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New York Divorce Records Search

New York divorce records are considered public records. This means anyone can perform a search for a divorce record in the State of New York to view and/or obtain the records in a legal capacity. These records are commonly requested by the divorced party who needs a copy of their own divorce record for name change purposes or even an application for a new marriage license to someone else. Even if the sole intent of searching for a divorce record is to ensure someone has the relationship status they promote during a relationship, this is a record available to anyone to view. It?s only available to purchase by those who were party to the marriage.

Obtaining New York Divorce Records

There are several ways either spouse included in a divorce may obtain a copy of their divorce record in New York. The first is online. This is done by visiting the New York Department of Health website and choosing the ?Vital Records? option on the page. Requirements to obtain a copy of a divorce record online include:

– $30 fee payable by credit card only
– $15 fee for priority handling
– $8 vendor processing fee (charged for each copy ordered)
– A copy of one form of photo identification
– A copy of one form of proof of address

Photo identification may include:

– Driver?s license
– State-issued identification card
– Military photo identification
– Passport

Proof of address may include:

– Utility bill
– Telephone bill
– Letter from government agency

All orders are processed and mailed in 5 to 10 business days. These orders are mailed to the address provided on the application submitted online, which is why it?s imperative to double check all information prior to submission.

Alternative Ordering Options

Phone orders are an option for anyone who is looking to obtain copies of divorce records in New York. They?re made by calling 1-877-854-4481 and following the prompts. The same fees that apply to orders made online apply, as do the identification requirements in place for online orders.

In-person orders can be processed at any New York Department of Health location. The only fee that does not apply to this particular order is the $15 priority processing fee. If you prefer to order a divorce record through the mail, you?ll download the form on the NY Department of Health website, mail it to the listed address with the correct payment, and wait for the record to arrive in your mailbox.

New York divorce records are available to view online if you choose to do so. To check on a divorce record, you?ll want to visit the website of the county office where the divorce was finalized. You?ll look for the ?Public Records? option and enter the name of either party in the divorce. The record will appear on your screen in the original form in which it was filed. It cannot be used for any official submissions, such as an application for a mortgage. An official copy is necessary for something like this.

New York Divorce Records

New York Divorce Record FAQs

How can I get New York divorce verification?

You can obtain a verification of your New York divorce by contacting the NY Deparment of Health in person, online or over the phone. You will need to show proof of identification as well as pay a nominal fee. The NY Department of Health website is 1-800-663-6114

Are divorces in New York public record?

Yes, NY divorce records are public record that anyone can view online however, only the divorcees can obtain a copy of a divorce certificate without a court order

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Responses to “New York Divorce Records

  1. says:

    Barbara, we are happy to verify your divorce date for you but if you’re looking to obtain a copy of your NY divorce certificate then you’ll need to contact the courthouse that processed your divorce or the NY Department of Health that archives divorce records and marriage records for New York

  2. says:

    Would like to review online prior to ordering, the divorce certificate of Barbara A Mangum from Louis/Lewis Mangum, forgot actual date of divorce, best of knowledge June 1976-August 1977, Thank you. Present married name Barbara A Pace

  3. says:

    Hamid, are you looking to just verify a New York divorce record, or are you looking for a copy of a NY death certificate? If you want to verify a divorce we are happy to do so but if you need a copy of a NY death certificate you will want to reach out to the NY State Department of Health – Vital Records Department. They can assist you with obtaining a copy of NY divorce certificate. Their phone number is 866-881-2809

  4. says:

    The name is Mohamed Koroma and he is 71 years old.

    Thanks for helping me with this!

  5. says:

    Hamid, we are happy to verify a NY divorce record for you if you provide us with the full name and age of the person in question. If you need a copy of a divorce certificate you will want to reach out to the NY Department of Health and make your request with the vital records department.

  6. says:


    Please I am trying to verify a divorce that occured in 2010 in Staten Island of a person who passed away this year. I am a third person trying to verify this information. How do I go about it.

  7. says:

    If you remember the county you were married in you can contact the clerk of the courts and make a request with them to obtain a certified copy of your NY divorce record. Another option is to use the resource which can assist you with getting a certified copy of your divorce papers mailed to you for a nominal fee.

  8. says:

    Please let us know if we can assist you with a New York divorce record search

  9. says:

    Wife will no tell the truth

  10. says:

    Hi, I got divorce in 1979. I don’t remember the exact date. All I remember was that the lawyer was in Manhattan. Where can I go to get a copy of my divorce record?

  11. says:

    Unfortunately we do not show any of the New York divorce records you are requesting. Unfortunately our resources only go back around 40 years so this is older than our NY divorce record resources. You can check with the NY Department of Health as they archive NY divorce records for a much longer period of time. Their phone number is 844-628-4692. Please call the NY Department of Health and make your NY divorce inquiry with them

  12. says:

    I came to New york city june of 1967. My name is Okhui. I want you to verify a divorce certificate that my husband filed in the 70s or 80s. His name is James Mullgrav age 77 and I was the spouse.

  13. says:

    A good place to start when researching a New York divorce is to contact the New York Department of Health. They manage New York vital records including marriage and divorce records as well as birth and death records. You can make a request for a divorce verification or a copy of your divorce records in person, online or over the phone. There will be a nominal fee for this service. The NY Department of Health phone number is 1-800-663-6114

  14. says:

    Good Morning
    Sir/Madam I am a pakistani citizen My name is ishaq yousuf I came to New york April 30 2015 with My wife Maleha Ishaq and 2 kids Ethan and EPHRAIM for I came back to my home country for some reasons my wife applied for assylum in 2015 and later I have heared that she had file case for divorce against me in New York but I don\’t have any contact she had blocked me can you help me to find out how can I know the truth or how to get a copy of divorce thanks and regards
    Ishaq yousuf

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