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Colorado court records are an important source of information for legal professionals, researchers, and individuals seeking information about a specific case or individual. These records contain a wealth of information, including details about criminal and civil cases, proceedings, and judgments.

To begin your Colorado court record search you will need to know the name of the individual, or their case number. Using a public record site can simplify your search by being able to search statewide. All you need to do is enter the first and last name of the individual into the search form and the site will do the rest.

Obtaining Copies of Colorado Court Records

There are two main ways to obtain Colorado court records: directly from the courts or through public record sites.

Requesting Records From The Courthouse

You can obtain records directly from the courthouse in person or submit a request by mail. Most courts have a designated records department that handles these requests. You will need to provide the case number or the name of the parties involved in the case to locate the records. Some courts may charge a fee for copies of court records.

Requesting Records From Public Record Websites

Alternatively, you can also obtain free Colorado court records through public record sites. These sites compile court records from various sources and make them available to the public. These sites allow you to search for court records by name, or case number, making it easier to locate the records you need. If you need

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Information Found in Colorado Court Records

Colorado court records contain a wealth of information that can be useful for a variety of purposes. Some of the information that can be found in these records includes:

  • Case Details: This includes the names of the parties involved, the type of case (criminal or civil), and the case number.
  • Court Proceedings: Court case records also contain information about the court proceedings, including dates of hearings, motions, and rulings.
  • Charges and convictions: For criminal cases, these records will include information about the charges brought against the defendant and the outcome of the case. They will also include any convictions or acquittals.
  • Sentencing and Judgments: These records also contain information about the sentences and judgments handed down by the courthouse. These include fines, probation, and jail time.
  • Legal Documents: Court records may also include legal documents such as complaints, motions, and briefs filed by the involved parties.
  • Criminal Records: Criminal history, background records, arrests, convictions, sentencings, and arrest warrants.
  • Civil Records: Lawsuits, judgments, liens, pleadings, settlements.

Requesting Records From Colorado State Archives

The Colorado State Archives has its holdings for Colorado records for criminal and civil court cases. These include all the various counties and districts throughout Colorado in the Supreme Court. It is the Archives that maintain case files which contain every document relating to a particular case that took place in the state of Colorado.

In order to search for cases from the Colorado Court of Appeals and the Colorado Supreme Courts. You are required to provide the case number. To find records from district or county court cases, you must provide the name of the court where the action occurred.

If you do not have a case number, there are some options. You can call the district or the county where the case was filed for a case number. Know that there are associated fees linked to requesting court records.

Types of Courts in Colorado

The District Courts have a jurisdiction around the entire CO district when it comes to criminal and civil matters.

The Supreme Court holds jurisdiction statewide for appellate matters.

The County Courts hold jurisdiction in the entire county that is synchronized to district courts for some appellate functions, minor civil issues, certain bail matter, issuance of warrants, preliminary hearings, and misdemeanors.

The Court of Appeals works as a appellate court for the entire state for district courts, juvenile, probate and superior courts.

The Denver Superior Court holds jurisdiction over the Denver County appeals. They also hold jurisdiction with relevant district when it comes to small civil issues of the county and city of Denver.


Colorado court records are a valuable source of information for legal professionals and individuals seeking information about a specific case or individual. These records can be obtained directly from the courts or through public record sites. They contain a wealth of information about proceedings, charges and convictions, and legal documents. Whether you are conducting research or need information for personal or professional reasons.


Colorado Court Records

Colorado Court Record FAQs

Are Colorado court records public information?

Yes, most Colorado court records are public record except for military records, juvenile records and family court records

Can I run a free Colorado court record search?

Yes, by using an online public record website you can obtain free court case information. If you need copies of court documents or more detailed information you may need to pay a small fee.

Can I search Colorado court records by name?

Yes, with a quality public record website you can search statewide for court cases information by name. You can also find a person's complete criminal history and run a background check on them.

