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Do you have a warrant out for your arrest in Oregon. Would you know how to find out if you do. Performing an online Oregon warrant search is easier than you think. Oregon arrest warrants, for the most part, are public records, although in a few cases a judge may decide not to make a particular arrest warrant public. This means that you can search for them online, either or your own or with the assistance of a third-party service. In many cases, local police departments, county sheriff’s offices, and state police departments maintain Most Wanted lists on their websites. Some of these law enforcement agencies keep a list of all of their open warrants, and if the list is very long, it might be searchable. One of the popular reasons people like using 3rd party public record websites to perform an Oregon warrant search is because they are anonymous, meaning that no one will know you’re looking up your warrant or someone else’s. To begin your search, simply enter the name of the person of interest into the search fields, then the website will do the rest. Once you find the warrant results, verify that the information matches the person you are searching, in some circumstances there are multiple listings for different people that have the same first and last name. Once you’ve completed the verification step, you will have access to all active warrants, criminal charges, prior criminal records, court records, felony and misdemeanor convictions, and incarcerations. It’s all public record so anyone can research this information online.

Various Types of Oregon Warrants

  • Oregon Arrest Warrants: These are issued when there’s probable cause to believe that someone has committed a crime. An arrest warrant orders the arrest and detention of the individual named in the warrant. 
  • Oregon Bench Warrants: These are issued by judges when someone fails to appear in court as required, whether it’s for a hearing, trial, or to serve a sentence. 
  • Oregon Capias Warrants: The capias warrant is an offense that leads to someone’s arrest, where that person has fled or is a no-show to an active court case where they are directly involved in the criminal court case or are a corroborating witness. It allows police to arrest and detain the individual listed until they can be brought back to court. 
  • Oregon Civil Warrants: These are not a bench or arrest warrant but rather a dispute between two parties dealing with a debt or judgment of a civil nature. This is issued by a judge as well to direct someone to fulfill the contracts that were determined by a court case. It can lead to assets or finances being seized, or an eviction for a tenant or homeowner that has not paid their rent or mortgage. 
  • Oregon Tax Warrants: These are pretty much self-explanatory, they are issued when a person does not pay their taxes. This can take place on a local level, state level or federal level. It can eventually result in someone’s assets, finances, or property being seized to pay off their tax debt. 

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Looking up Oregon Warrants Through State Agencies 

Warrants in Oregon are deemed public records, which means that anyone can access these records. There are a few options where you can research these public records through state run government agencies, however not all have online access to these resources. Some agencies require you to make your request in person, over the phone, or in writing. 

  • Local Law Enforcement Websites: Many sheriff and police departments, as well as district attorney offices, in Oregon have online databases where one can search for outstanding warrants. Examples include the Eugene Police Department, Portland Police Department, Washington County Sheriff Department, and Multnomah County District Attorney Office to name a few. Some of the smaller counties and cities may have limited online access to this information, so you’ll need to see what they have available online. You can always call the relevant county of city law enforcement agency directly to inquire about an active Oregon warrant search. 
  • Oregon Judicial Department’s Online Records Search: This is a statewide tool @ Oregon.gov, allows the general public to search for case records, which includes warrants, court records, criminal records and other various public records. 
  • County Courthouse Websites: If you know what county to search in Oregon for active warrants, you can also inquire with county court websites, or the courthouse clerks directly. Since warrants are issued directly by a judge, they will have access to this information. This is also a great place to run an Oregon bench warrant search as many law enforcement agencies only show active Oregon arrest warrants. 

Oregon Warrants, Public Records and Criminal Records

It is important to recognize that while all warrants are public records, while they are criminal records, they do not equate to a conviction until that person has their day in court. For example, if an arrest warrant is issued but later it’s found that the individual was innocent, the warrant itself doesn’t equate to a criminal conviction. However, the presence of a warrant can indicates unresolved legal issues, which can have implications for an individual and are recorded under their public criminal record. 

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Oregon Warrant Search

Oregon Warrant Search - FAQs

Are Warrants in Oregon Public Record?

Yes, Oregon warrants are public record which are available to the general public upon request. You can visit your Oregon county courthouse and inquire with the clerk about any active warrants. You can also use the resources of an online public records website.

