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Incarceration Records Search Online

Searching for incarceration records has historically been a very time consuming endeavor. With the advent of the internet, an incarceration records search online might only take a couple minutes instead of several hours to an entire day to. When searching for incarceration records online you will need to know a few pieces of information. You’ll need to know the first and last name of the person and state in which they were incarcerated. If you know the city or county this will help refine your search even more. Most online public record websites use a “name search” to lookup records. Since many people have the same names you will also want to have some other identifying information such as an address or an age. This way you insure you’ve found the right incarceration record for the correct person.

What is an Incarceration Record?

An incarceration record is a record of a person being sentenced to jail. Incarceration records are criminal records and are on an individual’s permanent record. Incarcerations mostly result from misdemeanors and felonies. Not all  misdemeanors results in jail time but most felonies do. An incarceration records search can be made at a courthouse, county clerks office, prisons and jails and online.

Misdemeanor Incarceration Records Search

Misdemeanor incarcerations are lesser crimes than felonies. These types of incarcerations usually result in a year or less of jail time. Misdemeanor incarceration records will normally be recorded with the court of jurisdiction in the area the charge was brought.  They will also have an official copy of the person’s criminal history for that jurisdiction. It may be necessary to make a list of what locations may be involved beforehand if there are sporadic jail records, and be sure to request special attention from the court clerk to identify jail records. There will also be a criminal history record associated with the jail sentence and may also include other charges that were only punished with fines.

Felony Incarceration Records Search

Felony incarcerations are the most serious incarcerations. Felony incarcerations typically result in more than one year of jail time. Felony incarceration records are effectively state or federal charges and all records will be recorded with both the state Department of Corrections as well as the local jurisdiction of conviction. For most felony incarceration records, it may only be necessary to contact the centralized state corrections office. Felony convictions are always based on state law charges and all felonies and can carry a death sentence or life imprisonment depending on the state where the crime was committed.

Incarceration Record Expungement

Expungement is the permanent public viewing sealing of the entire record. Expungement can only be applied in certain situations when the conviction actually qualifies by the rules in your particular state. Many states are considering permanent expungement of lower class non-violent felony offenders, which means that having an experienced criminal defense attorney review your record could result in a much better history.

Keep in mind that having a conviction and incarceration record expunged is not automatic and your criminal defense attorney will need to present a solid case.

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Incarceration Records Search

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Incarceration Records Search

Incarceration Records Search

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