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Oregon Warrant Search Information

Do you have a warrant out for your arrest in Oregon? Would you know how to find out if you do? Performing an online Oregon warrant search is easier than you think.

Arrest warrants, for the most part, are public records, although in a few cases a judge may decide not to make a particular arrest warrant public. This means that you can search for them online, either or your own or with the assistance of a third-party service. In many cases, local police departments, county sheriff’s offices, and state police departments maintain Most Wanted lists on their websites. Some of these law enforcement agencies keep a list of all of their open warrants, and if the list is very long, it might be searchable.

Oregon Warrant SearchYou can also find out if you have an active warrant by showing up in person at any law enforcement agency. With a valid form of identification, you can have the agency run a warrant search for you. If the agency finds an active warrant in your name, though, you may be subject to arrest.

In addition to arrest warrants, law enforcement agencies also keep track of bench warrants. Bench warrants are issued by a judge when the judge wants the person to appear in court. These warrants may be related to parole or probation, or they may be an order for a witness who is not a suspect in the case to come and give testimony. Note that it is a crime to miss a scheduled court date and if you miss an appearance in court, the judge may require you to pay bail before the court will assign you a new date.

Oregon Warrant Search by County

The following Oregon counties have Oregon sheriff websites with information about wanted fugitives, and some may allow you to search for active warrants.

Baker County: This sheriff’s office maintains a list of most wanted people.
Benton County: The sheriff’s office maintains a list of most wanted people.
• Clackamas County: This county has both a most wanted list and a separate page for the sheriff’s office’s records.
• Crook County: Crook maintains a list of active arrest warrants and list of wanted and missing people.
Deschutes County: This county’s list is of the most wanted people.
Douglas County: Douglas has a most wanted list.
Lincoln County: This county website has a list of parole and probation violators.
Marion County: Marion’s sheriff’s office has a most wanted list.
Polk County: The Polk County website has a list of most wanted offenders.
Umatilla County: This county sheriff’s office has a list of active warrants.
Union County: This website lists parole and probation offenders.
Washington County: This county has a searchable list of active warrants.
Yamhill County: This county sheriff’s office maintains a most wanted list.

Are Warrants in Oregon Public Record?

Yes, Oregon warrants are public record which are available to the general public upon request. You can visit your Oregon county courthouse and inquire with the clerk about any active warrants. You can also use the resources of an online public records website.

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130 responses to “Oregon Warrant Search

  1. i want to know if my daughter got arrested i understand she might have a warrant for her arrest. I live in florida and I was told she beat up her girlfriend..

    1. We can certainly assist you with looking up an Oregon warrant and what criminal charges led to this warrant. We will need the full name of the person in question and their age if you know it. Then we can lookup any outstanding Oregon warrants or Oregon criminal records for you.

    1. Our Oregon warrant search shows there is an active warrant for a Tanya Marie Belecz for the charges of Disorderly Conduct. Our Oregon warrant search also shows this is a misdemeanor charge. You can confirm this with the issuing Oregon courthouse clerk, you can also find out from them what you need to resolve your outstanding Oregon warrant.

    1. Our Oregon warrant search did not find any active warrants for Edward Hoekzema. We also ran an Oregon criminal record search and did not find any results

    1. We ran an Oregon warrant search for you Raymond and did not find anything active. It would be very unlikely that a warrant be issued under a different person’s name since law enforcement and the issuing Oregon county court is very careful about verifying the identity of the person of interest. If you wife gave the courts and/or law enforcement a different name then she could be in serious trouble for falsifying her ID. If this did actually happened then you would want to get proof that it was not you. Say she was pulled over for a traffic citation and it was in your car and said she was you and the police officer wrote a citation in your name and this citation went unpaid. You would then eventually get a notice from the DMV that you license might be suspended or if it was a more serious citation where a warrant was actually issued for you then you will need to provide evidence that it was not you.

      What to Do if Someone Uses Your Name When Getting a Traffic Citation

      These types of cases are serious because you will be responsible if you do not contest it. This is a form of identity theft and it’s quite common. Since this is your wife you might consider your options. If you want to press charges you can reach out to an attorney or the Oregon District Attorney office and file a claim. This could possible result in your wife receiving a misdemeanor or felony depending on the circumstances. Your best course of action would be to contact your local county courthouse clerk and inquire about this and what your options are. Since there is a precedence for this, you will need to determine how you want to proceed.

