North Carolina Divorce Records

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North Carolina Divorce Records Search

North Carolina Divorce Records may be viewed online, and copies may be obtained by those who need them. These records are easily viewed by individuals who take the time to visit the clerk of court website in the county where the divorce was granted. Divorce records are only available from 1958 on, and anything before that will not be available to consumers. Divorce records are often needed for various reasons, including an ex-spouse who would like to change their name back to their maiden name, apply for a new marriage license, or even renew their driver license in many cases.

Obtaining Same-Day North Carolina Divorce Records

North Carolina divorce records can be obtained on the same day only if patrons visit the Raleigh Health and Human Services Department of Vital Records. All other counties must wait until the request has been submitted and processed. The office is open weekdays from 8 to 3 PM. A photo identification that hasn?t expired is required for anyone to obtain a copy of this certificate. There are fees assessed for a copy of a divorce record in North Carolina, but it varies by location. The best option is to use a credit card or money order to pay for this service.

Mail, Phone, Online North Carolina Divorce Records

If you visit the Vital Statistics website to download the application form or send in a letter requesting a divorce certificate, the processing time is six to eight weeks, even for expedited service. The department is highly backed up at the moment, and everyone is waiting for their records to arrive. The fees are different for each person who orders divorce certificates using any of these methods, and it also depends on how many copies are being ordered.
It?s fastest to visit the local clerk of court where the divorce was finalized to obtain a copy of a divorce record. The fee is payable by check, money order, or credit card. Anyone may obtain a copy of a divorce record in North Carolina as long as they are able to provide the following information:- Their name
– Their photo identification
– First and last names of both parties in the divorce
– The city and county where the divorce took place
– The date the divorce took place
– The maiden name of any applicable party in the divorce
– A home phone number and address for the paperwork to be mailed toObtaining a divorce certificate in North Carolina is a bit more tedious than in any other state due to the lack of information made available online as well as the long processing times. However, those who need them are always given the option to go in person to the Vital Statistics office to obtain a copy when it?s necessary. These records can be used for any financial or legal obligation for which a certified copy is required, but only by the person listed on the divorce certificate. The certification cannot be used by anyone else for legal or financial reasons.
North Carolina Divorce Records
North Carolina Divorce Records

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  1. says:

    We are not showing any divorce records in North Carolina for you or your husband. These are indeed difficult times to get a hold of a person to talk to with the stay at home orders and social distancing. You may want to consult with legal counsel to find out what you can do about this situation.

  2. says:

    My husband passed away 3/17/2020 we were separated at the time of his death. In 2015 I started the divorce process and some forms were sent to my husband we decided to get back together and work on our marriage. The case was dismissed because we were back together and my husband didn’t respond to the action within 30 days. The process was started in another state by me. Once I moved back into the house I destroyed my papers but my husband kept his. Since his death, his daughter has those papers and she used them at the funeral home and she is using those papers to gain access to his bank accounts. No one is listening to me so I need to know how can I find out if there is a divorce on file in Charlotte, NC for Alonzo Lewis and Carolyn Arthur? I never signed any final divorce papers. If the divorce happened it would have been in the year 2019. Because of COVID19, I haven’t been able to get through to the clerk of court. Can you please help me?

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    In order to obtain a copy of your North Carolina divorce decree you will need to contact the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services website. There you can order a certified copy of your divorce certificate. Processing time to receive your North Carolina divorce certificate may take several weeks.

    Get a Copy of a North Carolina Divorce Certificate

    1. Visit the NC Health & Human Services website
    2. Complete the Divorce Certificate request form
    3. Pay the $24 fee and mail in your certificate
    4. Processing time may take 8 weeks by mail

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    I am searching for my divorce decree from Amy Hamlin Tennant, My name is Randy Dale Tennant.
    I need this as soon as possible. How can you help me acquire this.

  5. says:

    We can certainly assist you with a North Carolina divorce record search. If you need an official copy of your divorce decree or N.C. divorce record then you will want to contact the North Carolina county courthouse clerk where you filed for your divorce.

    How to Get a Copy of a North Carolina Divorce Decree

    1. Contact the court clerk where you filed your divorce
    2. Request a certified copy of your divorce decree
    3. Provide your full married and maiden name and a photo ID
    4. Pay the nominal fee for a copy of your divorce decree
    5. Processing time may take a few weeks

  6. says:

    Need divorce record

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