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The state of New Mexico has done a good job of ensuring that there is transparency in the judicial system by allowing anyone to view the New Mexico Court Records. One can find all the data that ascertains to a case, but there are a few exceptions. The New Mexico Municipal court data is limited to domestic violence and DWI convictions from the year 1991 till date. The New Mexico Judiciary stopped displaying juvenile criminal cases in 2007 and family violence cases in 2008 in the case lookup website. The search only displays the year of birth. No driver license numbers appear on any records.

Those who wish to access New Mexico Court Records can look them up on the case lookup website set up by the state. One must enter the record as it is entered in the database of the Court to search for the particular record. There are two approaches to obtaining a record. You can either enter specific criteria or do a case number search. Search criteria that can be used to search for a particular record include the Name, Driver License, Date of Birth, and Social Security. One can use a combination of any of the above to narrow the search results. You must enter the license number and the state which the license was issued in if the search term is the driving license.

You can also limit the search to cases of a particular location, court type, and case category. You can limit the search to a particular time frame if you have a rough idea of the date that the case was filed. You need to enter the entire case number of the case you are looking for when searching by case number. There are several criteria that you can use to narrow down the search to find the case easily. Some of the criteria that you can use include the court location, type of court, and case category.

You can limit the search to a certain type of court by choosing either municipal courts, the metropolitan court, district courts, or magistrate courts. Selecting a court location will improve the quality of the search significantly because you limit the search to cases in a particular area. The field accepts 4-digits as input. Numbers with less than four digits do not require leading zeroes to be entered.

Searching according to case number can be a very smooth process if you know how they were constructed in the past. New Mexico Court Case numbers fall into two categories. There are those filed before 2000 and those that were filed after that year. Case numbers before 2000 begin with the last two digits of the year which are followed by five digits. Those filed after 2000 comprise of the full year at the start followed by five numeric digits. Locating a case is easier if you have more information about it. The different criteria that one can use to search through allow one to sift through the extensive records promptly.

New Mexico Court Records

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