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Louisiana Court Records Search

Louisiana Court Records are courts records maintained by the Louisiana state courts. All state courts in Louisiana are supervised by the office of the Louisiana Judicial Administrator so contacting the Louisiana Judicial Administrator is required to get access to Louisiana Court Records. The majority of the courts records in Louisiana are maintained at the office of the Louisiana clerk of the court where the case was heard. The court records or information that you can obtain from the office of the clerk of the court include domestic relations, state traffic records, small claims records, child support, civil records, and criminal records.

The court records available at the office of the clerk include records of cases that date back as far as the 1800s. You can obtain the Louisiana Court Records you need by paying a small fee. If you?re interested in obtaining Louisiana Court Records, a good way for you to do that is use the available online system. Not too long ago, people requesting for Louisiana Court Records were given access to the records either in person or through mail. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. Today, you can request for and obtain the court records you want online. This has made the process of requesting for and obtaining Louisiana convenient and fast.

Using the online system of the office of the Louisiana Judicial Administrator, you can get instant access to Louisiana Court Records. Through this system, you will able to look up current/ active cases as well as cases filed way back in mid 1900s. Apart from accessing them through the available online system, you can obtain the court records in person or via mail. In case you decide to request for the court records you need in person, over the phone or via mail, you?ll need to complete a request form and submit it along with the relevant fee to the Louisiana state court where the records are maintained. The written request you submit to the Louisiana state court needs to include your name, address and telephone, the names of the contesting parties, the case number, and the case type.

Louisiana Court Records Online

If you?re looking for convenient access to Louisiana Court Records then a good thing to do would be using the public databases available online. By performing name-based searches on the online public databases, you?ll be able to access the Louisiana Court Records that you need. Using the online public database, you?ll be able to access court information related to business, property, marriage, divorce, deeds, wills, and crime. Using the online databases, you can view the full record of any Louisiana court record online from the comfort of your home. By entering some basic information and paying a small fee, you will be able to access the desired records or information. Requesting for and obtaining Louisiana Court Information is easy provided you keep the aforementioned information in mind.

Louisiana Court Records

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  1. squarryadministrator says:

    Thankyou for reaching out about Louisiana court records. Since you’re interested in obtaining official copies of both your Louisiana marriage certificate and divorce decree you will want to contact the relevant state and county agencies below.

    How to Get a Louisiana Marriage Certificate Copy

    1. Visit the Louisiana Department of Health website
    2. Request a Certified Copy of a Marriage Certificate
    3. Choose a Parish and fill out the VitalCheck form
    4. Provide ID information & pay the processing fee
    5. Receive the certified copy online or via mail

    How to Get a Louisiana Divorce Decree Copy

    1. Visit the Louisiana courthouse where you filed for divorce
    2. Request a copy of your divorce decree from the court clerk
    3. Show proof of ID and pay the relevant fee
    4. Receive a copy of your Louisiana divorce decree

  2. Pattie A.LaBiche says:

    Just moved to Gainesville Fla. trying to get auto registration and drivers lic. Chg’d from La. to Fla./need Certified 3 of marriage lic.and certified 3 of divorce decree from the state it Louisiana and a certified birth record for myself. Also from 3 Different parishes! Does La. have One Stop call number I need help Please!

  3. squarryadministrator says:

    Is there something in particular we can assist you with in your Louisiana Court Record Search? If you suspect you are dealing with a dangerous person and are concerned for your safety or those of your love ones, you might consider notifying the Louisiana police.

    Louisiana Court and Criminal Records Can Be Revealing

  4. Shawn p lacoste says:

    Dangerous person

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