Mississippi Divorce Records

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Mississippi Divorce Records Information

The Mississippi State Department of Health and the Chancery Clerk?s Office are the places to go when you need to find copies of Mississippi divorce records. Records from recent years are all on file, and many records from more than a century ago can be found in many locations throughout the state where they were recorded in recent history. There are several ways to obtain copies, and there are only a few rules regarding who can obtain copies of Mississippi divorce records. Certified copies are only available to the people involved in the divorce, their kids, their parents, or their legal representatives. Viewing divorce records online is simple, and anyone can view this public records whether they?re related or not. To obtain a copy of a divorce certificate you will need to still visit the courthouse where the divorce was filed and request a copy in person or sometimes you can purchase a Mississippi divorce certificate online. You will need to know the approximate date of the divorce as well as show proper a Mississippi photo ID for verification.

Viewing Mississippi Divorce Records

The Department of Health?s Vital Records office only keeps divorce records on file for a limited time frame. If you need to view records of divorces in Mississippi from January 1, 1926 to June 30, 1938 or January 1, 1942 to the present date, you can search here. The fee is only $15, and this encompasses five years. Each additional five-year time pan requires another payment of $15.

If you?d like to view divorce records in Mississippi more locally, you can visit the website of the Chancery Clerk?s office. These records are available for all time that records were recorded, and there is no fee to have your records searched for online through this method. You can search with only one name, and you can search from home. These are public records, and viewing them is simple. If you?re unsure of the names, dates, or location of the divorce and want the clerk to perform the search for you, the fee is $15 for every five years the clerk searches.

Certified Copy of Mississippi Divorce Records

To obtain a legal copy of a divorce record, you?ll need to be someone legally able to do. You?ll visit the Mississippi Chancery Clerk?s office in the county where the divorce occurred. To obtain a copy, you?ll need specific information.

– Name
– Address
– Photo identification
– Names of both parties on the divorce certificate
– Maiden names where applicable
– Date of divorce

Once you provide this information, you?ll be able to obtain a copy for your records. These copies are usually used to obtain a new marriage certificate, for child support purposes, and to apply for any loans or mortgages. It?s also useful to have when you enroll your children in specific sports or in a new school. There is a fee for this record, but it might not be as high as $15 if you don?t need the clerk to search for it in a 5-year increment.

It?s recommended you call and ask what time you must have this information to the Mississippi clerk to receive the record the same day you take it in. Otherwise, many people who visit later in the day are required to come back the following business day if the record takes too long to search for.

Mississippi Divorce Records
Mississippi Divorce Records

Mississippi Divorce Record FAQs

Are Mississippi divorces public record?

Yes, divorces in Mississippi are public record via the Freedom of Information Act. Only the divorcee party can however, obtain a certified copy of their divorce record

How can I get a certified copy of my Mississippi divorce record?

You can obtain a certified copy of your Mississippi divorce record by contacting the county courthouse clerk where you filed for divorce

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Responses to “Mississippi Divorce Records

  1. says:

    Paulette, we are happy to help you in your search for information about this divorce. We found a divorce record for a Mark Eugene Evans and a Mark Steven Evans but we could not locate the divorce record in our Mississippi vital record database

  2. says:

    Can you tell me if you have a record of Paulette Christine Paull’s divorce from Mark Wayne Evans. I cannot remember date if divorce. Somewhere between 1998-2000

  3. says:

    Lauren, in order to obtain a copy of your Mississippi divorce certificate you will want to contact the clerk of the courts in the county you were divorced. They will be able to issue you a certified copy of your Mississippi divorce records you can use for official purposes.

  4. says:

    I need a copy of my divorce papers my name is Lauren Madden his is Russell Duane Madden we divorced in 2012.

  5. says:

    Melissa, we don’t show your divorce date in our Mississippi divorce records database. You will want to contact the courthouse where your divorce was filed and talk to the courthouse clerk. They can offer you the date of your divorce as well as a copy of your divorce decree for a small fee.

  6. says:

    Hello, I just need to know my divorce date from Jerry Lee Howard in Desoto County.

  7. says:

    Crystal, we don’t show any record of your divorce in our Mississippi public records database. You can also contact your county courthouse and request a divorce verification but it’s uncertain they’ll find any record of divorce if no papers were actually filed.

  8. says:

    Hello my name is Crystal Folkner I got Married 06/31/1996 to Timothy Hitt he said we have been divorced but I’ve never seen papers. Can you check and see if divorce papers have been filed

  9. says:

    Franchesca, you will want to contact the courthouse directly where your divorce was filed and processed. Typically, in order to receive an official copy you will need to inquire directly, fill out the relevant divorce record request form and show proof of identification. This can sometimes be handled online, by mail or over the phone. Since you are out of the country you might want to call the Mississippi courthouse clerk and inquire about the best way to receive a copy of your Mississippi divorce certificate.

  10. says:

    I am currently living out of the country and need to obtain a divorce certificate in order to re-marry. Is it possible for someone else to collect it on my behalf or should I be the one to do so?

  11. says:

    In order to get a certified copy of your Mississippi divorce papers you will want to contact the courthouse clerk where your divorce took place and inquire with them on how to obtain a copy of your MS divorce certificate. This can sometimes be processed online and mailed to you. Processing times vary depending on the relevant court.

