New York Warrant Search

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Performing A New York Warrant Search

Is there a warrant out for your arrest in New York State? Has a New York State judge ordered you to appear in court? If so, there are a number of ways to find out if you have an active warrant out under your name in New York. A New York warrant search is probably easier than you think.

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution outlines the legal requirements for a U.S. citizen to be served with an arrest warrant. It requires that the judge in the case be disinterested (unbiased) and that the law enforcement agency tell the truth to the best of its ability and have probable cause to suspect a person of a crime. When an arrest warrant is issued by a judge, it allows any legitimate law enforcement professional to arrest the individual in question upon sight so that a trial may be scheduled.

New York Warrant Search

Bench warrants are slightly different; these are orders by a court or judge for an individual to appear in court. These often have to do with parole and probation hearings, but a bench warrant can also be issued to induce a witness to appear before the court to testify.

Any law enforcement agency in New York State can run a warrant search for you and tell you if there is an active warrant out for you. You simply have to appear in person at the law enforcement office with a valid form of identification. This is risky, however, if you aren?t ready to be arrested on the spot if the search turns up an active warrant. You may prefer to search for this information online.

New York Warrant Search By County

These New York counties allow you to either search for active warrants or view a list of the most wanted fugitives in the area.

? Broome County
? Cattaraugus County
? Cayuga County
? Chemung County
? Clinton County
? Delaware County
? Erie County
? Genesee County
? Greene County
? Madison County
? Monroe County
? Niagara County
? Onondaga County
? Orleans County
? Otsego County
? Rockland County
? Schuyler County
? Seneca County
? St. Lawrence County
? Steuben County
? Suffolk County
? Tioga County
? Ulster County
? Warren County
? Westchester County

New York Warrants Searchable by City

A few cities in New York State have local police department-specific Most Wanted lists or searchable lists of warrant information.

Buffalo: The city has its own Most Wanted list.
Freeport: The village of Freeport has a searchable archive. If you enter a name it may turn up previously posted stories about wanted fugitives.
Syracuse: This city’s police department website maintains a list of active warrants.
Yonkers: The city has its own Most Wanted list.

If you are suspected of a crime, you are legally innocent until you are proven guilty in court. For questions about your legal status, rights, and responsibilities, consult with a qualified attorney. Start with a New York warrant search so you have the information you need.

Who can run a New York warrant search?

Anyone can run a New York warrant search because NY warrants are public record. To run a NY warrant search you can contact your local law enforcement, clerk of the county or us an online public records website to lookup NY warrants confidentially.

Do I have a warrant in Brooklyn NY?

An easy way to find out if you have a warrant in Brooklyn NY, and do it anonymously, is to use an online public records website. It's a simple as entering a first and last name and searching.

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Responses to “New York Warrant Search

  1. Can you please check if Mark A. Hathaway 10/31/1994 has any warrants. Livingston County new York. Been checking but can\’t find any legit site to check.

  2. Please check for an arrest warrant for Craig A. Griesemer 08/21/1975 Schenectady, NY. Two misdemeanor warrants are supposedly quashed from 2017 but I’m not sure. Thanks

    1. Craig, we checked your name against our NY criminal record database and nothing came up as far as a warrant is concerned

  3. D.o.b. 4/6/71. Had warrent in 2016 for missing court. Please check if it\’s still active and what can I do to have it dismissed

    1. Jose, we show some older criminal records for you however we are not showing any active warrants at this time that we can find in New York

    1. Tara, we ran a NY warrant check on both Natalie Larue and Shelby Larue and did not find anything for these people in our NY database records

    1. We checked our NY warrant record databases for you and did not find anything active for a Camille Dunn

  4. Can you please check if there is a warrant for Daniel Reyes DOB 11/12/1979 in Bronx or Manhattan new York.

    1. Shantelle Walker did not show up as having an active NY warrant in our New York criminal record database

    1. We’re showing a NY arrest record from 2017 for a Dion Jose Aguila however there is no active NY warrant that we can find in our resources

    1. Sean Vance is a common name in New York, we show multiple criminal record listings for this person. If you can offer us more information, such as age or middle name, it will help us refine this NY warrant search.

