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The Divorce Records Database

Public divorce records in the United States can be easily resources in the divorce record database. Our easy to use divorce search tool can be accessed by anyone with a computer, smartphone on the fly. Results may include recorded divorce information, marriage records, maiden names, time and location of divorce as well as other vital records. Other public record searches that are available in the member’s area can also be accessed with a first and last name. Find out the truth about a person’s background with confidence. All divorce searches are anonymous and confidential.

Are Divorce Records Public In Every State?

Yes, divorce records are available to the public in every state of The United States. Both marriage and divorce records are public information, anyone who’d like to see marriage and divorce records can view them online using our simple search tool. You will need to know the full name of the divorcees and the state they were divorced to begin your search. The more information you have about the divorce will help you filter your results, such as date of birth, age, middle name and maiden name. Many people have the same names so other pieces of information such as a middle name, DOB, city of residence, can help you verify you’re looking at the correct divorce for the correct person.

Helpful Tips Researching a Person’s Divorce

• Do as much research as possible before performing your divorce record search

• Know the full name of the person that was divorced as well as their maiden name if it was changed back after the divorce

• Find out what state the divorce was filed in as these public records are filed with the county and state, not federally

• Know what type of divorce record you need, whether it’s a certified copy or just a divorce verification

• Confirm the divorce record with multiple fields of information to make sure it’s the correct record for the person you’re researching

• Determine the use of the divorce information you obtain your search to confirm you’re in compliance with it’s intended use

• Verify the divorce is a divorce and not an annulment or separation. A marriage record can be helpful to track down to verify this information

The History of Divorces in the United States

Divorces in the United States are as as old as the original colonies and were originally knows as Colonial Divorces. Of course the meaning of a divorce was much different back in those days as it is now. This was not a common practice and it was frowned upon in the early days of the United States, where today it has become a very common occurrence with divorce rates hitting all time highs in recent years. Today there doesn’t need to be a reason for a divorce except that a person no longer wants to be married to another. In the early days of the United States, and colonial days, there needed to be a distinct reason for this action such as adultery or desertion of the marriage. Massachusetts has one of the earliest recorded colonial divorces that dates back to the early 1600’s. This was very rare indeed back in those days and it often carried a negative stigma and was frowned upon and often not granted by legislative bodies unless there was definitive evidence that a divorce needed to take place.

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  1. Patricia Howell says:

    Looking for copy of divorce papers for the following:
    Patricia Ann Howell
    414 Bustos Circle
    Bay Point, California
    Charles Lee Howell
    Pittsburgh, California

    1986 is the divorce year I think.

  2. squarryadministrator says:

    Michael, in order to find your divorce papers showed up in that county you will want to contact the clerk of the court in Wahkiakum county and inquire about the status of your divorce.

  3. Michael J McNamara says:

    Did my divorce papers show up yet in wahkiakum county?

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