Court Ordered Warrants

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Court Ordered Warrant Types

Warrants are court ordered documents that authorize relevant law enforcement officials to arrest or carry out the legal administrative justice of an individual which would otherwise invade an individual’s rights that are protected by law. There are a multitude of warrants that are issued depending on the circumstances such as; bench warrants, search warrants, extradition warrants, execution warrants and dispossessory warrants. The names of the differing warrants may vary from state to state but the warrants are authorized and initiated the same.

The most common warrant is the bench warrant, this is where a judge issues a warrant for civil or criminal court cases. This can be an issue if the subject deliberately misses his/her court appearance or fails to comply with a court order.

A search warrant is a court ordered warrant that authorizes law enforcement to search the private property or residence of an individual that is otherwise protected by privacy laws.

An extradition warrant is issued for the arrest of a criminal fugitive that might be located in another state.

A dispossessory warrant is also known as an eviction warrant that is used to evict a tenant from a residence they live in.

An execution warrant is the official death warrant that allows for the execution of a person that is sentenced to death. The death warrant only applies to states where the death penalty is recognized.

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Responses to “Court Ordered Warrants

  1. Curious if your team can find a Wayne County, WV possibly either bench warrant and/or arrest issued for Steven H. Safford age 35. Thanks so much in advance!

    1. The time frame to pay a court ordered warrant will vary depending on the courts, the nature of the warrant and conditions that we’re set when you went to court originally. You might consider contacting the courthouse clerk to inquire about the deadline to take care of your court ordered warrant and the fines and fees associated.

  2. Yea i am trying to find out if my ex kayla joanne Hague she is 21 has a warrant out of Twin falls and it would be for a bad check that was deposited into her acount at first federal bank please i would like to know thank u

  3. I was told by an attorney that I would be arrested by the police because I did not accept the inheritance fund given by Mrs Kathy.
    The court has issued an arrest warrant to me because I did not appear in court.
    I am from Singapore.

    1. Hello Frankie,

      I understand your concern but I’m unclear about your question. Do you want us to lookup an arrest warrant for you? If that is the case, Are you a U.S. citizen? Our resources are for U.S. citizens only. If you answered yes to these questions we can certainly assist you. I will need your full name and state and county of residency to continue.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

  4. I was wondering. Its a warrant issued for child support but they no longer live here. i know the city and state and name of who they living with but no address. it been since 2011. what can i do

    1. Hello Marquita,

      We can assist you in looking up a court ordered warrant. We would just need the full name, city and state of the person in question. Then we can check if there are any active court ordered warrants for that person. You can also contact the county court clerk or the county sheriffs department for more information. I have included a couple helpful links below to help you with your warrant search.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

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