      Falsifying Your Name With the Police is Identity Theft

      The quick answer is yes, it is a form of identity theft. You can press charges directly or because it’s technically a case of identity theft and you don’t want to get your wife in serious trouble then you might plead to the Oregon Courts or the Oregon District Attorney office that it was a not true. Additionally the reporting Oregon law enforcement agency did not do his due diligence and you might be able to have the case dropped. Since this is your wife you have a better chance at avoiding the identity theft charges if this was indeed a mistake. On a personal note, there aren’t a lot of females with a first name of Raymond so it seems like this could have been a lack of good judgement on the police officers part. Common sense dictates that as long as you can verify your whereabouts when this transpired then you appear in front of a judge and easily mitigate this before it becomes a criminal record for you. Note that even traffic citations are criminal records and it’s best practice to verify your public record regularly for errors or possible identity theft concerns. Below is a link for you to try our Oregon Criminal Record Search – 5 Day Free Trial. Please not that if you don’t cancel within the 5 days you will automatically be enrolled in our monthly membership for $24.95/mo. With our

    1. We ran an Oregon warrant search and the results in our Oregon criminal record database show there is an active warrant for a Rachael Tomas-Morales Wilson for Misdemeanor Charges of Possession of Stolen Property and/or Theft in the 2nd Degree

    1. We ran an Oregon warrant search in our Oregon criminal record database and found there is an active Oregon Bench Warrant for you. It’s sometimes possible to take care of an Oregon bench warrant over the phone if you can reschedule a missed court date or pay the over due court fees and fines.

  2. I would like to know if i have a warrant out for my arrest my name is Levi chae elan Barclay female dob 01 22 1993 I had gotten a driving ticket in 2016 and never paid it . I live in Washington state

    1. We checked our Oregon warrant search resources and no listing for Levi Barclay came up in our system. We followed this up by cross-referencing out Oregon criminal record database and again, no results came up for Levi Barclay

  3. thank you for any help! Rose Turner, jackson county oregon. Missed a court date and wondering if there is a bench warrant. Have no experience with this so I really appreciate the help!

    1. Rose, we don’t show any open bench warrants in Oregon when we ran an Oregon warrant check. It’s possible that since you missed your court date that a warrant hasn’t been issued yet. It would be best practice to contact the relevant Oregon courthouse clerk to reschedule your court appointment and hopefully avoid having an Oregon bench warrant issued in your name

    1. Our Oregon warrant list did show there is an active Oregon warrant for Possession of a Controlled Substance for a Corey Edwards Parker. If you can confirm the middle name we can offer some additional information about the specifics of this potential open Oregon warrant

    1. The Oregon warrant search we performed shows there is an active Oregon warrant for DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF INTOXICANTS. We don’t show if this Oregon warrant is an open OR warrant or an OR arrest warrant. You might want to reach out to the relevant Oregon courthouse clerk, where your trial took place, or supposed to take place, and discuss your options with the courthouse clerk

    1. Our Oregon warrant search shows there is an active warrant for Natem Stonic for the charges of ASSAULT and DUI FELONY (C Felony)

    1. Anthony Vitals did not come up in our Oregon warrant record database. We also checked our criminal records database and didn’t find anything that would suggest an active warrant. If you feel this is was recently issued from non-payment of fines or a missed court appearance then you should consider contacting the relevant Oregon court clerk and inquiring about the potential situation. They can offer you the best course of action to proceed in mitigating this potential OR warrant

    1. Lance, we do show an open Oregon warrant for you with the associated Oregon criminal charges being listed as PLACING OFFENSIVE SUBSTANCES IN THE WATER OR HIGHWAY PROPERTY. We don’t show any specifics regarding what types of offensive substances or if this is an arrest or bench warrant. You might consider contacting the relevant Oregon law enforcement agency or Oregon court clerk for clarification

  4. I’d like to determine whether there are any outstanding warrants or other complications for Andrew Proctor (age 39) from Connecticut. He’s my adopted godson and he’s worried he can’t come visit me in Eugene because he had some trouble several years ago in Portland. Thanks for your help.

    1. Jacelyn, our Oregon warrant search shows there is a probation violation for theft which likely means there is an active warrant for your arrest. You might want to talk to your Oregon probation officer about this and if it can be resolved without being arrested.

    1. We do show an active Oregon warrant for a Brooke Lee Mckerrall related to the Oregon criminal charges of harassment. The Oregon case ID is 46568390. You can also verify this OR warrant by contacting the issuing court where your case was originally tried. You can also try searching for your case online. If it’s an active ongoing case then you might not be able to view it.

    1. Amber Leann Blanton comes up in our Oregon criminal records database as having an open OR warrant for a failure to appear in court. You can find out more information about this warrant by contacting the issuing OR court and inquiring with the clerk.

  5. wanted to know if there was an active warrant for Edward Neil Alexander, 59, in Multnomah County, Oregon.

    Thank you!

    1. We don’t show anything active in Oregon for you Angela but there is a Georgia warrant listing for a person with your first and last name but, there is not a middle name listed on the record.

    1. It doesn’t say if it’s a bench warrant or not. That being said, there are many people with the same first and last name so if you’ve never lived or visited Georgia then it’s probably another person.

    1. Symbol Parish did not register with any listings we have in our Oregon warrant records. We also ran a criminal record search and nothing comes up as being related to any warrants either

    1. Mel, our Oregon records indicate there is an OR warrant for a Rayman Kyle Woodrum with the corresponding charges being in possession of an illegal controlled substance

    1. Our Oregon criminal records database doesn’t show anything active in this state however, we do show an active Florida warrant for a Jennifer Lynn Lenz in Polk county, Florida which is related to a probation violation

    1. We only show a warrant for a Jeffery Mark Miller and a Jeffery Maurice Miller, there are no Oregon listings with the middle name Howard

    1. Chelsea, if you can provide us with this full name and age we can further assist you with your Oregon warrant search

    1. We only show an Oregon warrant for a Richard Jason Elliot, nothing comes up with the middle initial L in Oregon

    1. We do show a probation violation for a Shaun Edward Jacobs from 2015 however, our Oregon warrant search did not show anything active

    1. Our Oregon records indicate there is an open warrant for a John Joseph Preacher. This OR criminal record indicates he is listed as a fugitive

    1. Francisco, we don’t show anything active for you in Oregon. If this is in reference to something that recently occurred there might be a pending warrant.

