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There are numerous reasons someone in Louisiana might require a criminal background check. A person who applies to purchase a gun, someone who is looking to hire a new babysitter or employee, or a church looking for volunteers in children?s services might require the applicant submit a criminal background check prior to any results. It?s common, and it?s done in every state. Louisiana residents aren?t the only ones asked for Louisiana criminal records background information, and most people have no issue with anyone else looking up this information. From traffic citations to felony charges, anything you?ve done wrong is listed on your criminal background report, but employers and volunteer agencies aren?t looking at your traffic tickets. They want to make sure their employees and volunteers aren?t felons, thieves, or prone to assaulting or harming other people. If you’re looking to verify a person’s Louisiana criminal records for employment or screening make sure you access an FCRA certified service. These are typically costly but worth it if you have safety concerns. If you’re merely looking to verify someone’s criminal records online ( for reference only ) then follow the link below.

Performing Louisiana Criminal Background Checks

Most criminal background checks in Louisiana require the person requesting the check to gain a permission form from the person whose history they want to check. It?s called an authorization form, and it?s available for download on the Louisiana State Police Public Safety Services website. This form is also available at all police stations and court houses if you prefer to pick it up in person. You?ll have the person in question fill it out, submit the paperwork to you, and you?ll send it to the address listed on the form.

Once the form is received by the state, the criminal background information is then sent to you. You?re going to find it easy to use this method for obtaining the information you need. If someone decides not to submit this form to you, you are legally free to deny them employment or a chance to volunteer in your program. It?s a state law that all people requiring a background check have access to that information to make a final decision.

Casual Louisiana Criminal Record Inquiries

If you?re someone looking for a casual Louisiana criminal records inquiry from those you are going to employ, someone who is babysitting your kids, or even someone with whom you are newly involved with, you can do so free of charge and from the comfort of your own living room. You can look up the information on the website of any Louisiana Parrish courthouse. If someone was convicted or arrested in that area, you can find their information located on that site. You can also request this information from any police station in the state.

The information you garner using this method is official, but it isn?t available to you in detail. The Louisiana criminal records are there, but the details surrounding the records are not public information. You might see someone has been arrested for an act, but you won?t see the outcome of their arrest or what happened in the details of the arrest. It?s a casual inquiry, but it?s good enough for those who don?t require a hardcore criminal background check for someone they might have some questions about.

Louisiana Criminal Records
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    You might want to consider hiring a professional, such as a law firm or legal representative, to assist you in fixing your Louisiana criminal record. Since you’ve been the victim of identity theft and you be objective evidence that those fraudulent checks were not from you there is a good chance you’ll be able to mitigate your current situation with the state of Louisiana.

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    Hi im james allen feagin jr 2945 aplin rd Crestview fl 32539 in a victim of IDENTITY theft and im inquiring about criminal background check to clear my name of any wrong doing. Specifically to do with checks fraudulent checks forgery cashing making purchases any thing to do with checks

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