    Certified Mississippi Divorce Papers

    To order a certified copy of your Mississippi divorce papers, order online through the relevant Mississippi courthouse website or inquire with the court clerk on how to obtain a certified copy of your divorce papers in person, online or through the mail

  12. says:

    Need copy of certified divorce papere

  13. says:

    In order to obtain an official copy of your Mississippi divorce record, you’ll want to reach out to the Mississippi county courthouse where your divorce took place. You can ask the courthouse clerk how to obtain a certified copy of your divorce record. The fee’s are typically pretty minimal and sometimes you can do this over the phone or online.

  14. says:

    Hello I\’m trying to obtain a copy of my divorce decree. What do I need to do to get the process started

  15. says:

    We don’t show any Mississippi divorce records for the person you mentioned. Typically our Mississippi divorce record database only goes back 50 years. That being said you can contact the Mississippi State Department of Health as they are the managing agency in Mississippi for vital records. These include Mississippi death records, birth records, marriage and divorce records.

  16. says:

    I am searching for divorce record for my mother. Her name is Edrie Annette Clifton she married a Rubin Odem or Rubin Odom in New Augusta, Perry County, Mississippi according to her in April of 1941 she also stated she divorced Rubin in April of 1941. She kept no record of this marriage or divorce. They were married by a Judge Dearman. I need this information for her to apply for benefits from VA from her second husband.

  17. says:

    Mississippi vital records, marriage birth and death records can be obtained from the Mississippi Department of Health. They are the managing state agency for vital records in the state of Mississippi

  18. says:

    How to Get a Copy of a Mississippi Divorce Decree

    To obtain a certified copy of a Mississippi divorce decree you must contact the Chancery Clerk’s office in the county the divorce took place to order a certified copy of the divorce decree. Then you will need to provide the full name on the divorce decree and pay the relevant fee. Processing may take several weeks by mail.

  19. says:

    I am trying to obtain a certified copy of my divorce decree. I believe the correct date for the divorce was December 2000.
    Married Name: Debra Anne Cameron-Williams
    Maiden Name: Debra Anne Cameron
    Ex Husband Name: David Williams
    Can you tell me if you can find this document?

  20. says:


    We do not show a divorce record for the names you mentioned for the Mississippi counties you mentioned. Follow the instructions below to lookup divorce information from the Mississippi State Department of Health.

    How to Get a Copy of Divorce Records in Mississippi

    1. Contact the Mississippi Department of Heath and Vital Records
    2. A copy of divorce records from 1942 to present will be $17
    3. Contact the Chancery Clerk’s office to get a certified copy
    4. You can also contact the Vital Records office by sending e-mail to VRInfo@HealthyMS.com

  21. says:

    Looking for divorce between Larry felton brown. And janie hay parker.marriage was 1972.3.4. In hattisburg. He never returned paperwork to my lawyer and it my not have been filed at all.he would have done it in Greene or George county. Thanking you in advance for your time and trouble

  22. says:

    Hello Angela,

    Unfortunately we don’t have that information in our database. I would recommend contacting the Jackson Mississippi county court clerk for more information about the marriage you’re looking for. I have provided a link for you below.


    Best Regards,

    The Search Quarry Team

  23. says:

    Hi. Good day,
    Thank you so much for answering me. I was a little bit busy these days.
    I just got the information that my husband, Keeley- Ashton Deakin just filled the divorce papers and I don’t realy belive it. That’s why I wanted to write you so you can check please. The marriage took place in Jackson – Mississippi on 17th October 2013 (my name is Angela Spoiala).

    Thank you so much.
    I am waiting for your answer with big interest.
    Wish you a great day.

  24. says:

    Hello Angela,

    I understand your concern. I went ahead and performed a nationwide database search for the names you mentioned and I don’t show any divorce records in our database. If you can provide me with the state and county where the divorce took place I can do some more research for you.

    Best Regards,

    The Search Quarry Team

  25. says:

    Good morning.
    I just received the information that the divorce papers have been filled and I tried to find out but I couldn’t.
    By any chance could you check if my name, Angela Spoiala or Keeley Ashton Deakin appears somehow?
    I would appreciate very much if you could do that.
    I am in big trouble at school because I need to filled papers for my PhD diploma but first I have to solve my divorce.
    Thank you very much.
    I am waiting for you to give me a response.

    Thank you so much.
    You have been so hopeful 🙂
    Wish you a great day.

  26. says:

    Hello Angela,

    I am happy to assist you with the Mississippi divorce record lookup however we do not handle the divorce filings. You will have to contact the court clerk’s office of the chancery court in the county where you are filing. Our resources are for reference only. If you provide me the county in which you would like to file for divorce I am happy to look this information up for you. I have included a link with some useful information below.


    Best Regards,

    The Search Quarry Team

  27. says:

    Thank you very much for your response.
    I texted my husband yesterday and he said that he doesn’t have the money to fill the divorce form. Could you please help me If I will send you by fax the papers signed by both of us and pay the fee will be enough?
    Thank you very much!

  28. says:

    Hello Angela,

    I do not show any Mississippi divorce records in our database for the names you mentioned. I recommend you check with the Mississippi Department of Health, which manages Mississippi marriage and divorce records. I have included a link to their divorce records archive below.


    Best Regards,

    The Search Quarry Team

  29. says:

    Hello. Good day.
    I just need an info.
    My name is Angela Spoiala and I got married on 17th October 2013 in Jackson, Mississippi with Keeley- Ashton Deakin and I was wondering if you could check if he filled the divorce papers.
    He said he will help and then he said that I won’t get the papers back from him.
    If you need some papers just let me know and I could send them.
    I have the marriage license and everything.
    Please if you could help me I am desperat.

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