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Pennsylvania Death Records Search

In Pennsylvania, the Division of Vital Records of the Pennsylvania Department of Health maintains and issues the records of all deaths that occur in the state of Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Vital Records Division maintains records of 1906-present. The death records maintained by the Division of Vital Records reveal the name of the deceased, the place and date of death, the DOB of the decease, the name of the deceased’s parents and spouse, place of burial and cause of death.

People request Pennsylvania Death Records for a number of purposes including:

  • Insurance purpose
  • Transferring title of property or land
  • Closing bank accounts

Before 1906, some cities and counties in the state of Pennsylvania maintained records of all births deaths that occurred in the city or county. However, in 1906, the Pennsylvania government took over the responsibility and started to record all births and deaths that occurred in the state. Unlike other vital records, Pennsylvania Death Records are restricted records. This means that only the immediate family members of the deceased or people with a tangible interest in the record can make a request for and obtain a person’s death record. Provided you’re eligible for it, you can request for and obtain death records in Pennsylvania in three different ways: in person, by mail and online. Let’s take a look at how you can obtain the death record you need through each method.

How To Obtain Pennsylvania Death Certificates

The first way to make a request for and obtain the death record certificates you need is in person. To make an in person request for the death record you need, visit any of the six Vital Records offices in Pennsylvania, provide the complete record information, and pay the required fee.

Pennsylvania Death Records Via Mail

Another way to make a request for Pennsylvania Death Records is by mail. To make a mail request for the death record you need, complete and mail the Application for Certified Copy of Death Record along with a copy of your valid photo ID to:

Pennsylvania Division of Vital Records
ATTN: Death Unit
PO Box 1528
New Castle, PA 1603

Also, mail the pay order or cheque for the fee. The fee for Pennsylvania Death Records is $9. Generally, a mail request for a Pennsylvania death record takes 8 to 10 weeks to process.

Pennsylvania Death Records Online

The final way for you to make a request for and obtain the death record you need is online. To make an online request for the death record you need, contact VitalCheck, an independent company the Pennsylvania Department of Health has partnered with to make vital records available online. To make an online request for the death record you need, visit the website of VitalCheck, follow the instructions given there, and pay the $20 fee.

In addition to the aforementioned ways, you can obtain Pennsylvania Death Records online through public databases. To find out more, contact the Pennsylvania Department of Health at 724-656-3100.

Pennsylvania Death Records

Pennsylvania Death Record FAQs

Can anyone lookup a Pennsylvania death record?

Yes, Pennsylvania death records are public record which means anyone can view them. Only immediate family members however, can obtain a copy of a person's Pennsylvania death certificate.

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18 responses to “Pennsylvania Death Records

  1. i am trying to find my brother he would be 60 or 61 and I believe he was born in October. Our mother’s name is Colly Hythea Carmichael. born in Dillon South carolina.

    1. Jaki, thank you for reaching out about our Pennsylvania death record blog. Unfortunately that is not enough information for us to find out who your brother is or if is still alive. We searched using your mom’s last name and it is a very common last name. You can try reaching out to the Pennsylvania Department of Health as they manage all the states vital records which include birth records, death records and marriage records. You can call them toll free @ 844-228-3516

  2. We are trying to find my brother/ brother in law. Not sure if he has passed.
    His name is Samuel R Wallace, born in
    Pittsburgh Pa July 6 1943 and may have died July 4 2002. Last known address was Evans City Pa
    Hope you can help

    1. We do show a Samuel R Wallace that was born in 1943 that passed away in 2002. Since you are immediate family, you can obtain a copy of his Pennsylvania death certificate through the Pennsylvania Department of Health as they manage vital records in Pennsylvania

  3. Hello,

    I am looking for a death record for a Dominic Cicci. He was born in Italy. I believe he died in 1929. I also have been told that he was found shot to death in a river. He would be my great grandfather. Thank you for your time.

    1. Kristen, unfortunately our Pennsylvania death records only go back around 50 years and this death record is much older than this. There are a couple of other options to explore. You can contact the Pennsylvania Department of Health or the Pennsylvania State Archives. Those are state run agencies that archive older vital records in Pennsylvania. Good luck with your search and please reach out if we can assist you with any public record related questions.

  4. I am trying to locate public death records for my paternal grandparents. I only have year of birth and death information and state of death. Please advise.

    1. Lisa, we are happy to look in our Pennsylvania death records database for you if you provide their names and birth dates and year of death. You can also reach out to the Pennsylvania Department of Health as they manage vital records for the state of Pennsylvania which include birth, death and marriage records.

  5. I am trying to find the cause of death of my friend Andrew Wickel. He died on 4/22/2020. His date of birth 9/14/1985. Thank you.

    1. Kelly, we can confirm the death record for you however not all death records have the cause of death listed. It also may not be listed on the Pennsylvania death certificate if the medical examiner had any uncertainty to the actual cause of death and autopsies are not always performed on the deceased. You can inquire with the Pennsylvania Department of Health for more information about the cause of death and what might be available for public record.

  6. Trying to confirm death of grand mother Lulu f Hiller. Believe she was born in 1888 and passed in 1964, in Honesdale or Beach Lake, Pa.
    Please provide any information available.
    Thank you

    1. Bob, we ran a PA death record search for your grandmother and these are the results we found:
      Date of Birth 01/28/1889
      Date of Death 03/31/1964

  7. My husband was 15 when his mother died. He is trying to find her date of birth and her date of death. All I know is her name was Lucille Watkins born 1943 in either Virginia or North Carolina and died 1974 in Pennsylvania.

    1. Wanda, our Pennsylvania death records show a Lucille Watkins that was born 01/30/1927 and her died 01/31/1976

  8. I am looking for my fiance sister who passed away and 1999 at the age of 18 from a fatal car accident that he was also involved he does not know the burial site of what his sister is and I would love to find out this information from him all I have is her first and last name Natalie Dennis 1980 thru 1999 the accident was in Pennsylvania PA 1999 I believe the mother name was Joanne dennis she also passed away two before her time I would like to get her burial site information or her obituary

    1. Kimmi, we are happy to assist you with looking up a Pennsylvania death record however we do not have access to cemetery burial sites. A great resource to find a burial site is, they have the most comprehensive nationwide burial site listing that you can search through with a first and last name.

  9. I am trying to find out if Marilyn S. Levin died in the past 6 months. 2019-2020. She was born May 21, 1932 and lived in Mongomeryville these past 3 years.

    1. We could not find any Pennsylvania death records for a Marilyn S. Levin however we do show a 2013 PA death record for a Marilyn G. Levin

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