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Performing a South Carolina Warrant Search

A South Carolina arrest warrant is a legal document that gives law enforcement the green light that they need to apprehend or arrest a particular individual. That person is wanted to answer charges that have been brought against them. Until they have answered such charges before the appropriate court, the arrest warrant remains in effect. There are too many of these warrants active at any one time for police to go chase down every person with a warrant out. For most crimes the person with the warrant should turn themselves in to law enforcement to make the process easier on themselves. Read on to find out the different methods to performing a South Carolina Warrant Search. To perform a free SC warrant check please make your request in the blog comments at the bottom of the post.

South Carolina Warrant SearchDo You Have A Warrant In South Carolina

If you are curious if you personally have a warrant out for your arrest in South Carolina you can access this information. is a good place to start. There you will find searchable information about the active arrest warrants that are currently out in any county in South Carolina.

Sometimes someone has an arrest warrant out and they do not even realize it. It is prudent to check up on this if you are afraid that there may be one that you need to deal with. Since it is always advisable to answer an arrest warrant as soon as possible, you will want to look into those records as soon as you even suspect that you might have one.

Do South Carolina Warrants Expire?

In South Carolina the answer to this question is no. If you have an arrest warrant that has not been addressed, do not expect that it is just going to go away. You have to address these things or else they will only continue to fester. The thing about it is that a lot of people think that perhaps they can just skate by and stay under the radar, but that only works for so long. If you are pulled over for even a speeding ticket your record will be checked, and you will end up having to face the music.

Alternative Sources For A South Carolina Warrant Search

If you are not able to find your arrest warrant on the SC Arrests website or you just want to double check, you can try as well. This is the website for the Judicial Department of the State of South Carolina. Here you will find all kinds of up to date information about cases making their way through the courts. It is important to check this website as well as the other one just to make sure that all of the records match up. It would be a shame to think that you do not have a warrant out when you in fact do.

Remember that arrest warrants are serious matters that should be addressed immediately. You are only doing yourself a disservice if you do not take the case through the proper legal proceedings. People try to get away with not facing the music all the time, but it is only to their disadvantage.

How I find out if I have a warrant in SC?

To find out if you have a warrant in South Carolina you can contact your local sheriff department, county courthouse clerk or use the services of a 3rd party public record website. Warrant records are public information that anyone can access.

How long do bench warrants last in South Carolina?

Some South Carolina bench warrants never expire but it really depends on the crime. There are statutes of limitations on some warrants such as traffic citations or missed jury duty however there are no guarantees. Your best option to finding out how long a specific warrant will stay active is to contact legal counsel or the court that issued the warrant.

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130 responses to “South Carolina Warrant Search

  1. Can you run a both a warrant and active outstanding warrants on James E Thompson Iv for South Carolina hes 24. And also search va please and thank you

    1. We don’t show any active South Carolina warrants for you as well as no active warrants from Portsmouth VA. You can also confirm this information with your local South Carolina Sheriff department or South Carolina county courthouse clerk.

      How To Lookup Warrants In South Carolina

      1. Visit the South Carolina Law Enforcement website
      2. Click on the relevant county Sheriff website
      3. Search for wanted persons or warrants by name
      4. View active warrants and mugshots

    1. There is an active South Carolina warrant for Contempt of Court that we show in our South Carolina warrant record database

  2. Can you do a warrant search ,was pulled over in home state,and was told I was on the ncic,thank you,Walter Bertelson N.J.

    1. We do not show and active NC warrant for you in our database. If this is a recent warrant you might want to check with the NC sheriff department online. They sometimes have a warrant index you can search on their website

    1. There we no active North Carolina warrants listed for Chris Wright in our South Carolina database

    1. Our South Carolina warrant search revealed that there is an active warrant for a Charles Moultrie for

  3. Yes I was wondering if there is an active warrant out for Ryan Neil cox in South Carolina but Ruth day 6 21 1986 please let me know and if so what it is for

    1. There is an active warrant in North Carolina for a Ryan N Cox listed in our NC criminal records database for the following charges:

        16-13-0030(A) ~ 3419 ~ Larceny / Petit or Simple Larceny – $2,000 or less 1385
  4. Hey can you look up Ryan Neil cox to see if there any active warrants out and what it might be for birthday is 6/21/1986

    1. There is an active South Carolina arrest warrant for KC Todd Walker for the charges of Receiving Stolen Goods in Excess of $2000

  5. How can I find outstanding warrants with just a DOB in South Carolina? There is probably 2 DUIs for this person too, but they are using an alias in another state.

