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How To Perform a Louisiana Warrant Search

There are two main motives of making arrest and warrant records publicly available: It allows for citizens to ascertain if they are due to pay for a crime or offence committed, and it also allows citizens to be aware and inform the authorities of any law breakers around them. That ensures the community is safer and that the guilty pay for their crimes. A Louisiana warrant search online can be performed online with anonymity though a public record website. The first thing you want to do is gather up some information, you will need the full name of the person you want to search. Then enter their information into the search form and go. Once your results are available you can sort through them to find the correct one. There are occasionally multiple records listed for people with the same first and last name so you might need their middle name or initial, or age, to find the correct one. Then once you made it to the report page, you will be able to see that person’s active Louisiana arrest warrants, bench warrants, criminal charges, police records, court case records, convictions and sentencings.

Louisiana Warrant Records Available to the Public

Warrant records in Louisiana are considered public record and are available for the general public to view. This means that anyone with an internet access can research this information online. The Freedom of Information Act makes this possible as well as being able to view a person’s criminal past, their background records and a multitude of other records. All you need is someone’s name to begin looking up their publicly available information. Many people in Louisiana us a person’s public record to determine their trustworthiness, and if a person has a warrant, that says a lot about them since they are also considered criminal records.

Criminal Record Search

Louisiana Warrants and Criminal Records

If you want to know the difference between warrants and criminal records, you are not alone. This is a very commonly asked question. While they are considered both a public record and a criminal record, here are some of the differences. A warrant is an order for arrest or a court order, whereas a criminal record contains detailed information about a person’s interactions with the criminal justice system, including arrests, convictions, and sentencing. Though warrants are considered criminal records, they do not necessarily mean that a person has been convicted of a crime. However, once a person is arrested using a warrant, this arrest will also appear on their criminal record. This means that if you run a background check on someone you will see these in their criminal history. 

Looking Up Louisiana Warrants Through State Agencies

Since warrants in Louisiana are public records, there are a few ways to search for them though state agencies. It’s important to note that not all the local and county agencies have online searchable resources, you may need to visit an office in person or call in your request. 

  • County Sheriff’s Departments: They maintain updated lists of outstanding warrants, fugitives and most wanted. They are one of the main government agencies that enforce and serve active Louisiana arrest warrants. 
  • Louisiana State Police: They have an online searchable wanted persons database for background checks and criminal records, which include warrants. This can be a good resource to search statewide however, it is not anonymous.
  • County Clerk’s Office: This office often holds records of issued arrest and bench warrants and can provide information on specific individuals. 
  • County Courthouse Clerk: If you know what county in LA that a warrant was issued, then you can visit the county or city court website to search there, if that’s an option. Or, you can call the courthouse clerk directly to inquire about a bench or arrest warrant, or your court records. 
  • Louisiana State Department of Corrections The Louisiana Department of Corrections provides information regarding the records of inmates. They could be currently held, and wanted fugitives. The department responds to telephone inquiries.

Do I Have an Active Warrant in Louisiana?

This is the question that a lot of people ask online, and this question is relatively easy to answer with online public record websites. Whether it is a bench warrant or an arrest warrant, these are both searchable online, and you can search anonymously with these online public record resources. Below are some tips to handle having a warrant in Louisiana.

  • Research The Warrant Type: It’s important to know if you have a bench warrant or an arrest warrant as these are handled much differently. If you merely have a Louisiana bench warrant, then you can often fix this by rescheduling a missed court date or jury duty or paying any overdue court fines or fees. If it’s a Louisiana arrest warrant, then continue on to the next step. 
  • Consult With a Defense Attorney: Before turning yourself in or taking any action on your own, it’s wise to consult with a LA criminal defense attorney familiar with Louisiana’s laws. They can provide crucial guidance, and possibly negotiate with the court on your behalf, and ensure your rights are protected. 
  • Consider Turning Surrendering Yourself: Talk to your attorney first, but often times you will need to surrender yourself to law enforcement, which is a solid gesture to the courts that shows that you are in compliance and acknowledging your criminal charges. Your attorney can guide you to the best time and place, making the process more controlled and less dramatic than an unexpected arrest. 
  • Prepare Your Defense: Regardless of the circumstances, always remain calm and respectful towards the courts. You are not guilty until proven so, it’s important to remember that until the judge, or jury, makes their decision, your charges are just allegations. Use the time you have to prepare your criminal defense strategy with your attorney. 

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Louisiana Warrant FAQs

Do I Have an arrest warrant in Louisiana?

You can perform a Louisiana warrant search relatively easy, and anonymously, using a public records resources such as SearchQuarry.com. With a simple name search it's possible to view criminal records, arrests, warrants and court records. Another option is to contact the relevant county courthouse and inquire with the clerk of the court or your local sheriff department, however you may be arrested on the spot if you have a warrant for your arrest.

