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How To Perform A Virginia Warrant Search

If you live in the state of Virginia and need to be sure that you are able to understand the law, you’ll need to always understand where you stand and how legal circumstances affect you. Warrants are an area of law that are particularly important to know about, so that you can find out if you have an active warrant out for your arrest or just want to know how to run a warrant search. With this in mind, this article will explain what you can do if you have a warrant out for your arrest and how you can perform a Virginia warrant search both in person and online. Performing a Virginia warrant search can save you a lot of hassle, especially if you get pulled over and a law enforcement officer let’s you know or arrests you.

Virginia Warrant SearchHow To Search For Active Warrants in Virginia

When a person has a warrant for their arrest, this is public information. The warrant is either handed down by a judge or magistrate after a sworn officer or police detective offers a statement under oath regarding the parameters of the situation. For example, if you had a court date and did not appear, the judge will typically issued a bench warrant for your arrest to ensure that you make it to the next date. A warrant is officially binding and will also appear on national databases.

When you need to find out if you have a warrant out for you, your best bet is to first and foremost determines what jurisdiction it would appear on. Start with a specific County ? such as Montgomery County or James City County. You will need to search the court database for that particular County in order to see if they have an arrest warrant for your name. Speak to the court clerk in that specific jurisdiction and make sure to not reveal your own name when asking.

Most any Virginia county court clerk will be able provide you this information if there is a warrant attached to your name. Depending on where you live, the clerk might also ask you to provide date of birth and other identifying information for the person you are searching for.

Virginia Warrant Search Online

Thanks to technology, you can also search online for warrant records. Virginia, like all other states, post this information on national databases which you can search in order to see if you have any active warrants for your city, County or state. It is important to figure out what court the warrant is from so that you can handle it accordingly.

You can theoretically be arrested in any state for a warrant on any charge. However, a Virginia police department will only expand the resources it deems necessary based on the severity of your infraction or allegation. If your crime is a felony, you can be extradited from one state to another in order to face charges.

By understanding these conditions and information, you will be able perform a Virginia warrant search. This will be useful to you and allow you to manage your legal issues accordingly. For any further help, be sure to contact an attorney so that they can provide you guidance on your issue.

Virginia Warrant Frequently Asked Questions

Are warrants in Virginia public record?

Virginia warrants are public record that anyone can find. You can contact your local sheriff department, county courthouse clerk or use the resources of an online public record website to lookup warrant information in Virginia

How can I find out if I have a Virginia warrant anonymously?

You can lookup Virginia warrants anonymously using the resources of non-government public record websites. Most 3rd party public record websites will allow you to lookup anyone's warrant confidentially and anonymously.

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  1. Nosey says:

    Need to know if patty champ 88 has a warrant out of va? Also are you able to see nc warrants? She has one there but claims its not extraditable out of state… Could you possibly know how to find out extradition limits on the nc warrnat? And va one if there is one… Ty

  2. squarryadministrator says:

    Tarhan, can you also specify this person’s middle name and age or date of birth so can refine our search and find the correct criminal record for this person, if it exists?

  3. Tarhan Willett says:

    I need to know if Jason Bridy sr has a warrant in henrico county va. Thanks for all your help!!!

  4. Stacy Hernandez says:

    Trying to find out if Stacy Renee Hernandez DOB 11/03/1972 has an active warrant in either Stafford County Virginia or Loudoun County Virginia.

  5. Michelle Cahoon says:

    Trying to see if Michelle Cahoon has a warrant in Suffolk Virginia.

  6. Robert says:

    Need to know if Aretha Pratt has a active warrant in Spotsylvania va or Fredericksburg va

  7. squarryadministrator says:

    We ran her name through our criminal record database and did not fin any outstanding arrest records or warrants for this person

  8. Dunkan O\'Grady says:

    Please search the Charlottesville/Albemarle Circuit Court records for outstanding arrest record/s for Leslie J. Weeks,
    Thank you

  9. squarryadministrator says:

    According to our VA warrant search, there are no active arrest warrants for a Chrissy Marlowe

  10. J. Koenig says:

    Could you let me know if there is warrant out for a chrissy marlowe/stevens. Its probably still under marlowe because she never changed her name when she hot married but trys to use it legally.

  11. squarryadministrator says:

    We show an arrest record for a Noah Gerold Tucker related to drug and alcohol charges but, we did not find any active VA warrants

  12. Brooks Mullen says:

    Hi I am trying to find out if there is a warrant for Noah Tucker (23 years old) in Botetourt VA or elsewhere

  13. squarryadministrator says:

    We show multiple criminal charges for a Misty Sharee Lail but we don’t have any listings for a Misty I. Lail

  14. squarryadministrator says:

    Berna, we checked our Virginia warrant database for a Garrick Sheldon and did not find anything active for this person

  15. berna acevedo says:

    looking to see if garrick sheldon from giles county has a warrant

  16. Jennifer L Pepsin says:

    Seeking warrant info on Misty l. Lail, Henrico county Virginia. 40 years old

  17. squarryadministrator says:

    Gloria, we ran a VA warrant check and only found an active warrant for a Damon Vaughn Williams, there was nothing listed in our warrant record resources for a Daman Bernard Williams

  18. squarryadministrator says:

    Max, our team ran a Virginia warrant check for a Sullivan Lynchburg and did not find anything active for this person

  19. Max Sullivan says:

    Is there an active warrant for max Sullivan in Lynchburg Virginia

  20. Gloria says:

    I need to know if Damon Bernard Williams 45 has a warrant

  21. squarryadministrator says:

    Mike, we ran a Virginia warrant check on a Halona Pulaski and did not find anything for this person

  22. Mike says:

    Is there an active warrant for Halona Ward Pulaski Va?

  23. squarryadministrator says:

    Lisa, we checked our Virginia warrant records and did not find anything active for a William Core

  24. Lisa Marie Combs says:

    Need to look up if William Paul Core has a active warrant for him in Rockridge Va?

  25. squarryadministrator says:

    The only Virginia warrant that we show is for a Christopher Breon Richardson, we do not show anything for a Christopher C Richardson that was born in 1992. We hope this helps

  26. christopher richardson says:

    Hi can you check one more time for me for warrants in Virginia and also North Carolina for christopher c richardson DOB 08/23/1992 thanks you and I appreciate all the work you guys do to help the public be aware of their legal issues

  27. squarryadministrator says:

    Amy, we show multiple criminal records for other people with the same first and last name but different middle name. That being said, we also do not show any active VA warrants for a William Christopher Greene

  28. amy furr says:

    need to know if william christopher greene 32 of madison, virginia has a active warrant

  29. squarryadministrator says:

    We only found a Virginia warrant for a Christopher Breon Richardson. There were no active listings for a Christopher Coty Richardson

  30. Christopher Richardson says:

    I need to know If I have a warrant and what for in virginia beach

    christopher coty richardson
    Norfolk/Virginia beach

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