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How To Perform a Warrant Search in the State of Kentucky

A Kentucky warrant search is a simple online process since all warrants are public record in the state. The process is simple but you will need to gather some important information first. To begin your search you will need the full name of the person in question, including their middle name, and it will be helpful to know their age and county of residence if possible. The more information you have, the more accurate your results will be. To start, you simply enter the full name into the warrant search form. Then you will get a list of results, make sure to pick the correct record for the correct person as many people in the state have the same name, this is why you might need the middle name or county of residence to sort the results. Then you can access that person’s warrant records as well as their criminal history, previous arrests, court records and jail and prison records. You can access a wealth of information from online public record resources, and you can perform this search from the convenience of your smartphone, anywhere you get internet access.

How to Search the Different Kentucky Warrant Types

  • A Kentucky bench warrant search can be performed a couple of different ways. If you suspect you might have a bench warrant from a missed court appearance, missed jury duty, or overdue court fees, you can contact the clerk of the court where this has occurred. You can also sometimes run this search online if they have a bench warrant search feature accessible to the public. Another option is to use a public record site to search Kentucky bench warrants anonymously, which is sometimes a better option as you can do this confidentially. 
  • A Kentucky arrest warrant search can be performed through a county sheriff department website, if you know what county to search. You can also try searching through the Kentucky state police however, they do not have an accessible database for the general public. You will need to call them up to run a search for you. A third option is to use a public record website to run a statewide search on someone. This is a very simple solution and you can search anonymously with online resources like this. 

Criminal Record Search

Kentucky Warrants are Criminal Records

A warrant in Kentucky is not the same as a criminal conviction however, it still goes on a person’s public criminal record. This is because an offense has been made and the person listed on the warrant is summoned to appear in court, or to be arrested and brought to court. That person is sill innocent until proven guilty but they warrant is on that persons record until they have their day in court or rescheduled a court appearance, in the case of a bench warrant. A warrant can be removed from a person’s criminal record if it is cleared by a judge or the warrant was already executed. They do not go away on their own and additional charges might be added to the warrant if it is ignored. Warrants are important tools in the criminal justice system in Kentucky and they should be taken seriously as they can affect a person’s ability for employment, traveling, academic pursuits and even their relationships with other people. This is because they are searchable public records that anyone can view with a simple background check. 

The Kentucky E-Warrant System and Who Can Access It

The Kentucky eWarrant system is an electronic system that was built to help manage and store active Kentucky warrants and court summons, across the state. Before this system was created, searching for Kentucky warrants through various state agencies was messy and paper based which meant some information was lost or misplaced. This system also improves communication and alleviates the need for people making phone calls, and lots of paperwork, to be a part of the process. It has truly streamlined the warrant search process throughout Kentucky. This system is not available for the general public but it is available for the following agencies and entities. 

  • Law Enforcement Agencies: Kentucky police officers and certain authorized personnel from police departments, sheriff department, state police, and other law enforcement agencies can access the system. This access allows them to view and issue warrants as well as court summons. 
  • Court Officials: Judges, magistrates, and authorized courthouse clerks may have access to issue and view warrants and summonses. It is helpful to the courts to oversee the warrant process, especially since they originate from a judge or magistrate. 
  • Certain Government Agencies: Some government agencies that are involved in public safety and law enforcement might be granted access based on their needs and the state requirements for enforcing the law. 


The Kentucky criminal justice system depends on warrants to effectively enforce the law and ensure public safety. Being able to understand them, look them up and know how important they are is essential for anyone that has had a run-in with the law or missed an important court date. It’s equally important to know how to deal with a warrant if one has been issued in your name. This knowledge is powerful and can be helpful if you find yourself in a situation or legal battle where your good name is at stake. Some warrants can be easily mitigated where others will need the guidance of a legal professional. 

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Kentucky Warrant Search

Kentucky Warrant FAQs

How can I find out if I have a warrant in Kentucky?

