Kentucky Warrant Search

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How To Perform a Warrant Search in the State of Kentucky

Kentucky is one of the first states to have an electronic warrant management system. That has enabled the state to clear its backlogs of warrants. They can also manage new warrants more efficiently. Critical warrant information is now accessible by legal authorities across the state. They use this system to quickly find and deal with outstanding warrants in the state of Kentucky.

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Kentucky Warrant Search

Searching For Active Warrants in the State of Kentucky

It is important to know if you have a warrant issued against you. This may be due to any driving offence or a failure to attend a court summons. It could also be an activity for which a bench or an arrest warrant is issued by the court in your name. Unless served, remember that the law wants you, which means that the police are out looking for you.

It is better to find out and have your records set straight. However, to know about any outstanding warrants, one needs to personally visit the local police office or the courthouse. The sheriff’s office is also available for making an inquiry.

Kentucky’s E-Warrant System

The Kentucky E-Warrant System is not just for the state and the counties but has become really helpful for the citizens as well. The warrants being public record can now be searched via the web. You can log on to the record search database and find out about any warrants issued in your name. Your colleague or cranky neighbor may also be a wanted person. It is also helpful to find out about warrants issued against any other offenders around you.

The public record search allows for a most wanted persons list for each separate county in Kentucky State. A state level list is also available. It is important to know that warrants are issued at county, state and, if needed, even national level. It depends on the severity of the crime done. In certain cases, this increases by the time the suspect is not apprehended.

A quick search is possible for any criminal or civil offence through this system. A warrant is likely issued against these. Entering the full name and city, you can search by entering keywords in a miniature form.  The results include bio details, offences made and all previous criminal activities. Such information is made available in the interest of public safety and knowledge.

Benefits of Kentucky’s E-Warrant System

Using the Kentucky E-Warrant system, one can know any warrants they are to serve. They can tip the law about any offenders that they know the whereabouts of. All this is possible since the implementation of e-warrant system.

The greatest thing about online warrants search is the availability of data all over the United States. Other counties and states also use this tool to find any wanted offenders in their own state and in other states.

Searching for warrants via this online method has enabled better policing and community awareness. Public safety and citizen responsibility have improved in the state.

111 responses to “Kentucky Warrant Search

        1. Can you provide you middle name and age so that we can narrow down the results. We do show multiple criminal records but not necessarily any Kentucky warrants

  1. What should you do if you know a family member (cousin) got out of jail early, failed his drug test the first week out when he went to see his P.O. and has not gone back to see his P.O. (was let out in March), & his Mother has been letting him ‘hide out’ at her house & she even drives him to go get drugs?!?! (That blows my mind!!!) I WAS living with her because she said she needed help paying her bills, but she didn’t tell me he would be living there too! I didn’t know about him not keeping his appointments with his P.O. until he OD’d one morning (2 weeks after I moved in) & when I told my Aunt to call 911, she didn’t want to because she was afraid his P.O. would find out! I told her his P.O. wouldn’t give a crap if he was dead! Can you believe it??? I of course moved out asap & tried to tell her SHE could get in trouble for ‘aiding & abetting’ but she called me a liar. I don’t want to hear he’s OD’d again & possibly died, but don’t know what to do. Please advise.

  2. I need to know if I have a warrant and if I have fines due. I am trying to find out what I need to do to get my license back. Thank you!

    1. We do show a Kentucky warrant for non payment of fines. A good start would be to pay the outstanding fines and then petition to have your Kentucky warrant removed. Then you might be eligible to apply to get your Kentucky driver’s license back. You might want to consult legal counsel to verify this is the best practice. In any case you will want to pay the outstanding fines to move things along.

        1. You will need to contact the Kentucky DMV as we are a public records website with no affiliation with the Kentucky DMV. They will be able to answer your questions for you.

    1. We do show there is a warrant but will need to filter the results since there are multiple Kentucky warrant listings. Do you have a middle name or age we can use?

