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Why Perform A New Jersey Warrant Search?

New Jersey warrants are often issues for many reasons. Someone may have a warrant out for a minor offense. They may not even know about the warrant. This can cause problems if the warrant is discovered when they are applying for a job, for example. Another person may have a warrant for a more serious matter. A potential employer wants to know they are not going to hire someone who may be subject to arrest even before they show up for work. While many legal issues can be complicated, searching for a warrant about someone can be surprisingly easy. With online access to public information, most anyone can perform a New Jersey warrant search online. A popular way to run a NJ warrant search is to use a public record website, where all your searches will be anonymous. Then simply input the name of the person you want to check and hit enter, the website will do the rest. Once your results are available you can find any active NJ warrants, the related criminal charges, what county and courthouse they were issued from, and that person’s previous criminal records. It’s all public record, so anyone can perform this search online.

New Jersey Arrest Warrants

An active New Jersey arrest warrant allows any New Jersey law enforcement official to apprehend the offender. Such offenses are generally considered a priority for law enforcement officials. They are typically reserved for the more serious criminal allegations. These are warrants where efforts are actively being used to find the violator and capture them. Many law enforcement official agencies, from county sheriff departments to those at the FBI, will often work together to apprehend the perpetuator and bring them to justice. To perform a New Jersey arrest warrant search you can search through the relevant county sheriff department websites, if you know what county to begin your research. Another option is to use a public record site where you can search statewide, or even nationwide, if you are uncertain of a person’s residency.

New Jersey Bench Warrants

These are typically issued when someone fails to appear in court as required, or that person disobeyed a direct court order. They can be issued for witnesses, defendants, or anyone ordered to appear in front of a judge. These do not usually result in that person’s arrest however it can lead to that if the notice to appear in court has been ignored. The first notice is usually sent out via mail and sometimes followed up by a phone call but it is ultimately up to the person who is listed on the NJ bench warrant to follow up if they missed a known appointment to show up to court. The easiest way to mitigate one of these is to call the clerk of the court and reschedule the court appearance or follow through with the court orders. Sometimes the court order is a simple fee that needs to be paid, which can be taken care of online or over the phone. To run a New Jersey bench warrant search you can contact the courthouse where the missed appointment took place, or you can research this information through a public record site, since all bench warrants are public record that anyone can resource.

Criminal Record Search

New Jersey Warrants, Criminal Records, and Public Perception

A warrant is closely linked to a person’s criminal record. Once a warrant is executed, the subsequent arrest or search becomes part of one’s criminal history. Even if the individual is later found not guilty or the charges are dropped, the record of the warrant and arrest remains. This record can be accessed by employers, landlords, academic institutions, and anyone else since it is considered public domain. It’s important to note that even though all warrants do not lead to convictions they are still considered a criminal record. 

What to Do If You Have an Arrest Warrant in New Jersey 

If you discover that there’s an arrest warrant issued against you in New Jersey, taking immediate action is crucial. If you ignore this notice, your situation can get significantly worse with increased penalties and even increased jail time. The best course of action is to seek legal assistance and tackle the situation head on. Here are some ideas of how to address the situation. 

  • Seek Legal Counsel: Before making any moves or decisions, contact an attorney who is familiar with New Jersey’s criminal justice system. They can provide helpful guidance on the best course of action and also let you know what your best strategy will be to turn yourself in. 
  • Turn Yourself In: While it might not be your first choice, turning yourself in can sometimes be the best thing to do, especially if you have a defense attorney that tells you this is the best course of action. This shows the courts and the judge that you’re taking responsibility, and this step can potentially lead to a more favorable outcome. 
  • Stay Calm and Be Cooperative: If approached by law enforcement, remain calm and follow their instructions. You are most likely going to be arrested with an outstanding warrant. Resisting your apprehension can lead to additional charges and make your court arraignment more complicated. 
  • Stay Calm and Be Cooperative: Once you’ve been booked you can request to find out if bail is an option. You can potentially bond out of detainment until your court hearing which is the best possible outcome for this situation. You can get your affairs in order and spend some quality time planning your criminal defense strategy with your attorney. 

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New Jersey Warrant Search

New Jersey Warrant Search FAQ

How can I find out if I have a warrant in New Jersey?

To know for sure if you have a warrant in New Jersey you can contact your local law enforcement agency, county courthouse clerk or use an online public record service where you can lookup warrants confidentially.

Can an old New Jersey warrant affect my current employment?