      Do I have a warrant in Oregon?

      An Oregon warrant is very serious. Warrants are issued by the Oregon courts and you can find out if you have an active warrant by contacting the clerk of the court. Other options include contacting your local Oregon law enforcement agency or using the services of online public record websites.

  6. So I ran my name James John flick birthdate 04/28/1978 and it seys there is a warrent out of Oregon district court. Can you confirm this and maybe tell me what the warrant is for? Thanks

    1. James, unfortunately we don’t have any more details to offer you about this warrant. You can find out more by inquiring with the Oregon district court or hire an attorney or private investigator to dig into it for you.

    1. Joe, we are happy to assist you with this search but we’ll need more information. Can you give us your full name and age so we can properly run an Oregon warrant search for you?

  7. My name is brian willliam hatcher 3-18-1977 .Im just wanting to find out if i have a warrant..A while back my brother used my name when he was getting arrested..Annd the time before this he used my name..and the oficer told him i had a warrant.I have been keeping an eye on my name for searches..And just found someone arrested in clark county washington jail under my name lastnight..So please let me know..thank you

    1. We do show an Oregon warrant for a Brian William Hatcher for a probation violation related to a drug charge from 2016

    1. Crystal, if you know what state you would like us to search we can perform one free warrant search for you. If you sign up with our premium membership you will be able to perform unlimited warrant searches.

    1. The statute of limitations on a littering warrant in Oregon, resulting from a littering citation, really depends on what type of citation it is. Some littering tickets are infractions and some are considered misdemeanors. The statute of limitations can be as long as 7 years but again, it really depends on the nature of the citation you received. A good starting point to mitigate this Oregon littering warrant and citation is to contact the relevant Oregon county courthouse clerk and inquire with them about your situation.

      What is an Oregon warrant for littering?

      A warrant for littering in Oregon can either be a bench warrant for a littering citation or a more serious misdemeanor warrant for dumping or throwing trash out of a moving vehicle. The bench warrant for littering is less serious and can typically be handled in court without any jail time where a misdemeanor warrant for littering can lead to heavy fines as well as some jail time depending on the outcome of a court hearing.

    1. Debbie, if you give us her full name and age, we are happy to perform an Oregon warrant search for you. Also, if you decide to sign up with our services you will be able to perform unlimited Oregon criminal record searches.

  8. I would like to know if coos county has any other pending charges filed on me besides one.( Tonya whitebird ) I tried using the OJD smart search which has worked in the past for me but found nothing . If you could please help me. I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. Tonya, unfortunate we do not have the ability to lookup pending charges or pending warrants as they are not official and not public record yet. You will need to reach out to the relevant county courthouse clerk or possible the district attorney in the Oregon county you think you have pending charges in. Another option is to hire a lawyer to do some research for you.

  9. Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me if there is a warrant for a Daniel Brian Eggman? I believe siletz, OR possibly in lincoln county. I think he\’s about 38.

    1. We show a failure to appear in court, misdemeanor appointment, and a corresponding Oregon bench warrant for a Jolene Mae MacDonald

  10. Can u find out if I have a warrant in Linn county. I check in with my parole officer every 2 weeks and as far as I knew I do have a warrant but I haven\’t been taken into custody over it yet. I dont want to ask my parole officer to check for obvious reasons.

    1. We are happy to check our Oregon warrant record resources for you. We’ll need your full name and age to accurately determine if you have an active OR warrant

  11. I need to know if I have a warrant out for my arrest in Oregon, I don’t live there and haven’t for almost 4 years now.

    1. We ran an Oregon warrant check did not find anything active however we do show some Oregon criminal charges from 2015 related to drug possession charges for a Meagen Marie Winters

  12. Thank you for the information. For some reason on the smart search website it says I have one. I went to court for other matters and figured I would have been arrested if the smart search info was correct

    1. We are happy to help Meagen. Please reach out if we can assist you with any public record related questions

  13. Can you see if Lisa Marie Johnson 08/31/1974 has a warrant out of linn county or anywhere else in oregon? Thank you

    1. We’re showing a warrant for a failure to appear in court which has resulted in an Oregon bench warrant for a Lisa Marie Johnson

  14. Can you see if daniel lee price 09/21/1978 has a warrant out of marion county or anywhere else in oregon? Thank you

  15. I would like to know if there are any active warrants for me on record. I’m getting shunned by potential employers and I don’t know why. Anything I should know?

    1. We ran Roy Eyman through our Oregon criminal record database and did not find any arrest warrant for this person

    1. Sean Henry Orsborn has an Oregon arrest warrant for a probation violation related to a multitude of drug related charges

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