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How To Conduct An Iowa Warrant Search

An online Iowa warrant search are important in the sense that they help people and especially potential employers perform background searches that reveal if the police have a warrant on the person in context. The internet and online public record websites have made it very easy for anyone to perform an Indiana warrant search from the convenience of their home, office or on the go with a smartphone. The search is simple, just inter anyone’s first and last name into the Indiana warrant search form and let the website do the rest. Once your results are displayed, there may be more than one listing if the person you are searching has a common name. If this is the case, you will want to know a bit more about that person to sort your results, such as their middle name, age, or county of residence. Then once you have found the right record, you will be able to view criminal charges, previous arrests, court records, criminal history and previous incarcerations. This is all public record that anyone can access online through a public record site.

What You Should Do if You Have an Iowa Arrest Warrant

  • Research the Warrant: First, make sure that you are the person being called out in the warrant. Sometimes there are mistakes and people with the same first and last name can be mixed up. Then review the charges and the county it was issued in. If all of this information makes sense, then you might want to contact a lawyer. 
  • Consult with a Criminal Defense Lawyer: The next step is to contact a defense lawyer to help you understand both your rights and what your options are with the criminal charges presented in the warrant. An experienced lawyer will have plenty of experience with these matters. 
  • Turn Yourself In: The best course of action in these situations may be to surrender yourself to the courts or Iowa law enforcement. This can be helpful for your court case that will follow next. You may also be able to post bail until you have your day in court. 
  • Understand Your Rights and prepare: Remember, you have the right to remain silent if you are taken into custody, your lawyer will guide you with this step. You are not guilty until proven so in court, so you should prepare your case until your court date. 

Criminal Record Search

Iowa Arrest Warrant Search Through the Sheriff Department

To check for an individual’s criminal history in Iowa, one needs to make the search on websites like Iowa Sheriff  Department sites, such as the Scott County Sheriff’s site, or the  Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s site. Each county in Iowa has a designated sheriff department of which many have online fugitive and most wanted lists, and some have a warrant search tool, but not all of them. You will need to call in to the sheriff department for those that do not have these search features. Many times you

Iowa Bench Warrant Search through County Courthouses

Iowa Judicial Branch websites, such as county courthouses may have accessible search features where you can lookup active Iowa bench warrants. You may however, need to contact the clerk of the court in the county where the warrant was issued. If you have an Iowa bench warrant, this will be the best state agency to search with. Since most bench warrants issued are for violations of court orders such as a missed court appearance, you can also potentially quash an Iowa bench warrant by rescheduling your court date or paying any overdue fines or fees.

How Iowa Arrest Warrants Are Issued

Just like in other states, Iowa warrants are issued by a judge or magistrate that has sufficient evidence, provided by law enforcement or a prosecutor, that a crime has been committed by an individual. The person is not yet guilty but they are strongly suspected of committing a crime according to what evidence was supplied or an affidavit by law enforcement. Iowa arrest warrants are not admissions of guilt or a conviction. The person in question still needs to have their day in court in front of a judge and/or jury. These are public record which are bucketed with a person’s criminal record even though they are still allegations at this point but they do not look favorably on a person’s background check. To run an Iowa arrest warrant search there are a few options. The first is to contact the county courthouse clerk where it was issued, which is not always known. The second is to contact the sheriff department in the Iowa county where the warrant was issued, which is also not always known. The third method is to use the services of a public record website where an arrest warrant search can be performed statewide and anonymously with many online services.


Iowa warrants have become an invaluable tool in the state’s legal justice system, permitting the courts and law enforcement to enforce the law and hold people accountable for criminal activities, or disobeyed court orders. It is important to be reminded that these are public records, which helps maintain transparency within the government, but they are also available for anyone to look up. They can have very negative impacts on a person’s life such as employment options, travel restrictions, academic pursuits, and a person’s relationship with others. If you find yourself with a warrant issued in your name, it’s best to handle it quickly and seek legal counsel if at all possible. 

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Iowa Warrant Search

Iowa Warrant Search FAQ

Can I get an Iowa warrant for unpaid traffic tickets?

Yes, if you fail to pay your traffic tickets or fail to appear in court you can potentially be issued a bench warrant. if the traffic violation is a DUI or a more serious traffic offense, that is ignored, it is possible for this to become an arrest warrant.

Can I post bail if arrested for an Iowa warrant?

It is possible to post bail for being arrested for a warrant however, it depends on the circumstance and if the issuing judge thinks you are at flight risk. The bail terms and amount are often set at the issuance of the warrant.

Will I get a bench warrant in Iowa for failure to appear in court?

Yes, that is likely if you do not address the court for your absence and reschedule your court date, or even jury duty.

Can I travel out of state with an Iowa warrant?

It depends, if you have a bench warrant for a missed court date then you should be fine, as long as you reschedule your court date. If you have an arrest warrant it can be very risky and you may be arrested at airport security or if you are pulled over for a traffic offense in another state. Some arrest warrant can result in your extradition to the issuing state.

Can I run a free Iowa warrant search

Absolutely, if you know the Iowa county the warrant was issued in you can often check for free on that county's sheriff department website. If they do not have that feature, you can always use a public record website where you can search by county, or statewide, with a first and last name

How long is an arrest warrant valid in Iowa?

Iowa arrest warrants last indefinitely unless they are released or removed by a judge or magistrate. They are often for serious criminal allegations, and there typically no statute of limitations for a person that is fleeing the law.

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