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Mississippi Court Records Search

Anytime someone is arrested, is charged with a crime, or goes to court for anything in Mississippi, it?s recorded and filed for the public. State law mandates all court information is published online for anyone to find. It?s to keep people aware of what?s going on in the community, to provide them a chance to find out if a person has a Mississippi criminal history, and to see what kind of person they?re dealing with in any capacity. It?s not often used by just anyone, but Mississippi court records are searched often by business owners for information regarding job applicants. Make sure that if you’re obtaining MS court records for employment purposes, rental agreements, security clearances, or any other official business that you use an FCRA certified services or go to the courthouse directly and obtain a certified copy of a person’s court record.

Mississippi Court Records Include

– Criminal Court Records
– Arrests
– Felony and misdemeanor records
– Traffic citations
– Registered offender information
– Divorce records
– Marriage recordsNothing that goes on in a court of law in Mississippi is private unless it?s being handled sensitively, though some cases block out information if it has to do with a minor. You can find anything you?re looking for, but you need to know how to find it on a state level and a local level.

Official Mississippi Court Records Searches

The best way to find a local court record is to visit the website of the relevant Mississippi county clerk. Pick a county, visit the site, and find the search option. You can find all court records from that county online here, which means you?ll get comprehensive information for only court records in a specific county. The terms and conditions you?re required to accept or decline will explain this to you. If you choose to accept the terms, you?ll enter the name of the person whose information you?re interested in searching. You might find some records, no records, or you might want to double check the name is spelled correctly. This information is free, but it?s not all the information this person might have throughout the state.

State Mississippi Court Records

The State of Mississippi Judiciary website offers more information for you to find. You can search for records in every county on this site, which means you?re not going to miss anything in the state. If you cannot find any information using a specific name, be sure it?s spelled correctly. If it is, that person either has no court records or didn?t always go by the name they provided to you. It could be a good thing, but it might also be a negative thing.

It?s always free and perfectly legal to search court records anywhere in Mississippi. Anytime someone goes through the court for any reason, they are acknowledging their information will be made available to the public whether they like it or not. While many people prefer to keep their private lives private, it happens that the state does not allow much of that. If you want to know something about someone, it?s going to be on the internet. It’s free to search, and it’s something many people do every day.

Mississippi Court Records

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