Are Oregon bench warrants issued for minor infractions?

It depends on the type of infraction. Oregon bench warrants are most commonly issued for missed court dates or failure to comply with court orders, regardless of the initial infraction's severity.

What are the consequences of ignoring an Oregon warrant?

Ignoring a warrant can lead to additional charges, including being arrested. It can also negatively impact any future legal proceedings and potentially increase any sentencing and fines.

Can I contest an Oregon warrant?

Definitely, with the help of an attorney, you can file a motion to challenge the validity of a warrant. You may initially be arrested but you might be able to bond out and file an appeal with the courts then.

What is the difference between an Oregon search warrant and an arrest warrant?

A search warrant in Oregon authorizes law enforcement to search a specific location for evidence. An arrest warrant authorizes the arrest of an individual which is issued by a judge when there is sufficient evidence a crime was committed.

Do Oregon warrants ever expire?

No, warrants do not expire, there is not statute of limitations on them. They remain active until the person is arrested or the warrant is recalled or quashed by a judge.

Do I have an active warrant in Oregon?

If you want to find out if you have an active warrant in Oregon without being arrested first, you can use a public record website to search for them anonymously.

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Responses to “Oregon Warrant Search

  1. says:

    The statute of limitations on a littering warrant in Oregon, resulting from a littering citation, really depends on what type of citation it is. Some littering tickets are infractions and some are considered misdemeanors. The statute of limitations can be as long as 7 years but again, it really depends on the nature of the citation you received. A good starting point to mitigate this Oregon littering warrant and citation is to contact the relevant Oregon county courthouse clerk and inquire with them about your situation.

    What is an Oregon warrant for littering?

    A warrant for littering in Oregon can either be a bench warrant for a littering citation or a more serious misdemeanor warrant for dumping or throwing trash out of a moving vehicle. The bench warrant for littering is less serious and can typically be handled in court without any jail time where a misdemeanor warrant for littering can lead to heavy fines as well as some jail time depending on the outcome of a court hearing.

  2. says:

    How long does a warrant for littering last?
    Think i have one in oregon but idk it been almost 3 yeard ago

  3. says:

    Francisco, we don’t show anything active for you in Oregon. If this is in reference to something that recently occurred there might be a pending warrant.

    Do I have a warrant in Oregon?

    An Oregon warrant is very serious. Warrants are issued by the Oregon courts and you can find out if you have an active warrant by contacting the clerk of the court. Other options include contacting your local Oregon law enforcement agency or using the services of online public record websites.

  4. says:

    Do I have an active warrant for my arrest?

  5. says:

    We ran an Oregon warrant search for you Raymond and did not find anything active. It would be very unlikely that a warrant be issued under a different person’s name since law enforcement and the issuing Oregon county court is very careful about verifying the identity of the person of interest. If you wife gave the courts and/or law enforcement a different name then she could be in serious trouble for falsifying her ID. If this did actually happened then you would want to get proof that it was not you. Say she was pulled over for a traffic citation and it was in your car and said she was you and the police officer wrote a citation in your name and this citation went unpaid. You would then eventually get a notice from the DMV that you license might be suspended or if it was a more serious citation where a warrant was actually issued for you then you will need to provide evidence that it was not you.

    What to Do if Someone Uses Your Name When Getting a Traffic Citation

    These types of cases are serious because you will be responsible if you do not contest it. This is a form of identity theft and it’s quite common. Since this is your wife you might consider your options. If you want to press charges you can reach out to an attorney or the Oregon District Attorney office and file a claim. This could possible result in your wife receiving a misdemeanor or felony depending on the circumstances. Your best course of action would be to contact your local county courthouse clerk and inquire about this and what your options are. Since there is a precedence for this, you will need to determine how you want to proceed.

