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How To Perform an Alabama Warrant Search

For those who want to know whether there is a warranty out for their arrest in the state of Alabama, there are several ways to perform an Alabama Warrant Search. The easiest way, is to use the resources of a public record website. You will need to know the full name of the person in question to begin. You’ll enter their full name into the search field as well as the county, if you know it. Then once you find your search results you will possibly need to know the age of the person or their DOB as many people have the same first and last names in Alabama and it is helpful to be able to filter your results if there are more than one. This way you can find the correct Alabama warrant for the right person. One of the benefits of using an online public record website to access warrant information is that it’s typically confidential and anonymous. Since all Alabama warrants are public domain, anyone can look them up online.

Another way to access warrant information is to contact various law enforcement agencies and/or the relevant county courthouse clerk. This process can be tedious and difficult to track down warrants in Alabama since you will need to know where to search and not all the various agencies offer online search access for warrant information

A third way to run a warrant search in Alabama is to use the federal warrant search services where you can search for fugitives and those with warrants on a national level. You can perform a search via the FBI website, the US Marshal service as well as the DEA website. This is of course, if you know that the person in question has a federal warrant out for their arrest.

Types of Warrants in Alabama 

Understanding Alabama warrants, both arrest and bench warrants, is important for those who live in the state or those who could be subject to Alabama jurisdiction and arrest. Of the Alabama arrest warrants, there are also few different types of these, such as Alabama capias warrants and Alabama fugitive warrants. Since all Alabama warrants are public domain, anyone can perform an online Alabama warrant lookup online. Below are more details to the specifics of each of these different warrants.

  • Alabama Arrest Warrants: These are the most common type of Alabama warrants. An arrest warrant is issued by a judge when there is probable cause to believe that someone has committed a crime. This warrant allows Alabama law enforcement to arrest and detain the person named in the arrest warrant. 
  • Alabama Bench Warrants: A bench warrant is issued by a judge when someone misses a court appearance, disobeys a court order, or owes unpaid fines or court fees. Unlike arrest warrants, bench warrants can be issued without needing to provide evidence of a crime. 
  • Alabama Search Warrants: An Alabama search warrant authorizes law enforcement to search a specific place, vehicle, or a person that has been connected to a crime. A police officer must provide the warrant to the person before they perform their search. The fourth amendment protects unlawful searches and seizures so that is why the search warrant must be made available before any official search is made. 
  • Alabama Capias Warrants: This is a special type of warrant issued in specific court cases where a plea has been entered, but the defendant fails to appear for the sentencing. The capias warrant states that any Alabama law enforcement officer can arrest a person convicted of a crime and then bring them back to court for sentencing. 
  • Alabama Fugitive Warrants: These are warrants issued by one jurisdiction for a person who is wanted for a crime in another jurisdiction. In Alabama, this type of warrant gives Alabama law enforcement the authority to arrest the person and hold them in custody until they can be returned to the jurisdiction where the crime was committed. 
  • Alabama Outstanding Warrants: This term refers to any Alabama warrant that has been issued but not yet served. Outstanding Alabama warrants can be either arrest or bench warrants. 

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Agencies that Issue Warrants in Alabama

Multiple government agencies are involved in the issuance, service, and execution of warrants in Alabama. These include: 

  • Alabama Court System: Ultimately, it’s the Alabama court system and judges that issues the warrants. These legal professionals ensure that the process adheres to the state guidelines and the constitutional requirement for probable cause. 
  • Local Police Departments: These departments are often the first to apply for an arrest warrant following a criminal investigation. They execute most arrest warrants, especially those within their jurisdiction. 
  • Sheriff’s Offices: In Alabama, county sheriff’s offices also play a role in warrant issuance and execution. They are typically responsible for maintaining warrant databases and coordinating efforts to apprehend individuals named in warrants. 
  • Alabama State Bureau of Investigation: For state level crimes, or more complex criminal cases, the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation may be involved in applying for and executing warrants. 

In the United States, warrants for people accused of crimes can take the form of either arrest warrants or bench warrants. Arrest warrants, according to the laws set forth in the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, must be issued by a disinterested judge when a person is alleged to have committed a crime that did not take place in the view of a law enforcement officer. Bench warrants are issued by a judge to cause a person to appear in court when they are wanted as a suspect in a crime or as a witness. If you believe you may have an outstanding warrant in Alabama, it may be a good idea for you to contact an attorney’s office. An attorney can help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities to the state of Alabama when there is a warrant out for your arrest or a bench warrant out in your name.

Alabama Warrant Search

Alabama Warrant Search FAQ

Can anyone lookup a warrant in Alabama?

Yes, since Alabama warrants are public record anyone can view these. There are a multitude of online public record websites that host this information as well as the clerk of the courts in the county the warrant was issued

Do I have a warrant in Alabama?

You can find out if you have an active Alabama warrant by using an online public record resource, like, with a simple name search. A benefit of using such a service is all inquiries are anonymous and confidential so no one will know you're searching

What is an Alabama arrest warrant?

An Alabama arrest warrant is a legal document issued by a judge that allows the police or other law enforcement officers to arrest and detain an individual suspected of a crime.

