check the website of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, which maintains a list of currently-wanted parole violators. Many Ohio counties allow you to search for warrants the county sheriff has ordered; see the list below for Ohio resources by county. Performing an Ohio warrant search can be very helpful in mitigating any complications with an existing Ohio criminal record. It is somewhat common for people to have a bench warrant for an unpaid traffic citation or a missed court appearance so it’s best practice to check one’s criminal records on a semi-regular basis.

If you?re unable to find the information you want online, another option is to visit a local law enforcement agency. By going into a police station – local, county, or state – in person and bringing a valid piece of identification with you, you can have the law enforcement agency perform a warranty search with your personal information. Of course, if you do this and the agency finds that you are wanted on an outstanding warrant, you can be arrested on the spot.

Ohio Warrant Search

Types of Ohio Warrants

Arrest warrants are covered by the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. In order to obtain an arrest warrant, a law enforcement agency must have probable cause to suspect a person of a crime, go before an impartial judge who has no conflicts of interest in the case, and swear to fill out all the warrant information truthfully to the best of their knowledge. The warrant must also contain a description of the person to be arrested. When the judge issues an arrest warrant, any legitimate law enforcement official can then arrest the person on sight.

Suspects in criminal cases are legally innocent until proven guilty. If you need assistance with understanding your rights when there is an active warrant out in your name, you may want to seek the advice of an attorney.

Another class of warrant is the bench warrant, which is issued by a judge and causes the person named on the warrant to have to appear in court. Often the person has to appear to address a parole or probation issue. In other cases, a witness may be called into court to testify in a case in which he or she is not a criminal suspect.

Ohio County Warrant Search Resources

These Ohio county sheriff?s websites maintain either a Most Wanted list, a searchable warrant database, a list of currently active warrants, or some combination of these. Find the relevant county to perform your Ohio warrant search.

? Belmont County
? Br.own County
? Butler County
? Clark County
? Clermont County
? Columbiana County
? Erie County
? Fayette County
? Franklin County
? Hamilton County
? Highland County
? Holmes County
? Knox County
? Lake County
? Madison County
? Mahoning County
? Marion County
? Mercer County
? Montgomery County
? Muskingum County
? Pickaway County
? Portage County
? Preble County
? Stark County
? Summit County
? Trumble County
? Tuscarawas County
? Union County
? Washington County

How Can I See If I Have an Ohio Warrant?

It's relatively easy to see if you have an Ohio warrant. You can run an Ohio warrant search anonymously using the resources of an online public records website. You'll need the full name of the person in question and their age to run a warrant search.

Can I Check Oregon Warrants Anonymously?

Yes, if you use the resources of a 3rd party public records website you can lookup Oregon warrant records anonymously. You will want to make sure to read the terms and conditions of the service before performing any warrant searches to make sure it's anonymous.

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Responses to “Ohio Warrant Search

  1. Warren county is not on the list, I’d like to know if jeremy Thomas sallee has a bench warrant in warren county for Mason. Could you help please

  2. Is there a website that I can visit for myself? I need to check for warrants on my brother and boyfriend, in 4 Ohio counties!

    1. Amy this is a website where you can run unlimited Ohio warrant searches with our premium membership

    1. Ann, we ran a check for a Carrie Haddox and could not find anything active in our Ohio criminal record resources

    1. We found an Ohio arrest record and incarceration record from 2020 however we are not finding any active OH warrants at this time

    1. Jeri, we do show an Ohio criminal record history for Tracey however nothing active that we can find with our Ohio warrant check for your sister

  3. My husband was arrested on what was supposed to be a failure to appear but they are saying it was a warrant for parole violation. He was never sentenced nor in prison. Can you tell me what your records say it was for? Daniel Walls 46 yrs old in dayton ohio. Thanks

  4. I would like to know if my brother in law; Joshua fox , as # 302860378 has any active warrants in the state of ohio

    1. Jason, can you also give us his middle name and age so we can filter our results? We are showing more than one person with this name in Ohio

    1. Joshua, we show a misdemeanor charge from 2018 for a Nina Smith but no active warrants that we can find

  5. My name is Lora Jean Cole …I am 37 years old
    .. I was wanting to know if I have any active warrants in Montgomery county, Dayton Ohio….
    Thank you, lora cole

    1. We are showing an Ohio arrest record and criminal charges from 2017 in Hamilton county however, our records do now show any active Ohio warrants

    1. Our Ohio records indicate there is a person by the name of Vernon Terrel Drew that is currently incarcerated however there are no Ohio warrant listings for a Vernon Michael Drew in our database resources.

    1. Tammy, we ran an Ohio warrant search for Tkeisha Jones and the results came back negative, we don’t show anything active in Ohio.

    1. Morgan, we checked our Ohio warrant database for you and did not find anything active however we do show some criminal charges from 2018. If this person is in violation of his probation then you can inquire about additional details with the relevant parole office.

    1. Our Ohio warrant search did not find any results however, we do show a contempt of court charge for a Karla Angela Hinshaw

    1. We do show some Ohio criminal charges from 2017 but we’re uncertain if there is an associated warrant with these charges since they were a couple years ago

  6. Are there any active warrants for Jessica A Oney from Huron or Richland County? I have tried free search but it wants you to pay. Thank you for your time.

    1. Good news Jessica, we don’t show any active warrants for you in Ohio. If this is related to a recently missed court appearance or unpaid traffic or speeding citationspeeding citationspeeding citation then you might want to reach out to the relevant traffic court and inquire with the courthouse clerk.

    1. We are happy to assist you with an Ohio warrant search but we’ll need to know the full name of the person you’re interested in looking up as well as their age and any additional information you can share so we can accurately find the right record for the correct person

    1. We ran an Ohio warrant search and found there is an active Ohio arrest warrant for a Lori Ann Hanna for the criminal charges of Theft. We don’t however have the specifics of the Ohio criminal charges as to what kind of theft or the dollar amount or if it’s a misdemeanor or felony. You can follow up with the relevant Ohio courthouse that found Lori guilty of these charges and inquire about the specifics of this Ohio criminal record.

      For Jeremy James Cole, we show he has an open Ohio warrant for Telecommunications Harassment – Failure to Desist

    1. Our Ohio warrant search did not find any active, open or bench warrants for Easton Householder in Ohio. We also ran a criminal record check in our Ohio criminal record database and did not find any offenses that would be associated with a recent warrant. If you feel that there is an open Ohio warrant for an unpaid traffic citation or court fees then you should reach out to the relevant Ohio county courthouse and have the court clerk verify this information for you. It is possible that there is an open or bench warrant and if that is the case you might be able to take care of that by paying your fines or fees over the phone or by mail.

    1. We do show an active Ohio warrant when we ran an Ohio warrant search for you Ian. The warrant is for an Ian Thomas Blackburn however we will need you to confirm your middle name so we can provide you with the associated Ohio criminal record charges

    1. Brianna, we don’t show any active Ohio warrants for you. Our Ohio Bench Warrant and Ohio Arrest Warrant databases came up with Zero Hits.

    1. any warrants issued in my name in the past 6 months?. i evidently had to drive around columbus waiting for one to be picked up last oct. 2017. awaiting reply, also would like info to get that warrant. thank you.

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