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Colorado Criminal Records Search

Colorado criminal records are documents that show whether or not a person has been a busy bee in the area of legal violations. Various types of criminal records exist. Examples of some of the most common types of criminal records are arrest records, traffic crime records, felony documents, misdemeanor records and the like.

You may have a number of reasons for wanting to grab hold of your criminal records or someone else’s. One of the top reasons that people want to access Colorado criminal records is to get the reports for prospective employers. Tenant searches, babysitter background checks and peace of mind are some other reasons that one may want to get hold of criminal records. The following are some ways that you can access Colorado criminal records.

Colorado Criminal Records Online

The Colorado Bureau of Investigations has an online site that allows you to search for criminal records. You can access regular records, but not warrant information or anything from juvenile history or records that have been sealed. To gain access, the visitor can create an online account or choose not to create an account. Those who choose not to create an account can still conduct the search. The charge for each of the searches is $6.85, and each alias name or maiden name used is an additional $6.85. Before conducting the search, the visitor must attest that he or she is not going to use the information to gain any profits.

Colorado Criminal Records by Mail

There may be some reason that you need to send your request and then receive the documentation by mail. If that is the case, then you will have to send a preprinted business check, credit card, or money order to the Colorado Bureau of Investigations. The facility will only accept cash as a form of payment from someone who is willing to visit the facility.

Colorado Criminal Records in Person

If you would like to grab hold of your criminal records in person you can do so by visiting the county building where you live. For Denver, you would go to 1437 Bannock St Rm 111a, Denver, CO 80202. You can call there beforehand to ensure that you will be able to get the records that you need. You may also call the Denver County Court’s number, which is 720-865-7800. You can ask a representative any question that you need answers to. Visiting in person is the best way to go if you need the records quick. An online method is acceptable if you can wait a few days. Mail is fine if you can wait much longer.

Now you know of at least three ways you can get your hands on your Colorado records for various crimes. You can also use a third-party website like By entering a first and last name and state you can lookup and view Colorado criminal records online.

Note: offers criminal record searches online. Our resources are for reference only and cannot be used for employment, rentals, housing, security clearances, adoptions, visas or passports. We are not an FCRA certified resources. Please verify any information obtained as there are occasional inaccuracies.

Colorado Criminal Records

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  1. squarryadministrator says:

    We ran a Colorado criminal record search on a an Angela Mora and did not find any recent criminal record listings, court records or active arrest warrants for her. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance with your public record needs.

  2. Joe sup says:

    Whats on the criminal record history of Angela sueanne mora in Colorado DOB 10/24/1988

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