How can I find out if I have an outstanding warrant in Alabama?

The easiest way to find out if you have an active Alabama warrant is to search with a public record website. They typically offer statewide or nationwide searches with a first and last name. You can also search if you have a warrant through specific law enforcement agencies as long as you know what agency, or county courthouse, has potentially issued a warrant.

What is a bench warrant in Alabama?

An Alabama bench warrant is issued when someone fails to appear before the court as required, has unpaid court fines, or disobeys a direct court order

Can I run a free Alabama warrant search?

There are some free online public record resources where you can find out if you have an active warrant but they typically do not give you much detail for free.

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  1. says:

    We do show an active Alabama arrest warrant for the person you mentioned for a serious Alabama criminal charge of trafficking a controlled substance in Alabama.

    Alabama Drug Trafficing Charges Are Serious

    Alabama drug trafficing charges, if the person in question is convicted, can land the person in prison, with heavy fines, a permanent criminal record, lengthy probation when released and a copious amount of community service

  2. says:

    I\’m looking for warrants on Joseph Wayne Christiansen around 33 or 34 yrs old. Last known county Cullman.
    I know he was arrested in Morgan County, I\’m looking for something in Huntsville, he beat my daughter I think that is Madison County but the police officers came to house.

  3. says:

    We show an arrest record for a Ricky Machen from Jackson County, Alabama in April of 2023 and probation violation however we are not seeing an active AL arrest warrant at this time. It is possible there is one pending that we cannot see but you will need to reach out to the Jackson County courthouse clerk to confirm this

  4. says:

    Looking for any warrants on a Ricky Dale machen,Jackson co and city al

  5. says:

    Karin, there are a lot of scams phone calls from various nefarious groups. If you haven’t done anything wrong then it’s likely a scam and someone is phishing for your information. We did not find any Alabama warrants in our database resources for you at this time

  6. says:

    I just had a phonecall stating there was a warrant out for me by the FBI and DEA warrant # 53-75-8297. Is this real or a new phone scam?

  7. says:

    I’m looking to see if Samantha Willoughby of walker county al has a warrant.

  8. says:

    I am looking to see if there are any outstanding misdemeanor/ felony both city, county state and Talladega National Forest warrants on Phillip Wade Watson age 49 . We are trying to take care of all fees and jail time if any but just don’t know bc he has moved to several different counties .

  9. says:

    Is there any type of warrant for the arrest of Eiron Parmelee age 38 in Mobile county? He has been pulled over twice in Michigan by local police and told he has a warrant. His case was dismissed Nolle Pros and the police in Michigan told him there is an active warrant in Mobile co. He has paid for a record search and found no such warrant.

  10. says:

    Tiffany, we show a felony criminal charge from 2019 for a Zachariah Allen Harvey however we did not find any active warrants for him at this time

  11. says:

    Is there a warrant issued for zachariah Harvey. For felony probation violation .. I think it\’s in mobile

  12. says:

    Linda, we are not showing any record of this in our database resources as well. You might want to check with the clerk of the court of Madison county to confirm your inquiry

  13. says:

    Hi. On 26 Jan 2021, I filed a police report and filed for an arrest warrant in Madison County on Michelle A. Webb but cannot find any information showing this warrant has been served. The crime was committed in Madison County and she lives in Jackson County. Thanks for any information you can provide.

  14. says:

    Betty, we ran an Alabama criminal record background check on Teresa and found that she has an outstanding arrest warrant related to charges of possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence

  15. says:

    Is there any Warrants in Alabama for Teresa Denise Painter. She is 34 from Baldwin County.

  16. says:

    Wendi, we ran a report for Madison county and Huntsville county and did not find anything at this time

  17. says:

    Leah Wilson does she have wannant in Madison co or Huntsville

  18. says:

    Lorraine, we did not find anything on a Michael Dossett in Alabama

  19. says:

    I am looking for warrants on Michael David Dossett, 43, last known address in Madison, AL

  20. says:

    Charlotte Lyons did not show up with our Alabama warrant check as having any warrants at this time

  21. says:

    Can you find any warrants for Charlotte Elizabeth Lyons in franklin or colbert county alabama?

  22. says:

    You might try contacting the clerk of the court and inquire about any possible warrants, since the courts issue arrest warrants they might be a good place to track down what you’re looking for.

  23. says:

    There are supposed to be 3 counties looking for James Bentley Garner (originally from Boaz) and 2 warrants for his arrest. One for illegal possession of a gun by a felon; Another for elderly abuse. Why can\’t I find his active warrants? And he\’s not been arrested as of this post.

  24. says:

    Jesse Highfield did not show up as having any active Alabama warrants at this time

  25. says:

    I\’m looking for Jesse Highfield in Talladega, al

  26. says:

    Amanda Treptau does not show up as having any warrants in Alabama

  27. says:

    Anything on Amanda Treptau in alabama

  28. says:

    Justin, we show a bond revocation from 2018 but we’re not seeing any active Alabama warrants in our criminal record database

  29. says:

    Is there any warrants for Justin paul Copeland 32 of cleveland alabama

  30. says:

    Alysia Hamby does not come up in our Alabama warrant database as having an arrest warrant

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