Iowa Court Records

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Iowa Court Records Search

When it comes to deciding what records should be classified and which ones should be open to the public, every state is allowed to make its own decisions. The Iowa state?s public records are decided by the Public Records Law. This regulation incorporates any and all information from tapes to documented paper work which belongs to the township and the state of Iowa. This means that all documents which are owned by a government, such as Iowa court records, might be categorized as public records.

Public Iowa Court Records

That being said, Iowa does not allow all information to be included in these public records. For example you may access the case records but you cannot view a person?s or persons? social security number, student information, and hospital documents. All of these are considered private even if the court proceedings are a public matter.

Other things that you might find are excluded from public records of Iowa are trade secrets, and other details regarding a decision that has not been taken yet. Without these details the public records are still substantial.

You can always contact the Office of Public Records of Iowa and put in a request for them to be searched. You can also fill out a simple request for the records search without needing to visit the office in person.

Iowa Court Records Docket

The docket of the state of Iowa?s court system is an index of proceedings and filings in court cases maintained by the entire clerk of the court. On the official site of Iowa courts, you won?t be able to find the accurate documents. At the moment, documents are only available at a clerk?s court office. Information regarding confidential cases like mental health and children in need of supervision cannot be accessed online either.

The best way to search for court records is by inputting the attorney?s name, either of the party?s name, and the case number. If you register to this official government website you should know that unauthorized use and improper use of information can be punishable according to the US Justice Code.

Accessing Iowa Court Records

You will find basic case information including filings, case titles, criminal charges, fine payments, payments for child support, and case disposition charges. These details can be viewed for free. However you can also avail the Advanced Search option by paying $25 every month. This offers additional information about a case like the schedule of a case hearing, the service returns, bonds, exhibit klists, lien index, and judgment index.

Since the website is an official docket, all case information that is posted here is updated. All information is posted by the court offices and the clerk. The Iowa Court Clerk?s offices strive to enter the case information on docket as soon as they receive it. However, delays do occur in this because many court offices are usually busy handling their important businesses.

Iowa Court Records


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Responses to “Iowa Court Records

  1. squarryadministrator says:

    Terri, you will need to contact the relevant Iowa courthouse clerk to inquire about removing closed files from public viewing. That being said, if you want us to remove a specific record from our resources we are happy to accommodate you however, the Iowa court record file will still be public domain.

  2. Terri Lyons says:

    I am curious if a person can have closed files removed from public viewing. If so I want to know how and if there is a cost? I am sure it will be different for each state so I’m from Iowa.

  3. squarryadministrator says:

    Kitty, it’s possible you have a suspension on your driver’s license but it’s not possible for us to know since we don’t have the ability to see that information. You will want to contact the Iowa MVD directly to inquire why you cannot renew your driver’s license. If there was a court mandated suspension because of a serious traffic violation or a DUI then you might want to inquire with your local Iowa traffic court clerk.

  4. Kitty j. Wixom says:

    I want to know why i cant renew my Drivers license

  5. squarryadministrator says:

    If you’re looking for a copy of an Iowa civil court filing you will want to contact the relevant Iowa civil court clerk and inquire about how to obtain a copy of the filings.

  6. . Newberger says:

    I am attempting to locate the civil filings regarding a contractor named Casey Ryan Peterson working in the Iowa Lakes Area

  7. squarryadministrator says:

    How To Find Iowa Court Transcripts

    Visit the the Iowa Courts website. You start by selecting the relevant court, then enter your name and case number and they will show you the relevant case number. For certain details you must be a registered user of the Iowa Courts website or signup to become a registered user.

  8. Shelia Ann Savage says:

    I am trying to find Scott Landon to get transcripts from court case Fecr007524. I need these as soon as possible, as the accuser is trying to use the system in Illinois to go after me again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Shelia Ann Savage says:

    please inform me on what to do to access these transcripts and amount if possible.

  10. Shelia Ann Savage says:

    I am trying to reach Scott Landon (Lee County Court Recorder) to retrieve transcripts from a trial in 2008, held in District Court S. Lee County, Keokuk, Iowa. The case no. is Fecr007524. This information is very pertinent as the accuser is trying to use the system to come after me again. I would appreciate any help you can give me as I have been trying to get these since Nov. 2017. I need help to prove my innocence!

  11. squarryadministrator says:

    Since you are attempting to locate very old Iowa court records you can check with the relevant Iowa county courthouse clerk or the Iowa state archives. The Iowa state archives might be your best bet since these are court records that are almost 90 years old.

  12. Rhonda Greer says:

    Can any court records from 1930 be searched either online, or in person, at the courthouse?

  13. squarryadministrator says:

    In order to perform an Iowa court case search by case number you will want to visit the Iowa Courts website where you can perform a free Court Case Search. You can search Iowa court cases by Appellate Court or Trial Court.

    Lookup Iowa Court Records By Case Numbers

    1. Visit the Iowa Court website
    2. Use the Free Court Case Search
    3. Select what type of court case
    4. Enter case number and full name
    5. Access court case information online

  14. Joel says:

    Can you tell me what my fines are Joel Scott Carroll
    Case#05771 sta 0544936
    Case#05771 Sta 0542920
    Case#05771 srcr 225912

  15. squarryadministrator says:

    You will want to contact the relevant Iowa courthouse clerk about this. We do not have an affiliate with the courts so unfortunately we cannot assist you with this information. Below is the information for the Iowa Courthouse clerk to better assist you.

  16. Michael Heard Sr says:

    Just wondering if and when my post-conviction will move to a higher Court. And who was appointed as my next Attorney

  17. Michael Heard Sr says:

    Post-conviction hasn’t moved on to the second circuit or what court?


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