    1. Breonna Gaddy doesn’t show up for us when we ran a NY warrant search for you Casandra. Please let us know if we can assist you with anything else.

    1. We are showing a NY charge of a criminal possession of a controlled substance for an Anthony Gonzalez however we are not showing any active NY warrants for this person.

  5. My sister has been ill and we had a death in our family which she took very hard. She missed 2 court dates in 2 separate courts. I\’d like to see if she has any active warrants in New York so we can clear it up and put it behind her. Please help me help my sister so we can help her with coping skills and get her counseling and rehabilitation for her active drug use. With opioids. Thank you

    1. We are showing some NY criminal charges from a few years ago however, we are not seeing any active NY warrants in our database resources.

  6. Theres a woman going by the name Tania Atwood William Johnson in box elder south Dakota. She says she has a warrant in New York. I dont know her real name. Just her first name she has alot of alias. She has child support warrant in Iowa.

    1. Michele, if you don’t have the “real” name of the person you’re trying to run a NY warrant search for we won’t be able to assist you unfortunately. We need the full name, and age if possible, to run an accurate New York warrant search.

    1. We searched our New York warrant records and did not find anything active for a Jeff Lunt. If you missed a court appearance then it’s best practice to contact the relevant NY courthouse and reschedule and pay any fines or overdue fees as well

      1. My middle name is Gerard so those are definitely not me, plus I’ve never been to either of those states. Well that’s good to know. Thanks for doing the search for me. Very much appreciated.

    1. We do show an open NY arrest warrant for a Theodore Lee Castle relating to a NY Lewd Offense but we don’t have the specifics of the violation listed, just that it has lead to an active warrant in New York.

    1. Mauriicio, we don’t show any active NY warrants in our NY criminal record database. If this is related to a missed NY court date or unpaid fines or fees you might consider reaching out to the relevant court clerk and clear this up. If this is related to a specific criminal offense (i.e. parole violation) we can do some additional research for you. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance in looking up your NY public records.

  7. Hello, thank you for providing this service!

    Is there an active warrant for
    Charles P. Clottin 8/24/89
    Nicolas A. Bradshaw

  8. Is there a warrant for Arlen Nieuwenhuizen in new york. 5 years ago i recieved a fine for public drinking, however left the US the next day and never paid it. I am coming back to the US in a few weeks.

    1. Arlen, we did not find anything active with our NY warrant search. You might consider contacting the NY courthouse clerk in the NY borough where you received your Public Drinking violation to inquire about additional details. If there is an outstanding fine then you might be able to pay this online, mail, or over the phone

    1. We ran a New York warrant check for both Natalie and Natalis Larue and did not find anything active. We also checked our NY criminal record database and didn’t find any recent criminal records either

      1. Thank you I will let my dad know, he had some crazy ex pull some stuff. He was getting a passport and was worried about it. Strange there is not a public data base for this, you figured with such an open and Lib state…………..

        1. We are happy to assist you and hopefully this information helps. Please reach out if there are any additional NY public records we can lookup for you

    1. Good news Rick, we don’t show any active warrants for a Rick Santiago or Ricky Santiago in New York. We also ran a New York background check and did not find any active NY warrants for you

    1. Our New York warrant check did not show any active results for Richard Hempel. We additionally ran a NY criminal records search and did not find anything

    1. We performed a New York warrant search for a Craig M Williams for Petty Larceny. Not all our New York warrant records have the birth date attached to the results. If you can provide us with your middle name we can verify this is the correct NY warrant record

        1. To find out more about your open New York warrant you can contact the issuing courthouse clerk or your local NY sheriff department. They can offer you more detailed information, including dates, scheduling a hearing or finding out how to pay your fines and fees to mitigate your NY warrant.