Yes, you can find out if you have a warrant in Kentucky relatively easy. There are a few ways to perform a Kentucky warrant search. You can contact your local sheriff or police department, you can inquire with your county courthouse clerk or you can use the resources of an online public record website.

Are Kentucky warrants public record?

Yes, Kentucky warrants are public record that anyone can access. You can lookup Kentucky warrants online anonymously by using an online public record website like

Can I get arrested for a Kentucky bench warrant?

It is possible to be arrested for a bench warrant depending on the nature of the crime and ongoing court case. A good way to find out if you will get arrested for a Kentucky bench warrant is to contact the clerk of the courts in the county you live in.

Is there a free Kentucky warrant search?

Yes, there are a couple of free online resources to find Kentucky warrants. First, you can visit the county sheriff department website where the warrant was issued, if you know the county. If you want to run a statewide search you can use a public record website. The latter is a good option if you want to run a search anonymously, some state agencies will make you register to use their online search resources.

What happens if I ignore a Kentucky bench warrant?

Ignoring a Kentucky bench warrant can lead to more severe penalties, additional charges, increased fines, and even your arrest.

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Responses to “Kentucky Warrant Search

  1. says:

    We’re showing a multitude of Daniel Jones with criminal records in Kentucky. We’ll also need the date of birth and the middle name to properly filter our results for you.

    Kentucky Warrants With Similarities

    Kentucky warrant records can have many similarities depending on how the Kentucky warrant search is performed. Many people in the United States have the same first and last name so it’s important when running a warrant search that you also know the middle name as well as the age or date of birth if possible. This will assist you in finding the correct KY records for the correct person.

  2. says:

    Need to know if Daniel Jones 40 of owensboro has any outstanding warrants

  3. says:

    We do show a Kansas citation warrant issued by Wichita City. If this was related to a unpaid traffic citation fine or missed court appearance then you will want to contact the Wichita county traffic courthouse and inquire with the clerk of the court what needs to be done to mitigate this bench warrant.

    How To Take Care of a Kansas Warrant

    To take care of an outstanding warrant in Kansas you can contact the clerk of the courts in the county you suspect you have a warrant in. Depending on the nature of the Kansas warrant you might be able to schedule a hearing to take care of the warrant.

  4. says:

    Do I have a warrant if so how can I take care of it

  5. says:

    A Kentucky search warrant is different from a regular arrest or bench warrant. A search warrant means that law enforcement has the authority to search your home, vehicle and property without your consent.

    What is a Kentucky Search Warrant?

    A Kentucky search warrant is issued by the courts which give permission for law enforcement to search your property which can include your home, vehicle and including yourself. It is usually an attempt for law enforcement to find evidence for an ongoing investigation.

  6. says:

    Are search warrants any different from regular bench or arrest warrants? Can they be searched for through e warrant alao?

  7. says:

    Brent, we do show there is a Kentucky Citation Warrant for you. In order for you to mitigate this you will want to reach out to the relevant Kentucky county courthouse clerk and inquire if you can reschedule a court appearance and how to pay any past due fees or fines.

    What is a Kentucky Citation Warrant?

    A Kentucky citation warrant is typically issued to those who have missed a traffic court appearance for a traffic citation. This is typically a bench warrant and can sometimes be mitigated by rescheduling the missed court appearance.

  8. says:

    Do I have a warrant and how to redocket it

  9. says:

    We show an active Kentucky bench warrant for a Taylor Sheri Griss for a Failure to Appear in Hardin District Court.

    Hardin District Court Records Search

    Lookup Hardin District Court Records in Hardin County Kentucky online or in person. The Hardin District Court is located at 120 E. Dixie Ave , Elizabeth Town Kentucky. You can also contact them by phone @ 270-769-5243

  10. says:

    do I have a warrant

  11. says:

    Joe, we do see a warrant for a Joe W. Brooks, age 57, that has a warrant related to a Kentucky intoxication charge but we don’t show any specifics of how much this warrant fine will cost. Your best option would be to contact the courthouse clerk where you were originally fined and handle it from there.

