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Delaware Divorce Records Search

Delaware divorce records are a little more complicated to find than they are in many other states. They’re stored in a variety of locations in Delaware, which means residents and those searching for Delaware divorce records must have specific information, as well as an idea of where to look for the specific records they need. Anyone can view a divorce record in Delaware. It’s public record and easily searched, but not everyone is able to request a certified copy. The only people legally permitted to do this are the people listed on a divorce record, those who are children or parents of a person on the divorce records, and those who are legal representatives of the people listed on the record.

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Delaware Divorce Records Online Records

If you’re in search of a more recent divorce record in Delaware, you’re going to want to search the online database with the Delaware County Probate Court in the county where the divorce occurred. This is a simple process, and it doesn’t require anything more than just the name of one person on the divorce certificate. It’s made easier by narrowing the search to the specific year in which the divorce took place, but this is not knowledge you must have to find the record you’re looking for. You must have one name and know the county where the divorce occurred.

Public Delaware Divorce Records

If you know where the divorce took place, you can go to the Delaware court’s office and visit the records department in the building. This department provides the information you need, and it doesn’t take long to find it there. You can speak to the clerk, and you can provide the information you need to have them help you with the search.

– Your name
– Your date of birth
– Your photo identification
– The name of the parties listed on the divorce record
– The date of the divorce

If you are just looking for a copy, it’s easiest to do that online. If you need a certified copy of a Delaware divorce record, you’ll need to bring cash, check, money order, or a credit card to the department with you. the fee is $4 for the first copy and $1 for each additional copy you need of a divorce record.

If the divorce you’re looking for was an annulment, or the erasing of a marriage, it’s also available in the same manner. It costs the same as a divorce decree, and the same methods of payment are all accepted at every office. To ensure you receive same-day service, you’ll want to call the office and ask about any cut-off times. Some offices need this information no later than a certain time to have the time to pull the records and search for the information you require. If you bring your request too late, it might mean coming back the following day to pick up the record and pay for it when you do.

Delaware Divorce Records
Delaware Divorce Records


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4 responses to “Delaware Divorce Records

  1. My name is Dorothy Varma & I am seeking to obtain copies of my divorce papers, which were filed in the State of Delaware, but don’t know which city in Delaware. I do recall my final divorce decree was issued in 2000 if I’m not mistaken. There should be a divorce decree and another for pension disbursement; I am in need of copies of both. If someone could either email or telephone me as to the proper procedures for obtaining these copies & the fees involved, I would be extremely grateful. I live in Uniondale, NY & am unable to come in person, as I am a full-time employee & work a 35 hour work week. I just turned 65 and need these for Social Security purposes. Thank you so much for any information you can furnish me with; it is greatly appreciated.

  2. Hello,
    I need a copy of my divorce property settlement paperwork. How do can I get this the fastest? I need for a mortgage closing. Thank you

    Name of divorce- Stephanie N Quill Jason M Giroso
    Divorce- 10/3/11

    1. To obtain an official copy of your Delaware divorce property settlement you will want to contact the courthouse clerk where your divorce was filed. There you can obtain a certified copy of your Delaware divorce records. You might be able to achieve this online through their website if they have an online court records portal.

      Delaware Divorce Property Settlements

      In Delaware divorce property settlements the property is typically settled between the divorcing parties and sign a Marital Settlement Agreement. If this agreement is not signed then the property distribution is ordered by the relevant Divorce Court.

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