Can I be extradited from Louisiana for a warrant?

You can be extradited for a Louisiana warrant depending on the criminal nature of a court issued warrant. Many felonies are extraditable warrants where most infractions are not

Are warrants public record in Louisiana?

Yes, all arrest and bench warrants in every state are public record. You can lookup anyone's Louisiana warrant with a first and last name.

What's the difference between a court summons and a bench warrant in Louisiana?

A court summons orders someone to appear in court, while a bench warrant orders the person to appear in court, or pay overdue court fees. In some cases, a bench warrant can order law enforcement to arrest and bring the person to court.

Can I travel out of state with an arrest warrant in Louisiana?

It is risky, and against the law, as you can be arrested and extradited back to Louisiana. Also, some warrants get entered into a national database, making them accessible to law enforcement nationwide.

How is bail determined for a Louisiana arrest warrant?

Factors in determining bail include the severity of the crime, flight risk, potential threat to the community, and past criminal history. Often times, bail options are set when the warrant is issued by a judge.

Can I bail out after being arrested in Louisiana on a warrant?

It is possible to bail out of jail but it really depends on the nature of the charges and the judge's decision. In many cases, bail will be set, but there are instances where bail might be denied for those that might be at flight risk.

How do I fix a Louisiana bench warrant?

By rescheduling a court appearance, following court orders and paying any overdue fines or fees to the respective court.

Do warrants expire in Louisiana?

They do not unless the warrant has been executed of removed by the issuing judge. Bench warrants can often be fixed by complying with the court orders or rescheduling your missed court appearance.

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    Yes could you please check and see if
    Melissa Ann Wiley ,from Vicksburg Mississippi has a warrant in Franklin Parish Louisiana. Thank you.

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    Dave, we ran a check for your brother and multiple criminal offenses, including a felony, for a Larry Wayne Buhler. It’s unclear if there is an active Louisiana arrest warrant for him but there is a high likelihood if he violated his probation or parole then he will have a warrant for his arrest.

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    I’m trying to see is Larry Buhler has an arrest warrant in lake Charles, Louisiana. His age is 32

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    Am trying to perform a free of charge warrant search on Derek Michael Darby, 31 years of age, either in Louisiana or Mississippi. Louisiana parish would be Iberia, and Mississippi would be in Rankin County. Thanks so much!!

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    Trying to see if arrest warrant out for son, we have custody of children and need know. His name is jerod bottoms, louisiana.

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    Please search a crissaundra m marceau for active warrants in La.

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    Stephen, we check the name Jesse Weaver and found he has a criminal record from 2017 however no warrants that came up

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    Please run a warrant search on Jesse Weaver, 3/30/1983, Picayune, MS

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    You are correct Brandon, we did not find anything active under your name in Louisiana

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    Our Louisiana warrant search did not find anything active at this time however, we do Zachary Lynn was arrested and incarcerated in 2016

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    Trying to see if I have a warrant for my arrest I\’m almost positive I have no warrants but I just wanna make sure. Can you run my name

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    Do I have any warrants.how to resolve them if I do. Zachary Lynn 30yrs old

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    Joseph, you have a fairly common name and there are multiple listings that show up with our Louisiana warrant search. Can you also verify your age as not all our records include the middle initial or name

  14. says:

    Do you show any arrest warrants for Joseph h reed the Third .Louisiana

  15. says:

    We ran a Louisiana warrant check on the person you mentioned and did not find anything currently active. We did however find an arrest record from a few years ago

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    Do you show any warrants for Jonifer Jerome Jackson?

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    Tami, we are happy to run a Louisiana warrant check for this person if you can give us his full name and age

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    He missed court because he was in the hospital.

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    Donna, we ran a warrant check for you in Louisiana and found a criminal record for Forgery but no active warrants that we can find at this time

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    I need to find out if I have bench warrants or any other from around 2000-2008. My name is Donna Lee Vannoy Zeringue. Thank you!

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    Lisa, we have a record of a Louisiana arrest warrant for a Steven Douglas Moore for a probation violation but no listings for a Steven H. Moore

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    I need a one time warrant check on Steven H Moore age 51 in Louisiana. Can you help me?

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    Melissa, we ran a Louisiana warrant check for a Jessica Christine Knight and found she does have an LA fugitive arrest warrant related to a misdemeanor criminal charge

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    I\’m checking for a Jessica christine knight age 33 from dry pong la. I have reason to believe she has attempted to steal my identity in the past in recent months. I\’m trying to find out more about her.