    1. Good news Kenneth, we don’t show any active NY warrants for you in our New York criminal record database

    1. Tara, we do show an active NY warrant for Ruben Rivera with the following charges: C-COM CT

      You can also contact the NY courts or NY Police to inquire about more information about Ruben’s warrant

    1. Our New York Warrant results show there is an active warrant for Paul J. Alexander for Driving While Intoxicated

        1. You’re most welcome. Please reach out if we can assist you with an additional New York public record search

    1. Our NY Warrant Record Database did not show any results for a NY Bench Warrant or NY Arrest Warrant

  9. Just one correction, i meant to say that a different subject i listed was publicly indicted.

    great site, wonderful job you guys do btw,

    1. Thank you for the complement and hopefully we’ve helped you out in some fashion. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

  10. Are there any warrants for a
    MR.KOTATIS, Antonio,
    MR.Fergus Harte,
    MR.Raphael, Gabriel
    Mr.Tabak, Mortan and
    Mr.Misevis, Kevin?

    1. We don’t show any active New York warrants for any of the individuals that you listed. Was there a particular reason you’re looking at so many people that might have a criminal record in New York that we can assist you with, or point you in the right direction?


      Search Quarry Team

        1. Good to know, thanks for the update on the New York warrant search. Sometimes there are delays when this information is reported to the public domain.

          1. Hello, my previous message either never reached you or it was removed., I understand that your implying to new warrants not yet recorded into the system., i was actually referring to allegations made by a NYPD detective during 2015 to the relatives of one of the subjects listed above alleging there was a warrant in their name since 1999.

            Both RSO agents abroad and FBI agrees with your assessment that there was never any warrant but that one subject i listed was publicly indicted,

            Is it possible that a detective or otherwise in the same prescient can issue a warrant with out the process of a prosecutor or judge (at least back in the 1990s) ?


          2. That is a good question. As far as we know a warrant must be issued by a federal, state or county court. It’s uncertain why these warrants are not listed in our database. We can only speculate that since these are older NY warrants that they have fallen off or are old enough where they were missed in the updated NY warrant reports we receive. That being said, it’s best practice to take the word of a government agency, like you have, instead of a public record website since not all warrant information is reported accurately or might be removed because it’s an older record.

            We certainly appreciate all the feedback you’ve given us and we will make a note of your inquiry


            The Search Quarry Team

    1. Our New York warrant record database did not show anything active for Ralph Saintilus in Niagara County or the entire state of New York.

    1. Brett, we do not show any active NY warrants for you in Suffolk County or the entire state of New York

    1. We do show a New York warrant associated with person in question. The NY criminal charges we show are THEFT OF SERVICES – MISDEMEANOR

    1. Our New York warrant search came up without any active warrants for John Washburn in New York. If this is a recent warrant you can check with your local New York county courthouse clerk as sometimes warrant information is delayed when being reported as public record.

  11. Hi,
    I am a UK citizen – who was given a pink ticket in New York in lower Manhatten for drinking in public. I then continued on my holiday (a road trip around the US ) for 6 weeks. I completely lost track of ticket and therefore left the USA 6 weeks later without paying the fine. I understand now, that there could be a bench warrant out for my arrest. I am returning to Boston this summer and need to pay this, or at least check if a warrant has been issued. I contacted a New York lawyer, his fee is 650 USD.
    Just curious if I can find this out for myself. I have tried calling the clerks office, no-one answers. Thank you

    1. Our New York warrant record database did not show any outstanding NY warrants for Bianca. If this was a recent New York warrant you might also want to verify this information with your local NY police department or NY county courthouse clerk. It is common to have several days to weeks delay when warrants are reported as public record.

    1. We did not find any outstanding New York warrants for the person you mentioned. You can also verify this warrant information with the New York sheriff department or NY court clerk. It’s often the case that recent warrants are delayed when being available for 3rd party public record databases.

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