  3. I have a warrant from Indiana. I live in Kentucky. I needy know if it is extraditable if picked up here? If so, can I turn myself in and bond out?

    1. It is definitely possible to be extradited to another state depending on the nature of the warrant or crime committed. You will want to talk to a lawyer in Kentucky about the specifics about getting extradited to Indiana. Below is a summary of Kentucky’s extradition laws.

      Kentucky Extradition Laws

      When a person is wanted by Law Enforcement and are apprehended in another state, there is typically a Fugitive Extradition Division that is called to duty to apprehend that person. A Kentucky law enforcement agent can notify the relevant Sheriff Department to come and apprehend the suspect and take them back to be processed by their judicial process.

  4. Need to know about a possible warrant issued for my boyfriend. Would like to get it resolved before any attempt to get served with a warrant. Name is James M. Keith.

    1. We do have multiple Kentucky warrants for a James M Keith. Can you provide additional information such as his age so we can verify this is the correct person?

  5. Nathan e delacey is my name seeing if I have warrant in the state of Kentucky I’m 25 years old born Jan the 6th of 92

    1. Good news Nathan, we don’t show any active Kentucky arrest warrants for you in our database. If you are attempting to find out if you have a Kentucky bench warrant then your best bet is to contact your locak Kentucky county court clerk

      How To Find Out if I Have a Kentucky Bench Warrant

      1. Contact the Kentucky county court clerk
      2. Request a bench warrant search
      3. Provide your full name and date of birth
      4. Find out if you have a Kentucky bench warrant

    1. We do not show an arrest warrant or bench warrant in Kentucky. If you’re looking for a recent Kentucky bench warrant that may have been issued for an absence from court you should contact the relevant Kentucky Courthouse Clerk.

      Do I Have a Bench Warrant in Kentucky

      1. Contact the Kentucky county courthouse clerk
      2. Request a warrant search from the court clerk
      3. Provide your full name and birth date
      4. See if you have a bench warrant in Kentucky

    1. Our warrant record database doesn’t show any active warrants for Garret Rounsavall in Kentucky. You might also consider checking with your local Kentucky sheriff department to confirm this warrant information.

    1. We do show an active Floyd County warrant in Kentucky for the charge of

    1. We do show several Kentucky warrants for a Brandon Anderson and not all of them mention the middle initial. Can you also provide us with your age and any additional information so we can verify that this Kentucky warrant is for you?

    1. We show there is a Kentucy arrest warrant for a Christopher D Wilson for the following charges. There are multiple listings for this person so if you can provide any additional identifiable information ( ie. height, weight, etc.. ) that will be helpful.

    1. Our database resources show an active warrant in Kentucky for the charges below.

    1. We don’t show any outstanding warrants in our Kentucky warrant database. You are welcome to check back with us at a later date. We don’t offer the service you requested.

    1. We have don’t show any outstanding Kentucky warrants for Corry Salvant. You might also want to check with the Kentucky county courthouse clerk in your city. Sometimes warrant records are delayed when being available for general consumption.

    1. We do show there are multiple outstanding warrants for Jason Jones, however many of them are different people with the same name. Can you provide an age or middle name so we can refine the Kentucky warrant results?

    1. We do show there is an outstanding Kentucky warrant with the charges listed below.

    1. We do show an active Kentucky warrant for Devin B Snow for the charges listed below.

    1. We so show an outstanding Kentucky arrest warrant for the following charges

    1. We sure can, please provide us with the full name and age of the person in question and we’ll search our Kentucky warrant database for you.

        1. Good news Timothy, we don’t show any outstanding Kentucky warrants in our database. You can also check with your local county courthouse clerk to verify this.

    1. We will need your full name and age to find the correct warrant record for you. There are multiple warrant listings for different people with the same first and last name. The middle initial is not always present in our Kentucky warrant record database.