    How to Pay Your Kentucky Warrant

    You can pay your Kentucky warrant fine or citation by contacting the courthouse clerk where the warrant was issued.

  12. says:

    Do I have a warrant and if so how much do I pay to take care of it

  13. says:

    We did find some information about old Kentucky warrants for the people you mentioned. See the corresponding warrant and criminal offense below.

    Tiffanie Marie Bush – DISORDERLY CONDUCT, 2ND DEGREE
    Brittani Nicole McIntire – No Active Kentucky Warrants

    To answer your second question on how to get these Kentucky warrants removed you’ll want to reach out to the relevant Kentucky county courthouse clerk to inquire about removing their warrants since they passed away. You’ll most likely need to show a copy of a Kentucky death certificate and your photo ID. You can obtain copies of Kentucky death records through the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services. If you don’t know what Kentucky court to contact, take your best guess and contact the court clerk. They can probably research and find the correct court.

    How to Remove a Kentucky Warrant

    To remove a Kentucky warrant you will want to make sure all the unpaid fines and court fees are paid and any restitution, community service, probation and jail time has been fulfilled. Then you can request to have this warrant removed. Typically it’s easier to resolve a bench warrant in Kentucky than an arrest warrant

  14. says:

    I need to know if my sisters have any warrants.

    Tiffanie Marie Bush (Bush-Robinson) DOB 8/6/86
    Kirsten Dawn Dean DOB 9/13/90
    Brittani Nicole McIntire DOB 7/5/92

    The latter 2 were often in trouble. Also if they do have warrants, how do I let the courts know that they have passed away. I’d rather have them cleared up than clogging courts.

    Thank you kindly in advance.

  15. says:

    Kentucky Open Warrant Search

    1. Contact the relevant Kentucky Court
    2. Request a Warrant Search from the clerk
    3. Provide your full name and proof of ID
    4. Find any Kentucky Open Warrants

  16. says:

    I am checking for my daughter to see if she has any active warrants

  17. says:

    We do show multiple Kentucky warrants for Shawn Ogden. Some of the criminal charges are listed below

    Kentucky Criminal Offenses


  18. says:

    Need list of all outstanding warrants for Shawn Kirby Ogden 46 DOB 08-04-71. we know there are warrants just not certain how many and where

  19. says:

    We found an active Kentucky arrest warrant for a Renee Karen Allen by the Kentucky State Police

  20. says:

    Warrant search for medi Renee Allen in Kentucky

  21. says:

    Stephanie, we do show a KY arrest warrant for a Renee Allen however there are multiple listings with people that have the same first and last name. We’ll need her middle name or DOB to confirm if one is for her. For Keith, we do not show anything active for him at this time.

  22. says:

    Looking to see if medi Renee Allen or Keith William Allen have bench warrants out if Harrodsburg or Danville KY

  23. says:

    Jamie, we do show a Kentucky arrest record for Ted Ricketts from 2019 for some serious criminal charges however we are not finding any active KY arrest warrants at this time

  24. says:

    can you tell me if Ted M Ricketts has a warrant i think something abouyt drug court

  25. says:

    Tiffany, can you provide us with some additional information such as your middle name or age? There are multiple people in Kentucky with your first and last name

  26. says:

    I need to know if Tiffney Cox has any warrants

  27. says:

    I was told I have a warrant in Owensboro,Kentucky?

  28. says:

    Lacey Dakota Taylor 36
    04-17-1987 have any active warrants, multiple counties possible.

  29. says:

    Need to know if genna hill dob 04/13/83 has any active warrants in ky

  30. says:

    Darren, if you’re worried about an KY arrest warrant you should first pay off all your fines and fees and contact the clerk of the courts to find out if there is anything else you need to satisfy so you don’t have to serve jail time in Kentucky. You can also try acquiring the assistance of legal counsel to find out what your rights are

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