    Falsifying Your Name With the Police is Identity Theft

    The quick answer is yes, it is a form of identity theft. You can press charges directly or because it’s technically a case of identity theft and you don’t want to get your wife in serious trouble then you might plead to the Oregon Courts or the Oregon District Attorney office that it was a not true. Additionally the reporting Oregon law enforcement agency did not do his due diligence and you might be able to have the case dropped. Since this is your wife you have a better chance at avoiding the identity theft charges if this was indeed a mistake. On a personal note, there aren’t a lot of females with a first name of Raymond so it seems like this could have been a lack of good judgement on the police officers part. Common sense dictates that as long as you can verify your whereabouts when this transpired then you appear in front of a judge and easily mitigate this before it becomes a criminal record for you. Note that even traffic citations are criminal records and it’s best practice to verify your public record regularly for errors or possible identity theft concerns. Below is a link for you to try our Oregon Criminal Record Search – 5 Day Free Trial. Please not that if you don’t cancel within the 5 days you will automatically be enrolled in our monthly membership for $24.95/mo. With our

  6. says:

    Hi my ex wife got into trouble and used my name,how do I check if I have a warrant so I can take legal action? Thank you..

  7. says:

    Bridget, we check your name against our Oregon criminal records database and found an Oregon bench warrant for a Bridget Ann Strusz for a failure to appear in court for a 2nd degree theft charge

  8. says:

    Is there a warrant for Bridget Strusz?

  9. says:

    Checking to see if there are any active arrest warrants for me. I will be retuning to Oregon to visit soon.

  10. says:

    You have a fairly common name in the state of Oregon William, can you also provide a middle name or DOB so we can dig a little deeper for you?

  11. says:

    Is there a warrant for William Good of Oregon

  12. says:

    Curious if my wife had any warrants. Her name is Chelsea Cooler. Please contact me via email for any further info as I\’d rather not post anymore leading information on a public forum.

  13. says:

    Do I currently have an active warrant in Oregon? I missed a check in with my PO, but have not heard from her at all.

  14. says:

    Do i have any oregon warrants

  15. says:

    need to know if Travis Charles Moschetti has any active warrants in jefferson County oregon

  16. says:

    Mark, we aren’t showing anything yet. You may want to contact the clerk of the courts to find out about your notice and how to reschedule. We are not finding anything in our Oregon criminal record database for you

  17. says:

    Hello was wondering if i have a warrant in coos county oregon. Courts postponed my court daye and didnt inform me of the change. Durring covid shutdown.i went to court for child support and judge checked with nothing pending. Then i just got a letter saying i had failur to appear

  18. says:

    Steven, we did not find anything under Steven Martineau with our search

  19. says:

    do i have any active warrants

  20. says:

    Our search shows there are multiple criminal records from 2016 for a Matthew Allen Crumb, including a misdemeanor and felony however, we are not finding any open Oregon warrants

  21. says:

    Do I have a warrant out of oregon

  22. says:

    Kristina, we found an active Oregon arrest warrant for a William Ray Hambey for a probation violation

  23. says:

    Does William Ray hambey of salem oregon have any active warrants?

  24. says:

    We ran an Oregon warrant check for a Chelsea Briana Grogan and found some felony charges from a few years ago and a possible warrant however the information we have is somewhat limited. It’s quite possible there is an open warrant for this person however you might want to also reach out to the county clerk of the courts to verify this information since the Oregon courts would have issued the warrant

  25. says:

    Do i have any warrants??
    Chelsea briana grogan
    Age 28
    Bday 7.11.1992

  26. says:

    We ran the name Jason Rorex through our Oregon warrant database and did not find anything for this person

  27. says:

    Diego, we don’t see any active warrants in our Oregon database resources. It typically takes a while before a bench warrant is issued for a missed court appearance, depending on the nature of the court case. It’s best practice in these situations to contact the clerk of the court and reschedule your court appointment before a warrant or fines are issued.

  28. says:

    Do I have a warrant out of Multnomah county, or Linn county in the state of Oregon? I can\’t find the free search tool.

  29. says:

    I missed court but I was in hospital and I called court house to let them know but I called at 7;55 and 7:57 they didn\’t pick up they said they open at 8 am so do I have a warrent out now

  30. says:

    We show a multitude of criminal records for a Jose Miguel Gonzalez that is 27 within the last few years however, we are not showing any recent warrants but that doesn’t necessarily mean he hasn’t violated his probation or a pending warrant. You might want to reach out to your county courthouse clerk and inquire as well. If this is the same person that we have found criminal records for, he appears to be a dangerous person

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