It is possible if your employer runs a background check on you and finds an old warrant on your record. Even though it is not the same as a criminal conviction, it is still considered a criminal record which can affect your employment status.

Can I post bail for someone whou2019s been arrested on a New Jersey warrant?

Yes you can post bail most of the time, unless the warrant specifies "no bail" or the person who was arrested is at flight risk.

Is it possible for a New Jersey warrant to be issued in error?

It is unlikely but it can happen, there can also be discrepancies for people that have the same first and last name. If you feel that there is an error in a warrant issued in your name, you should contact an attorney to help you sort it out.

How long is a warrant valid in New Jersey?

Warrants do not expire in New Jersey. They remain active until the person is arrested, or the court order is fulfilled, or the warrant is recalled by the judge for some reason.

Are New Jersey warrants public record?

Yes, all arrest and bench warrants are public record in New Jersey which means that anyone can see that you have one.

How do I clear a bench warrant in New Jersey?

Bench warrants are not usually offenses where a person is arrested. Rather, they are a summons to return to court for a missed court appearance or a missed court order. The best way to clear a bench warrant is to fulfill the request of the courts, re-book your appointment or take care of the court order. You can always call the clerk of the court to help guide you on what to do, or an attorney if you feel the situation is complicated.

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    Just want to see about rent owner deceased hae new owner

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    Just wanting to see if i have a active warrant in cape may county nj or wildwood nj Arthur Halas 28 1.13.1993

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    Wondering if I have an active warrant – victoria cademartori, DOB is 8/20/89. Thank you

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    Checking to see if there is any arrest warrants issued for me.

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    Checking to see if I have any active warrants

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    Christopher, we show multiple listings with your name on it in our New Jersey criminal record database and not all of them have the DOB listed. Can you also provide us with your middle name so we can filer our results for you?

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    Any warrants?

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    Rifat, we are not showing any NJ warrants in our system. There is typically a statute of limitations on most infractions however if was a more serious ticket there might not be. You can also contact the clerk of the courts in the NJ county you received the traffic citation in and inquire about any outstanding fines or fees.

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    Hello I had just moved to New Jersey and want to know if I have any arrest warrants I can only remember a ticket i got 30 years ago

    Rifat kamil D.O.b 12/13/1970

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    Waldo, we ran your name though our NJ warrant check resources and could not find anything at this time

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    Waldo j pineda
    03/13/1978 Newark Nj

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    Asim, we do not show any restraining orders or NJ warrants with our initial search. We are happy to elaborate more if you have any additional questions.

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    Want to know if I have a warrant or a restraining order against me.

    05/11/1983. Jersey city NJ 07304


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    We show a NJ arrest and incarceration record for this person but no active NJ warrants that we can view

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    William T. Mitchell
    Trenton, NJ 08638

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    Michael, we checked our NJ warrant records for you and did not find anything active at this time

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    Wanted to know if I had a warrant
    Name: Michel joseph
    DOB: 08/03/1998

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    Laura Olson did not show up in our New Jersey warrant record database

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    Laura Olson
    South river NJ

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    We ran a New Jersey warrant check for a Taquana Watson and did not find anything for this person at this time

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    I’m checking to see if i have an active warrant in New Jersey. Please help.

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    Stefanie, this is a common scam that is being used to bait people into giving up personal information by saying they have a NJ warrant for their arrest. It’s best practice to just block these phone calls as they will not stop harassing you with phone calls.

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    I got a phone call saying I have an arrest warrant in my name Stefanie M Cole but I don’t. What do I do?

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    Tajh Washington does not have any active NY arrest warrants according to our New Jersey database resources

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    I’m being told that there’s a bench warrant for me in Essex county. I don’t know for what though I never been arrested or had a court date in nj in my whole life

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    David, we ran your name “David Portyansky” through our NJ warrant record database and did not find anything active

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    Want to see if I have any open warrants in New Jersey please help

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    Louis, we ran a NJ warrant check on Christian Jaques and did not find anything in our New Jersey criminal record resources. It’s possible there may have been an issue with a probation or parole order but that’s just speculation. You might consider contacting legal counsel if the arresting Newark law enforcement agency is refusing to give you any information

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    We ran a New Jersey warrant search for a Jeremy C Johnson, born 10/22/75, and did not find any active bench warrants or arrest warrants for this person. We did however see an arrest charge and a multitude of criminal records from a few years ago in New Jersey but no active warrants

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    my boyfriend Christian Jaques is being detained they won\’t tell me why newark nj Christian jaquez they said he had a warrant.

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