Alabama Warrant Search

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How To Perform an Alabama Warrant Search

For those who want to know whether there is a warranty out for their arrest in the state of Alabama, there are several ways to perform an Alabama Warrant Search. In the United States, warrants for people accused of crimes can take the form of either arrest warrants or bench warrants. Arrest warrants, according to the laws set forth in the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, must be issued by a disinterested judge when a person is alleged to have committed a crime that did not take place in the view of a law enforcement officer. Bench warrants are issued by a judge to cause a person to appear in court when they are wanted as a suspect in a crime or as a witness.

Statewide, you can search for active warrants using DEA Search and the U.S. Marshals Service. You can also using county sheriff?s websites for county-specific warrant searches. Read on to out more about how you can search for active warrants in Alabama.

Alabama DEA Warrant Search

The DEA is the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. You can visit to search for fugitives who have warrants out for their arrest. Although the site doesn?t allow for searches by specific state, it does list suspects who have federal warrants out for their arrest.

Alabama U.S. Marshals Service

United States Marshals maintain a list of fugitives who are wanted on outstanding warrants in their Alabama jurisdictions. The site isn?t particularly easy to navigate, though. It’s not immediately apparent that there’s any way to search the database by names, states, date, etc.

Alabama Warrant Search By County

You can search for county-wide warrants on these sites, each maintained by its own county:

? Barbour County: You can also report any errors in fugitive data to the Barbour County sheriff?s office through this website. This list is searchable by name and by date, as are most of the following.
? Calhoun County: This comprehensive lists allows visitors to see information on individuals with active warrants including their age, eye color, hair color, height, race, sex, and weight. Calhoun County has a separate list for outstanding warrants.
? Chambers County
? Cherokee County: This county also has a listing for the sheriff?s press releases, which updates visitors on current warrants.
? Dale County
? Dekalb County: Dekalb County also has a separate listing for outstanding warrants.
? Etowah County
? Hale County: Hale County?s most wanted website also allows visitors to access a list of unsolved cases.
? Jefferson County
? Madison County
? Marion County
? Marshall County
? Montgomery County: This county also has a separate warrant search page</a>.
? Pickens County
? Shelby County: This county also allows visitors to search for missing persons and persons of interest in ongoing investigations.
? St. Clair County
? Talladega County
? Tuscaloosa County: This sheriff?s office also has a searchable database for warrants and arrests.

Alabama Most Wanted Lists

Some Alabama cities maintain their own online most wanted lists. These include:
? Birmingham
? Hoover
? Huntsville
? Mobile

If you believe you may have an outstanding warrant in Alabama, it may be a good idea for you to contact an attorney’s office. An attorney can help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities to the state of Alabama when there is a warrant out for your arrest or a bench warrant out in your name.

Alabama Warrant Search

Alabama Warrant Search - Questions & Answers

Can anyone lookup a warrant in Alabama?

Yes, since Alabama warrants are public record anyone can view these. There are a multitude of online public record websites that host this information as well as the clerk of the courts in the county the warrant was issued

Do I have a warrant in Alabama?

You can find out if you have an active Alabama warrant by using an online public record resource, like, with a simple name search. A benefit of using such a service is all inquiries are anonymous and confidential so no one will know you're searching

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Responses to “Alabama Warrant Search

  1. I\’m looking for warrants on Joseph Wayne Christiansen around 33 or 34 yrs old. Last known county Cullman.
    I know he was arrested in Morgan County, I\’m looking for something in Huntsville, he beat my daughter I think that is Madison County but the police officers came to house.

    1. We do show an active Alabama arrest warrant for the person you mentioned for a serious Alabama criminal charge of trafficking a controlled substance in Alabama.

      Alabama Drug Trafficing Charges Are Serious

      Alabama drug trafficing charges, if the person in question is convicted, can land the person in prison, with heavy fines, a permanent criminal record, lengthy probation when released and a copious amount of community service

  2. I am looking to see if there are any outstanding misdemeanor/ felony both city, county state and Talladega National Forest warrants on Phillip Wade Watson age 49 . We are trying to take care of all fees and jail time if any but just don’t know bc he has moved to several different counties .

  3. Is there any type of warrant for the arrest of Eiron Parmelee age 38 in Mobile county? He has been pulled over twice in Michigan by local police and told he has a warrant. His case was dismissed Nolle Pros and the police in Michigan told him there is an active warrant in Mobile co. He has paid for a record search and found no such warrant.

    1. Tiffany, we show a felony criminal charge from 2019 for a Zachariah Allen Harvey however we did not find any active warrants for him at this time

  4. Hi. On 26 Jan 2021, I filed a police report and filed for an arrest warrant in Madison County on Michelle A. Webb but cannot find any information showing this warrant has been served. The crime was committed in Madison County and she lives in Jackson County. Thanks for any information you can provide.

    1. Linda, we are not showing any record of this in our database resources as well. You might want to check with the clerk of the court of Madison county to confirm your inquiry

    1. Betty, we ran an Alabama criminal record background check on Teresa and found that she has an outstanding arrest warrant related to charges of possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence

  5. There are supposed to be 3 counties looking for James Bentley Garner (originally from Boaz) and 2 warrants for his arrest. One for illegal possession of a gun by a felon; Another for elderly abuse. Why can\’t I find his active warrants? And he\’s not been arrested as of this post.

    1. You might try contacting the clerk of the court and inquire about any possible warrants, since the courts issue arrest warrants they might be a good place to track down what you’re looking for.

    1. We show a burglary charge from 2014 for a Kandi Lee Black for a burglary charge and a bond that was posted however, we’re not showing any active Alabama warrants in our system

  6. Kat, we are showing an Alabama warrant for a James Michael Cook. Is Jame’s middle name Michael? If not please let us know his full middle name and age as his first and last name are very common

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