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What is a Court Judgment Search?

If you have ever been served with a collection notice, you may find at some point you’ll receive notifications that if you don’t pay the debt due, a court judgment will be filed against you. If this is the first time you’re dealing with this type of situation, you may wonder what a court judgment is, what to do about it and how to perform a court judgment search and what to expect. A court judgment search will help you become aware of the exact details surrounding your judgment.

Court Judgment Search Details

A court judgement is generally filed in a civil case between two or more parties. The plaintiff is the party that initiates the lawsuit, and the defendant is the party that the lawsuit is brought against. When the case is filed, it’s assigned to a judge who manages and oversees the progress of the case, hears motions and holds hearings. Sometimes the judge may attempt to informally settle the matter. In the end, if the case goes to trial and the result is money awarded to the winning party, a judgment is filed outlining the court’s decision.

State Court Judgment Search

Each state has its own set of civil procedure rules which define a court judgment search and outlines how the civil judgment is entered. The federal court also has rules and regulations regarding judgments. Before any ruling is made, the defendant has the ability to defend himself in court. The plaintiff in the case must provide clear facts and proof as to why the court should rule in the plaintiff’s favor.

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Public Court Judgment Records

When a judgment is decided by the courts, the party is ordered by the judge to pay the amount requested. If the money is not paid upfront, the judgment is filed in the official holder of court records, which then becomes a matter of public record. The judge may also have the wages garnished or place a lien against the bank account of the party the judgment is rendered against. If the party who has a judgment filed against him wants to sell his property at some point before the lien is paid, the judgment must be paid from the proceeds of the sale of the property.

Anyone who believes they have a judgment filed against them can contact their local public records office for a copy of the judgment, or inquire through the court that oversaw the judgment. Each state and court has their own rules and procedure on how to obtain a copy, so it’s best to contact the court for instructions on obtaining a copy.

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Court Judgment Search
Court Judgment Search

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  1. says:

    It depends on what type of court judgment you are referring to. If you are referring to a criminal judgment, this will not show up on a person’s credit report however if it’s a civil court judgment for money owed to a business or individual then you will be able to find this on a person’s credit report. If this is the case, that judgment should automatically be placed on a person’s credit report

    Do Court Judgments Show Up On a Person’s Credit Report?

    Criminal court judgments do not show up on a person’s credit report however civil court judgments do. The court judgments that show up on a person’s credit report include cases of collection from a personal matter, credit card or lending institutions and other unpaid debts.

  2. says:

    I just won 2 judgments against the same individual. Do the judgments automatically show up on a persons credit report or do I have to file some additional paperwork?
    Your help is appreciated!

  3. says:

    Hal, thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately we cannot give you a list of people with current judgments in Colorado. We actually pay for each individual search and provide this as a free judgment search service that we typically only offer one free search per person but you can sign up for our Search Quarry membership “Unlimited Package” and lookup as many judgment records as you would like with our unlimited service package. That being said, we are happy to correspond privately with you with a couple of judgement search inquiries if you want to reach out to us anonymously via email @ That being said, depending on the type of judgment you can reach out to the relevant Colorado courthouse clerk to inquire about any possible judgment list they might be able to provide you. Please let us know if you are interested or if we can be of any further assistance. We also have access to over 2 billion other public records including criminal records, vital records, driving records, incarceration records, vehicle records, VIN and license plate records and much more.

  4. says:

    I am a hard money lender and I help people with judgements. I need a list of all judgements in my county/city/state. I can’t put in individual names. I need lists. How do I find those?

  5. says:

    It’s unclear what you’re looking for Kamini. Is there a specific court judgement that we can assist you with looking up? If you so please provide us with the state where the court judgment took place as well as the name of the person in question. We are not certain how Punjab or Haryana is related to this, as these are listed as Indian courts. Our court record resources are for the United States only. Please clarify what U.S. court record you’re interested in so we can better assist you

  6. says:

    I need judgement on Ban on mining, judgement of Punjab and Haryana High Court.
    Need your assistance on this. Looking forward for you reply ASAP as its urgent.

  7. says:

    It’s uncertain what your question is and how it pertains to a Court Judgment Search. Can you clarify in more detail what your question is?

  8. says:

    Hi and did you ever speak to someone or just through messages?

  9. says:

    Thank you for the feedback about your court judgement and being able to fix your credit score. Hopefully someone else will be able to benefit from these services

  10. says:

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  11. says:

    Hello Don,

    It sounds like there is something suspicious about the lien that was filed against you. It sound like you have a case to take measures to have the lien removed. We are not a legal representative, only a public records website where you can lookup liens against you. Our recommendation is to contact a lawyer before making any legal decisions. I have included some useful links below to assist you in resolving your judgment lien.

    Best Regards,

    The Search Quarry Team

  12. says:


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