Are Colorado court cases available to the public

Yes, since most all Colorado court cases are public domain, anyone can look them up. All you need is the name of the person you want to research or their case number.

How can I request Colorado court records from the courthouse?

To request Colorado records from the courthouse, you can visit the designated records department in person or submit a request online, in person, or by mail.

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  1. says:

    Ed, our Colorado court record resources are indexed by person, not company. That said, if you want us to lookup information on an individual we are happy to help. Just give us the full name and age of the person in question and we’ll see what we can find

  2. says:

    Can you search for any court records, past and current, which have a Colorado corporation as a litigant? If so how much for a search?

  3. says:

    I am looking for information on the charges against and court documents on Gage Devlin Scrogum, who currently in the El Paso County Jail.

  4. says:

    Hemanga, because you need this Colorado court case record for official purposes you will need to either contact the clerk of the Colorado court where your court case took place or use the Colorado court record resource

  5. says:

    I need a copy of my criminal court case record that happened in 2009-2010 to apply for Citizenship Naturalization, but I don’t remember my case number. Please advise how I can get hold of a copy?

  6. says:

    How to find why a warrant for Erica B Cherry and what charges are for and when were they filed?

  7. says:

    Kyle, we’re happy to run a Colorado court record search for you but if you need a certified copy of your court records or court dockets you will need to make this request through the specific Denver courthouse where your court case was filed. You can access your Denver court records through the court’s website and request to get a certified copy of your Denver court records sent to you via mail. If you’re just interested in verifying your court records we are happy to help. Please let us know how you would like to proceed.

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    I need a copy of my Denver court records.

  9. says:

    Reyes, thank you for reaching out about our Colorado court record blog. We ran a court record search for a Maria Ann Montano and found she has a felony conviction for being a sex offender in Colorado as well as a failure to appear in court which has landed her an active Colorado bench warrant for her arrest.

  10. says:

    Maria ann montano criminal charges and what the charges are for

  11. says:

    Typically, Colorado police records do not have the same police report number as the corresponding Colorado court case number. If you’re interested in finding out a CO court case number then it’s best practice to reach out to the relevant Colorado court and inquire with the courthouse clerk or you can also try looking up the CO court docket on the Colorado judicial website. They can better assist you when dealing with pending court cases or finding a court case number

    Colorado Court Case Number Search

    1. Go to the Colorado Judicial website
    2. Choose the CO court docket search
    3. Fill out the court docket request form
    4. Submit & find your CO case number online

  12. says:


    Does the police number correspond to the court case number ?
    If I have a police number how do I tie it to court case

  13. says:

    John, we are happy to assist you with looking up your Colorado court records and criminal records however we don’t show the specifics of that case number. Our resources are not associated with Colorado courts directly so we cannot perform a court case number search. A good place to start John, would be to contact the relevant Colorado court clerk and request a copy of your Colorado court case and court records.

  14. says:

    I\’m curious about my convictions when I was convicted on 12/18/17 to a 1yr concurrent to my previous case of 18months I signed my deal with the understanding my out date was not going to change but when I look on cdoc.inmate locator my dates and discharge date. Don\’t add up unless doc rendered my sentence consecutive with would be illegal since the district court judge ordered my sentences to be concurrent. Help me please… My name is John Michael Conner doc # 140519

  15. says:

    We are happy to assist you with a Colorado court record search however we can only lookup Colorado court records by name and not the case number. Your best option is to contact the relevant Colorado court clerk for additional

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    I have a case number I\’d like to know what happened is that possible

  17. says:

    We can certainly assist you with a Colorado death record search or Colorado court record lookup but we will need additional information to locate the correct record for you. We need the full name and age of the person in question.

    You mentioned that you’re trying to locate a death certificate so you might be better off checking with the Colorado Department of Public Health as they are the managing Colorado agency for vital records, including death records

  18. says:

    Death certificate Lewisville or boulder

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