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Georgia Criminal Records Search

Criminal records are used in a variety of ways. If you apply for a job, most likely your potential employer will run a background check and obtain your criminal records. The same is also true for potential landlords, when you apply for a rental property. Below is an overview of Georgia criminal records and how you can obtain a copy of yours.

What Is A Georgia Criminal Record

Criminal records are also referred to as police records and are a briefing of a person’s criminal history. In most states, criminal records include all criminal charges and the result, not only a person’s convictions. Criminal records are gathered and updated on a county, state and federal level by law enforcement agencies. Some common reasons criminal records in Georgia may be obtained include:

  • Pending Adoptions
  • Employment
  • Passports
  • Visas
  • Professional Licensing
  • Security Clearance
  • Rental Applications

Georgia criminal records are kept by local police, state troopers, correctional agencies and highway patrol. The federal government also keeps criminal records on the National Crime Information Center or NCIC database.

Types Of Criminal Records

Criminal records include a wide variety of documents which are divided by the type of crime the person has been charged with. These records often reflect charges for crimes such as:

  • Driving Under The Influence
  • Driver License Suspension
  • Assault
  • Fraud
  • Drug Possession

These are just a few crimes that may be reflected on a criminal record. They are typically divided into categories by misdemeanor and felony charges. People who are accused and convicted of sexual crimes, must register as a sex offender within their county. There is a separate database with a listing of registered sex offenders.

How To Obtain Official Georgia Criminal Records

If you want to obtain a criminal record in Georgia, you can do so online and access the records through the Sheriff’s office or Police department. Requirements for accessing and obtaining criminal records in Georgia, can be found on the Georgia Felon Search website. These records will include information such as:

  • The Name Of The Offender
  • Date Of Birth
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Date Of Arrest
  • Charges
  • Name Of Arresting Agency
  • Judicial Disposition Data
  • Place Of Confinement

In some cases, criminal records can be sealed or expunged which means they are not available for public viewing. This must be done through the court and is not available to everyone. Some Georgia law enforcement agencies will not allow the access of juvenile records.

Note: offers criminal record searches online. Our resources are for reference only and cannot be used for credit checks, employment, rentals, housing, security clearances, adoptions, visas, passports, or any other legal reference. We are not an FCRA certified resource. Please verify any information obtained as there are occasional inaccuracies.

Georgia Criminal Records

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    Cynthia, we are happy to elaborate on any Georgia related criminal records we can find. We’ll need the full name and the DOB of the person in question to perform this GA criminal record search for you. We can also share any additional public records we find with this person.

    Finding out the details of a Georgia criminal record

    It’s relatively simple to find out the details of a person’s Georgia criminal record. First, visit a website like, select what criminal record type you’d like to research. Enter the full name and as much information as you can into the search form and then let the website do the rest. Georgia criminal records can range from arrests, incarcerations, court records, parole records, active warrants, DUIs and much more

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    I need to check the details and accuracy of a conviction in Lawrenceville, GA. I have name, court case etc.

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    Marion, unfortunately we cannot directly assist you with your trespassing issues. You should consider contacting the Georgia police and reporting everything that has happened to them. We are a public record website and we can assist you with looking up criminal records if that is your intention. Please advise.

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    Your best option is to contact the Georgia police about this matter. We do not have an affiliation with Georgia law enforcement so we don’t have the ability to contact them on your behalf. You will need to give a statement and since you’re the one being victimized. You can request to do this anonymously, there is most likely a precedence for a situation similar to yours.


    The Team

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