    1. In order to locate South Carolina warrants we will need the full name of the person in question as well as the age, county of residence and any other relevant information. There are many people with the same name as well as many with the same DOB, so we need additional information to run a South Carolina warrant search

    1. We ran your name in our SC criminal record database and do show an active South Carolina warrant for Possession of Narcotics Schedule 1 – 1st Offense

  6. I\’m inquiring about a possible bench warrant for my arrest and would like to a dress this situation legally and as quickly as possible.

    1. We ran a South Carolina warrant search and found an active SC warrant for a Breanna Rae Hancock with the following charges .. Drugs & Possession of Narcotics in Schedule I(b),(c), LSD & Schedule II – 1st offense. We don’t however see if this is a bench warrant or an arrest warrant. Your best option to follow up with these charges and mitigate any pending or active warrant is to reach out to the relevant SC courthouse clerk, where your court case took place, and inquire about how to take care of any outstanding charges, fines, fees or missed court dates.

    1. We do show an active South Carolina warrant for an Enrique Garcia Rodriguez however we don’t show the exact SC warrant charges for this public record. You can contact the relevant SC courts to inquire more details from the court clerk.

  7. Would you run a check for active warrants/bench warrants in South Carolina for Dana M. Matheson age 38 please? Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

    1. We do show there is an outstanding South Carolina warrant for a Gregory Wayne Seegers. There are a multitude of SC criminal records listed, if you can confirm which criminal record this is in reference to we can elaborate more about this SC warrant.

    1. We do not show an Ashley R Driggers in our South Carolina Warrant database however not all our SC warrant listings have the middle name listed. Can you also verify your age so we can filter the results for you?

    1. Andrew, we don’t show any active South Carolina warrants for you that resulted from a speeding ticket. Typically there is not a statute of limitations on driving infractions but it really depends on what type of speeding ticket you received. Additionally there is sometimes a failure to appear charge attached to this if you failed to show up in court or pay the traffic citation. You might want to contact your local traffic courthouse to find out more about this past SC speeding violation.

      South Carolina Statute of Limitations on Traffic Citations

      Typically there is not a statute of limitations on traffic citations in South Carolina. If a traffic citation is unpaid and you do not follow up with this citation in traffic court there is a failure to appear charge attached to this violation.

  8. I cant find anything on myself but im pretty sure o have 2warrants cause i didnt show 4 court canu help me verify this so i can go handle it with the proper counties plz&thanx TonyaMarieHolland 10-19-1981

    1. We show an criminal arrest record for a Mia Destiny McLemore from 2014 but nothing recently that would indicate a SC warrant. We also checked Mia Floyd and nothing came up with a positive hit in our records.

    1. The South Carolina warrant search we ran doesn’t show any active warrants. Our SC criminal records indicate there was a charge for a Rachael Rivera back in 2007 but we don’t have the middle name to verify if this is the same person you mentioned

    1. We ran a South Carolina warrant search for both names you mentioned, Reagan Pender and Teagan Lender, and did not find anything active in our database records.

    1. Michael Davis is a very common name in South Carolina and not all the criminal records list the middle name. Can you also verify the age for Michael so we can verify an SC warrant records for him?

    1. We show some SC criminal charges from a few years ago for a Casey Elise Watson however, we don’t show any active SC warrants for this person

    1. Our database records show a criminal record, for a Haley Dawn Starnes, from 2018 however we don’t have any record of an active South Carolina warrant. If this is related to the criminal charges you received in 2018 and/or have missed a court date then you might consider contact the clerk of the court to reschedule or find out how to mitigate your situation.

    1. William, we checked our South Carolina database and only found a record for a William Nmn Drummond , nothing comes up with the middle initial “B”

  9. So I\’m concerned about having a warrant in either Laurens, Laurens County SC or Greenville SC
    Jonathan Micheal Rhodes 23yrs 02/21/1996

    1. We do show a failure to appear in court for a felony charge and there is an active arrest warrant in South Carolina that we show as well.

