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Mississippi Criminal Records Search

Mississippi criminal records are a comprehensive list of someone?s misconducts kept by the state or the federal government. Criminal records provide the researcher with all the details about a person?s past convictions, arrests, court judgments, warrants and incarcerations. In Mississippi, criminal records are important to those who want to acquire new employees, or rent an apartment or a vehicle to strangers.

Types of Mississippi Criminal Records

Mississippi Arrest Records A criminal background check against someone may produce previous arrests. The arrests may occur in parts of Mississippi or any other state. The records will display the date and the number of arrests. They will also reveal all the information that indicate that the person had been questioned, held for investigations and tried for the offense.

Mississippi Incarcerations

Incarceration Records are provided by the Mississippi Department of Correction. The department restricts people from publishing or communicating the search results to unauthorized parties. The records include the full names of the person, his prison identification details, date of imprisonment, the charges and the time of release.

Mississippi Misdemeanors are minor non-indictable offenses that attract low fines and a short duration in jail. Misdemeanors are less serious than felonies, but they still provide useful information regarding a person?s character. Most misdemeanors do not stay on the records for long in Mississippi because the state government allows expungements.

Mississippi Police Records contain the information about the individual?s number of arrests and charges. They also contain the number of misdemeanors and any other information about the individual?s criminal history. One must follow the due diligence in order to obtain a police record in Mississippi.

Mississippi Traffic Citations involve offenses committed by the individual while driving. The offenses may include speeding, failure to wear a seatbelt, driving without a license and using a phone while on the wheels. The traffic citations show the number of tickets and the type of traffic violation committed by the individual.

Certified Mississippi Criminal Records

Mississippi’s criminal records are restricted to authorized individuals and government agencies such as the FBI and CIA. Employers who are required by the law to conduct a criminal background check during recruitment are also allowed to access the records. For incarcerations, you can look at the Mississippi Department of Correction?s online search system. You can search using the first and last name. Alternatively, you can use just the first or last name.

For all other background checks, go to the Mississippi State Department of Health?s online search system. The agency acts as the repository for all records in the state, including sex offender?s registry. You first have to create an account on the platform to access the available information. You will be required to pay a small fee for the information. You can also access crucial traffic citation information from Mississippi Highway Patrol.

It is ethical to inform someone about your intention to look him or her up in the state?s criminal records registry. Also, check the laws that govern criminal records to avoid possible legal problems.

Mississippi Criminal Records

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