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Performing a South Carolina Warrant Search

A South Carolina arrest warrant is a legal document that gives law enforcement the green light that they need to apprehend or arrest a particular individual. That person is wanted to answer charges that have been brought against them. Until they have answered such charges before the appropriate court, the arrest warrant remains in effect. There are too many of these warrants active at any one time for police to go chase down every person with a warrant out. For most crimes the person with the warrant should turn themselves in to law enforcement to make the process easier on themselves. Read on to find out the different methods to performing a South Carolina Warrant Search. To perform a free SC warrant check please make your request in the blog comments at the bottom of the post.

South Carolina Warrant SearchDo You Have A Warrant In South Carolina

If you are curious if you personally have a warrant out for your arrest in South Carolina you can access this information. is a good place to start. There you will find searchable information about the active arrest warrants that are currently out in any county in South Carolina.

Sometimes someone has an arrest warrant out and they do not even realize it. It is prudent to check up on this if you are afraid that there may be one that you need to deal with. Since it is always advisable to answer an arrest warrant as soon as possible, you will want to look into those records as soon as you even suspect that you might have one.

Do South Carolina Warrants Expire?

In South Carolina the answer to this question is no. If you have an arrest warrant that has not been addressed, do not expect that it is just going to go away. You have to address these things or else they will only continue to fester. The thing about it is that a lot of people think that perhaps they can just skate by and stay under the radar, but that only works for so long. If you are pulled over for even a speeding ticket your record will be checked, and you will end up having to face the music.

Alternative Sources For A South Carolina Warrant Search

If you are not able to find your arrest warrant on the SC Arrests website or you just want to double check, you can try as well. This is the website for the Judicial Department of the State of South Carolina. Here you will find all kinds of up to date information about cases making their way through the courts. It is important to check this website as well as the other one just to make sure that all of the records match up. It would be a shame to think that you do not have a warrant out when you in fact do.

Remember that arrest warrants are serious matters that should be addressed immediately. You are only doing yourself a disservice if you do not take the case through the proper legal proceedings. People try to get away with not facing the music all the time, but it is only to their disadvantage.

South Carolina Warrant - Q&A

How I find out if I have a warrant in SC?

To find out if you have a warrant in South Carolina you can contact your local sheriff department, county courthouse clerk or use the services of a 3rd party public record website. Warrant records are public information that anyone can access.

How long do bench warrants last in South Carolina?

Some South Carolina bench warrants never expire but it really depends on the crime. There are statutes of limitations on some warrants such as traffic citations or missed jury duty however there are no guarantees. Your best option to finding out how long a specific warrant will stay active is to contact legal counsel or the court that issued the warrant.

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Responses to “South Carolina Warrant Search

    1. Andrew, we don’t show any active South Carolina warrants for you that resulted from a speeding ticket. Typically there is not a statute of limitations on driving infractions but it really depends on what type of speeding ticket you received. Additionally there is sometimes a failure to appear charge attached to this if you failed to show up in court or pay the traffic citation. You might want to contact your local traffic courthouse to find out more about this past SC speeding violation.

      South Carolina Statute of Limitations on Traffic Citations

      Typically there is not a statute of limitations on traffic citations in South Carolina. If a traffic citation is unpaid and you do not follow up with this citation in traffic court there is a failure to appear charge attached to this violation.

  1. Can you run a both a warrant and active outstanding warrants on James E Thompson Iv for South Carolina hes 24. And also search va please and thank you

    1. We don’t show any active South Carolina warrants for you as well as no active warrants from Portsmouth VA. You can also confirm this information with your local South Carolina Sheriff department or South Carolina county courthouse clerk.

      How To Lookup Warrants In South Carolina

      1. Visit the South Carolina Law Enforcement website
      2. Click on the relevant county Sheriff website
      3. Search for wanted persons or warrants by name
      4. View active warrants and mugshots

    1. We did find a SC arrest warrant for an Amanda Rena Robbins but nothing under Amanada B Robbins. We also checked the second name you mentioned and found an SC arrest record for a Wilian Juan Feria from 2020 but no active warrants that we can find at this time

    1. We checked our NC criminal record database for you Debra and did not find anything at this time for your cousin. Was this a recent circumstance like a missed court appearance? We can dig a little deeper into our resources if you can be more specific.

    1. We ran your search as requested and did not find any SC warrants for a Sherry Geddings at this time

  2. Could you see if Kerry Cagle DOB-12-27-85 has an active warrant & also Michael Boatman DOB-11-05-79. Thank You.

  3. My brother has failed to comply with a child support order for many years in South Carolina. He currently live in Texas and wants to go back to South Carolina to be with our elderly step-father. Can you check for any warrants for Thomas Wesley McClain, 6/16/1969?

    1. We show an active SC warrant for a Jimmy Lee Ellis however we did not find anything active for a Jimmy Ray Ellis

    1. Joe, we show an arrest record for Jammie from several years ago however we are not seeing any active SC arrest warrants at this time

    1. Russell, we ran Miranda Graham through our SC warrant database and did not find anything active at this time for this person

    1. We found an arrest charge from a few months ago for a drug possession charge but we’re not seeing any active warrants for this person at this time

  4. Can you look up and see if I have a warrant as well Tasha brooks 1/25/83 I’m 37. Lexington South Carolina

    1. We show one for a David Wayne Brooks but we did not find anything active for a David Sanford Brooks

  5. How do I search information in regards to a person having warrants or not?
    I\’m trying to search for my cousin and his fiancee. There is a long story behind it but to just say the least, a bailbondsman keeps harassing us and them by calls and texts. But they have gave him locations where they were numerous times, made arrangements to meet him places. She worked for a bailbonds man herself and spoke with him about the situation he looked over the receipt she was given and said according to that the crook of bailbondsman received payment and was owed nothing, and advised them to stop responding to his messages because it was harassment. When that occurred the bailbondsman started calling their family members with the same crap about them having warrants they were running and etc.

    1. We are happy to run a SC warrant search for you however if you feel that you are being harassed you may want to file a police report or hire legal counsel and inquire with them what your rights are. It certainly sounds like harassment if the bail-bondsman is calling your family members with threatening information

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