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How to Run a Mississippi Court Records Search

Mississippi is a state rich in history and culture, but it is also home to a complex court system. With over 200 courts in the state, it can be overwhelming to navigate the process of obtaining court records. In this article, we will discuss the different types of courts in Mississippi, how to obtain court records, and the growing trend of electronic courts in the state.

The first step in running a Mississippi court records online search is to gather some important information. You will need either the specific case number, or the full name of the individual you want to research. The next step is to run your search. This can be done either through the specific courthouse website or through public record sites.

If you do not know the case number then you might want to start your search through a public record site. With this resource, you can search the entire state with a first and last name.

Obtaining Court Records in Mississippi

Obtaining court records in Mississippi can be done in person or online. To view these records, visit the courthouse where the case was heard. Then, ask the court clerk for the records. You may need to provide the case number or the names of the parties involved in the case.

For online access to court records, you can use the Mississippi Electronic Courts (MEC System). This system allows you to search for court records by case number, party name, or attorney name. You can also view and print documents from the MEC system for a small fee.

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Types of Courts in Mississippi

Mississippi has a three-tiered court system, consisting of trial courts, appellate courts, and the state supreme court. Within these tiers, there are various types that handle different types of criminal and civil cases.

Trial Courts

Trial courthouses in Mississippi are the first level of courts. They hear civil and criminal cases. There are two categories that divide this judicial branch: Justice and Municipal courts.

Justice courthouses have jurisdiction over civil cases with a value of $3,500 or less, small claims cases, and misdemeanor criminal cases. They also handle preliminary hearings for felony cases. There are 82 justice courts in Mississippi, one for each county in the state.

Municipal courts handle small civil cases, traffic violations, and minor criminal cases. There are 241 municipalities in Mississippi, with each city having its own courthouse.

Appellate Courts

Appellate courts in Mississippi review decisions made in trials and are the second level of the judicial branch. There are two types of appellate courts in Mississippi: the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

The Appeals division has 10 judges and is responsible for reviewing decisions made by the trial courts. It has jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases except for those that are within the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

Mississippi Supreme Court

The Supreme court the highest judicial branch in the state and has nine judges. It has the final say on all legal matters in the state and has jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases. They interpret state laws and can also make amendments to them.

Mississippi Electronic Courts

Mississippi has been at the forefront of the electronic court trend, with the implementation of the MEC system in 2014. This system allows for the electronic filing of legal documents, as well as online access to specific case records.

In addition to the MEC system, Mississippi also has electronic courts in certain counties. Harrison and Tate counties have e-courts, enabling online filing of legal papers and access to court records. This has greatly improved the efficiency and accessibility of case records and documents in these counties.

This is Publicly Available Information

Most all court cases, including civil and criminal trials, are part of the public record system. This is made possible by the federal FOIA and the Mississippi Public Records Act. This means that anyone can search and view another person’s information online. Here is some of the information that is publicly available:

It is important to note while these records are publicly available there are some restrictions. Those documents that pertain to juveniles and minors or sensitive ongoing cases are not available for public access. You can only access these by obtaining an order from a judge or if you are part of the case itself.


Mississippi has a complex court system with various types of courts handling different types of cases. Obtaining these publicly available records in the state can be done in person or online. You can use either the use of the MEC system, or public record sites.

The implementation of Mississippi electronic courts in certain counties has also greatly improved the accessibility of documents and records. With this information, navigating the Mississippi judicial system and obtaining documents and records should be a more manageable task.

Mississippi Court Records

Mississippi Court Records - FAQ

Can anyone lookup Mississippi court records?

Yes, since they are considered public record anyone can view them online through a public record site. All you need to begin your search is a first and last name.

How can I access court records online in Mississippi?

You can access court records online in Mississippi through the Mississippi Electronic Courts (MEC) system, or though a public record website.

Can I view Mississippi court case information for free?

Yes, there is a lot of free information out there that you can find with a public record site. You can search statewide with a simple name search. If you need more detailed reports or physical copies of a document that will cost you a small fee.

What information do I need to run a Mississippi court records search?

You will need either the specific case number or the full name of the individual you want to research.

When was the MEC system implemented in Mississippi?

The MEC system was implemented in Mississippi in 2014.

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