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Performing A New York Warrant Search

Is there a warrant out for your arrest in New York State? Has a New York judge ordered you to appear in court? If so, there are a number of ways to find out if you have an active warrant out under your name in New York. A New York warrant search is probably easier than you think. Starting with a public record website with your search, you can enter anyone’s name into the search form to begin. If the person of interest has a common first and last name you may also need to know their middle name, age, or date of birth to filter your results. Once you have determined you have the right record, you can view that person’s arrests, criminal charges, court case records, criminal history, police reports and incarcerations. This is all public record that anyone can find online with a simple name search.

Types of Warrants in New York

In New York, there are several types of warrants, each serving a unique purpose. They following are all court orders that are issued by a judge:

  • New York Arrest Warrant: This is issued when there’s probable cause to believe a crime has been committed by a particular person. It allows law enforcement to apprehend and detain this individual until they are arraigned in court. These are the most serious of the warrant types. 
  • New York Bench Warrant: A NY bench warrant is issued by a judge or court, this is typically due to an individual’s failure to appear in court as required, or for violating court orders. This typically does not result in someone’s arrest but it is possible if the court order is ignored for long enough. These are relatively easy to mitigate if you just missed a court appointment, you could simply call up the clerk of the court to reschedule and have that removed once you appear in court. 
  • New York Civil Warrant: These are reserved for non-criminal civil matters that often result from an unpaid debt, rent or mortgage. They are a court order, that says that a person must take care of their financial obligations. If this is from not paying rent or a mortgage, the courts give the lien holder or rental agency the right to evict that person. 
  • New York Tax Warrant: This is fairly self-evident, a tax warrant is for someone that fails to pay their taxes for a long period of time. It gives the state the right to take the funds directly from a person’s bank account, their assets, or garnish their wages. This is another tool that can be used instead of issuing a tax lien on someone’s financial accounts or assets. 

Criminal Record Search

New York Warrants are Considered Criminal Records

NY Warrants and criminal records are closely intertwined but serve different purposes. A warrant is an order from the court, while a criminal record is a compilation of an individual’s interactions with the criminal justice system which includes a conviction. The issuance of an arrest warrant will likely lead to an entry in one’s criminal record if the individual is arrested and charged. That said, even though an arrest warrant is not the same as a conviction, it is a criminal allegation, but it is still recorded under a person’s criminal record. You can have this removed from your record a few ways, the first is if you are arrested, the warrant disappears. The second is if you petition your criminal allegation and you win. The third is if the issuing judge removes or quashes it. Most of the time an arrest warrant leads to a criminal conviction as there must be strong evidence to issue it in the first place. If you find you have one issued in your name, you should strongly consider getting legal counsel to help guide you through the criminal justice process in New York. 

New York Warrant Search By County

These New York counties allow you to either search for active warrants or view a list of the most wanted fugitives in the area. It’s important to note that you may need to register with the relevant county to use their online NY warrant search services, and some of the more detailed reports may cost a few bucks. Some of the smaller counties, or cities in NY, do not have this service. If you find that you cannot find the correct county to run a NY warrant search in, or want to run one statewide, it is recommended that you use a public record site to accomplish this.

The Long-Term Implications of a NY Warrant

Being issued a warrant, especially an arrest warrant, can have profound implications that can offer significant challenges to a person’s livelihood and limit some opportunities. 

  • Employment Opportunities: Many employers conduct background checks before hiring someone. If an active warrant shows up, it can raise red flags, potentially jeopardizing job opportunities or causing termination from a current position. 
  • Academic Applications: Colleges and universities might reconsider admissions if they discover a warrant or subsequent criminal record. Since colleges and universities have very competitive admissions, this can make the difference between you getting in and someone else. 
  • Travel Plans: A warrant can hinder international travel, with many countries denying entry to individuals with active warrants or past criminal records. Canada for example will not let someone in their country with an active warrant or even a DUI on their record. Many countries will screen someone through their passport before letting them in. Another consideration is if you decide to fly anywhere, TSA will be alerted if there is anything active under your name and you can be arrested and detained at the airport on the spot. 
  • Relationships: Personal relationships can be strained when loved ones discover the existence of a warrant, leading to issues of trust or concern. Since they are considered public records, anyone can resource this information online. 

Run a Statewide Warrant Search in Any State

New York Warrant Search

New York Warrant FAQ

Who can run a New York warrant search?

Anyone can run a New York warrant search because NY warrants are public record. To run a NY warrant search you can contact your local law enforcement, clerk of the county or us an online public records website to lookup NY warrants confidentially.

Do I have a warrant in Brooklyn NY?

An easy way to find out if you have a warrant in Brooklyn NY, and do it anonymously, is to use an online public records website. It's a simple as entering a first and last name and searching.

Can I lookup New York warrants anonymously?

Yes, if you use a public record website you can anonymously search for anyone's warrant. It's a great place to start your search.

Are NY warrants public record?

Yes, all arrest and bench warrants are public record in New York, which means that anyone can access this information online with a simple name search through a public record website.

How do I get a NY bench warrant lifted?

If it is for a missed court appearance or an unpaid court fine, you can reschedule your court date or pay the outstanding court fines to have the warrant lifted.

Do employers have access to NY warrant information?

Yes, if they run a pre-employment background check on you then they will be able to see your active warrants as well as your criminal history.

Can I travel outside of New York if I have an active warrant?

It is not recommended and can be very difficult to do so. You can be arrested on the spot in an airport going through security, or if you are pulled over in another state and law enforcement runs your name and finds an active warrant, you can be arrested on the spot and extradited back to New York.

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