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    Adelia, we are happy to assist you with your Louisiana warrant search. Please give us your son’s full name and age and we’ll check our Louisiana criminal records database for you

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    I thought this was a free service but of course it’s not. Just like everything else it says free just to get you on their website. I was just trying to find out if my stepson has warrants in Louisiana. His stories are not adding up!

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    Lee Paul Prejean comes up in our Louisiana criminal records database as having a Louisiana felony theft charge from 2019 however we’re not showing any active Louisiana warrants at this time

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    I\’ve tried all websites and all of them want fees to check for a warrant anywhere in Louisiana

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    Our Louisiana arrest warrant search came up empty for Emily Armer

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    Hi. I am trying to see if I have a warrant in Louisiana.

  31. says:

    We are showing an active Louisiana arrest record for a Beau Kevin Boudreaux out of Lafayette county

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    I’m trying to turn my life around and get back on track but I know I have active bench warrants in Louisiana I just don’t know where for what. Can I get free help

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    We are not showing anything for a Sabrina Collins Shields in Louisiana however we are showing an Indiana warrant for a Sabrina Marie Shields in Indiana

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    I wanted to know if Sabrina CollinsShields her age is 47 had a warrant in your state. She lived in rosepine Louisiana and leesville

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    Our search for Melody O’Daniel came up empty, we did not find any active warrants for this person

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    Hello I’m trying to find a one time active warrant on Melody O’Daniel 10/27/1981. Thanks

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    We found arrest records, court records and criminal records related to a multitude of drug charges from 2015 but no active warrants that we can find

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    Trying to see if Linzey Erin Dauzart, age 22, has a warrant for Rapides Parish, Louisiana.

  39. says:

    Cody, we ran Louisiana warrant check for you and did not find anything in Evangeline parish or the entire state of Louisiana

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    Is there a warrant for Cody g Marshall age 27. Evangeline parish. Thanks!!

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    Hello. I\’m trying to see if I have an active bench warrant for driving on suspended in Evangeline parish. Cody g Marshall 27 years old. Thanks for this service.

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    Our records indicate there is an active Louisiana arrest warrant for a Kristina Bodie for a probation violation

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    I am trying to get a one time warrant check on Kristina Nicole Onishea Bodie age 37.

  44. says:

    Sheri, good news, we don’t show any active Louisiana bench warrants for your traffic citation. You might want to followup with the relevant Louisiana traffic courthouse clerk and pay any outstanding fines or fees to avoid any potential bench warrants.

  45. says:

    I need a 1 time warranty check please!! I found a ticket I completely forgot about that I got a few months ago. Sheri Detiveaux

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    There is an aggravated assault criminal charge in Louisiana for an Erik Hopkins however, we’re not showing any active LA warrants

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    Trying to take a trip to Louisiana. I need to know if I have an active warrant there for missing court or not. Please help me…

  48. says:

    Tkyea, we are happy to assist you with one free Louisiana warrant search. If you can provide us with the full name of the person in question as well as their age, if you know it, we are happy to assist you. We also have access to over 2 billion public records in our member’s area, that includes unlimited searches, for a nominal fee.

  49. says:

    Not free

  50. says:

    We ran your name through our database and found there is an active Louisiana bench warrant for a Josue David Hernandez for failure to appear in court as well as a collection and disposition of fines, cost and forfeitures.

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    I need to do a one time free warrant check in Louisiana please help

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    Our premium membership where you can lookup public records is a paid service where you can lookup unlimited public records using a simple name search. We also offer premium background checks if you would like to know more information about a person. That being said, we are happy to provide you with one free Louisiana warrant search if you give us your full name and age

  53. says:

    I’m trying to search for my warrant (which is all public information). i found my reports but why pay for free public information. I was under the impression this was a free site until i was asked for my credit card information

  54. says:

    The charges we show for Stanton were drug related charges from 2017 however, we don’t show the exact criminal charges that were brought against him

  55. says:

    What were the charges in California for Stanton Chevalier. .can you let me have that info. He tells me he is in a half-way house, has a job and has been “clean” of drugs for a year.

  56. says:

    Mary, we are happy to assist you with a Louisiana warrant search. When we ran his name through our criminal records database we found there is a California bench warrant for Stanton however, there is nothing listed in Louisiana for him that we can see. That warrant was issued by the Santa Ana Police Department.

  57. says:

    I am a grandmother of Stanton Chevalier. He has been on drugs most of his life but is trying to rehabilitate. He wants to visit me in Louisiana but I want to find out if he can safely visit me without being arrested for something. I have attempted to find out his public record but there is always a charge and I do believe this info is free.
    Can you give me the information on his public record for Louisiana as to warrants, etc. I believe he is presently in California but I don’t know where.

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