    1. That’s what we show in our records however, we don’t have a detailed account of the associated criminal charges

    1. Our records indicate there are a couple of criminal records from 2013 and 2014 for a Matthew Elliott Forrester however, there are no active warrants we can see at the moment

    1. We did find an active SC arrest warrant for a Raymond Edward Potter that was issued out of Lexington county

    1. We show both a criminal record for a burglary charge for Teresa Trivete Fox from 2018 and an active SC arrest warrant for her as well

    1. We show multiple financial related South Carolina criminal charges brought against a Marci Gimber Michelle from May of last year however, we are not showing any SC warrants. If she has recently missed a court appearance or is in violation of a probation order then there might be one pending.

  10. Is there any active warrants or pending criminal charges in the state of South Carolina, (specifically in the city of Mauldin which is in the county of Greenville), for a Dean Wolvington [Jr.], 30 years of age?

  11. Can you check Alan Wayne Jakul with DOB 7/7/1982 in NCIC, Link, and local for warrants. He has most recently lived in Illinois and South Carolina.

    1. Melissa Nicole Smith comes up as having some SC criminal charges from a few years ago as well as probation however, we’re not showing an active warrants for this person

    1. Brandi, we show that Dustin Delane Durden had a probation violation and arrest in 2017 however we’re not showing anything recent that indicates and active SC warrant at this time

  12. Are there any arrest warrants for Anthony S. Malizia in Charleston,Berkeley or Dorchester counties. D.O.B. is 04-25-1979 . Thank you

    1. The SC warrant check results show there are some criminal charges from 2014 out of Berkeley county for an Anthony Scott Malizia however we are not showing any active warrants for this person

    1. We ran a search for an Alexandria Cannan and South Carolina and did not find anything under this person’s name. Please reach out if we can help with any future public record searches

  13. Do I have any active warrants in SC my name is Rebecca Elizabeth Reed. Birthdate is 9/29/1982 related to Wendy Reed Rodger Reed Linda Reed Rodger Reed check for Lexington county please and Richland county

    1. Our South Carolina search shows there are some criminal charges from 2016 but no active SC warrants that we can find

    1. James, we have a few listings for a James Armstrong that have criminal records and not all our listings include the middle name. We also show one listing with an active SC arrest warrant for a probation violation. Can you confirm your age so we can confirm this record for you?

    1. There is an arrest charge and criminal record for a Latoya Austin Felts from 2016 but no active warrants that we can see

    1. We’re showing a South Carolina arrest warrant for an Adam Melton Moore but no listings for an Adam L Moore

    1. There is a SC warrant for a Charles Franklin Phillips but nothing comes up for a Charles A. Phillips

  14. Can you run a both a warrant and active outstanding warrants on Aaron L Smith for South Carolina he‘s 42 and now lives in Milwaukee, WI born 12/3/77. And also search va please and thank you

    1. There is an active warrant for an Aaron Scott Smith but no listings for someone with the middle initial “L”

    1. We show a Richland county arrest record for a Christopher Michael Gross related to a drug possession charge but not active SC warrants that we can find

    1. Ryan Kelly Madigan did not come up in our SC criminal record search as having any active warrants at this time

  15. I received a voice prompted call on my android stating that my social security number has been frozen due to an association with money laundering and other criminal activity and that if if I did not call back the number that they called me from, \”immediately\” they were going to issue a warrant for my arrest. I am extremely sure I\’m not involved in any criminal activity involving money laundering or any other criminal activity associated with using my social security number however not so sure my identity hasn\’t been stolen how do I handle

    1. M. Michelke, this is a common phone call scam to get you to call back and get wrapped up into some type of jackpot. It’s good that you reached out to us first. The Social Security Administration will never call you and make these types of threatening phone calls about freezing your SSN and issuing a South Carolina warrant for your arrest. Please ignore and block this phone number as it is a total “SCAM” and many are victimized by these dark web operations that try to obtain sensitive personal information from people with their scare tactics

  16. I was wondering if I have any kind of warrants? It will be related to child support warrants. For Shyana Cassatt of Blacksburg SC, age 34 white female. Thank you.

  17. Pls can you run a warrant check for Sandra Danielle/Daniella Robertson, age 28, birthday 2-13-1992
    Warrant/warrants for SC!

    1. Paula, we checked both Daniella Robertson and Danielle Robertson against our South Carolina active warrants and did not find anything under either spelling of her name

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