    1. There is a hit for an outstanding Kentucky warrant for Robert Lee Hambrick for the charges listed below.

    1. In our Kentucky warrant database there is an outstanding Kentucky bench warrant for a Robyn Elizabeth Vick for the following charges:

    1. There are no outstanding arrest or bench warrants in Kentucky for the person you mentioned. You should also verify this with your local sheriff or county courthouse as sometimes this information is delayed.

    1. Yes, we show there is an active Kentucky warrant for the charges listed below.

        1. We do not have that specific information. Your best course of action would be to contact the Kentucky county courthouse clerk or the county sheriff office for that specific warrant information.

    1. We do show an active Kentucky arrest warrant for the charges listed for the person in question.

    1. We do show there are active Kentucky warrants for a William L Colvin and a William R Colvin. There are no hits in our Kentucky warrant database for a William I Colvin. Please let us know if we can assist you with any other public records search.

  6. Do I have any warrants?
    Melissa Dawn Yates
    age 33, dob 6/16/1984
    I should but no searches show me I do and believe I have more warrants since the initial one that should show up. If I have just the one I’d like to go get it over with. Calling is no good here and I’m definitely not going in to ask.

    1. We do show an outstanding warrant in our Kentucky warrant database for the following charges of

      1. Does it have a date it was supposed to have happened and county? I should have a failure to pay pines/failure to appear (on a P.I) I done all the time for receiving stolen property 2yrs n 5mos ago… I’ve been arrested since then and that’s not been an issue. So I’d like the date of when that happened

        1. Unfortunately we don’t have the date or the fines or the specifics you’re looking for. Your best bet is to contact the relevant Kentucky courthouse clerk to inquire about the specific nature of your warrant any fines or fees that are outstanding. We don’t have an affiliation with any government agency so we cannot assist you with this. Below is a link to our Kentucky Courthouse Finder.

          Free Kentucky Courthouse Finder

    1. We show an active Kentucky arrest warrant for Katherine for the following arrest charges

    1. There is a listing for an active warrant in our Kentucky database but it does not specify the exact nature of the warrant. You can contact the Kentucky county courthouse clerk to inquire about this warrant in more detail

    1. We show there is an active warrant in Kentucky for

  7. My friend at the court house had to really dig to find my Ewarrant. Would a homeless shelter be able to find out that I have an Ewarrant???

    1. Kentucky warrants are public information so if someone wants to lookup a warrant they can but that doesn’t mean that they will.

    1. We do show a bit for an outstanding Kentucky warrant for Charles D Bentley for the following charges

  8. Checking for a friend who lives out of state but had an incident here in ky. Is there a warrant for an Eric Roger Sempek age 37?

    1. Our Kentucky warrant database shows an outstanding Kentucky warrant for Eric for the charges of

    1. Our Kentucky warrant record database show there is an active warrant for the following charges

    1. Our records show there is an active Kentucky warrant for

    1. We do show an active Kentucky warrant for Jaclyn for the charges of

  9. A friend of mine was working for a company in South Carolina. He had a job to do in Kentucky and while there backed into someones vehicle. He paid all of his fees ad fines but apparentely was placed on probation in Kentucky. He SPECIFICALLY told them that wont work, I live in South Carolina. The lady he spoke to said that it could be transferred to SC and all would be okay. Well, Apparently that isnt the case. I called and they said he had an active bench warrant for no reporting to his P.O office/officer. How can he when he lived in SC and now Somewhere in OH?? Can you please tell me if the active warrant is right and or what can be done to fix this. His name is Brennan T Swackhammer

    1. We do not show any active warrants in Kentucky or South Carolina for Brennan in warrant database. If he is certain there is an active bench warrant for him it might be in his best interest to consult legal counsel to help resolve this since it’s in a different state. There is probably a precedence for this case that can be mitigated without having to go back to that state to resolve things.

    1. Your name did not show any active Kentucky warrants or criminal records in our public records database

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