Arkansas Divorce Records

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Arkansas Divorce Records Information

In case you have been wondering how you will get to know whether your fiance is leading a double life or not, worry no more, because you can now access divorce records to get the truth. Divorce records in Arkansas are sought after for various reasons. You may wish to access the record to get the decree of your own divorce to enable you to keep it in your file, you may want the record for confirmation status of your partner or for genealogy research purposes.

Restrictions on Arkansas divorce records

As much as this information is available there are some restrictions. You might not be able to view all the information in the record. For instance, you will not be able find the reasons for the divorce, and the settlement issues like division of property, child upkeep and such like. However, you can get to know the place the divorce took place and whether the person is divorced or not.

Eligibility to access Arkansas Divorce records

According to Arkansas state laws, there are restrictions on who is eligible to access divorce records. Only those that are mentioned in the decree, their assigned delegates, academic research groups, and any individual that can a right to see are allowed to access divorce records. In the event that you want to access these records, you must mention the reason as to why you need to access the record and also provide a properly authenticated photo ID of yourself alongside your request.

How to Access Divorce Records in Arkansas

In order to access these records, you must fill in an application form where you will be required to write your wife’s or husband’s name, your partner?s maiden name, country and date of the divorce, your motive, and your relationship with your estranged partner and his or her spouse. After you have finished filling out the application form, you will be required to mail it, or take it in person to the Vital Records Section Office, Arkansas Department of Health. In case you are applying over the phone, you can make your payment by money order, credit card, or by check.

Arkansas divorce certificates

For you to obtain a divorce decree, you should follow the following compressed process:
Step 1
Download the Arkansas divorce records applicationStep 2
Fill out the application form precisely and include names of wife, husband, wife?s maiden name, country and date of divorce, you motive, your relationship to either of the parties on the divorce.Step 3
Mail or bring your application form to the vital records section, Arkansas Department of Health, or make your order over the phone alongside with $ 10 fee to the address below.
Arkansas Department of Health
Vital Statistics Section
4850 W. Markham
Little Rock, AR 72205
Phone: (888) 803-1118
Always remember that you can make your payments through money orders, checks, or credit card numbers via phone.
Arkansas Divorce Records
Arkansas Divorce Records

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Responses to “Arkansas Divorce Records

  1. squarryadministrator says:

    We understand your situation with trying to obtain a certified copy of your Arkansas Divorce Records. Unfortunately you will need to contact the Little Rock court clerk to obtain these, or you can visit the courthouse in person which might help expedite this process. We are not affiliated with the Arkansas court system so we can not directly assist you with this situation. Best of luck

  2. Leda Resseguie says:

    Hello, i sent for a copy of my divorce in feb of last year and still have not recieved it. The lady at the little rock office told me it was sent back, had it sent certified but she said the same thing again after 6 months of trying and waiting..i sent it via mail and money order. Will someone please help me? I can work without those papers to get my replacement social… I mean a year now? Really? Unemployed

  3. squarryadministrator says:

    Since this is an older Arkansas divorce record you will want to contact the Arkansas Department of Health. They are the Arkansas state agency that manages and archives vital records such as marriage & divorce records and birth & death records. Another option to obtain Arkansas divorce records is to contact the relevant Arkansas county courthouse where the divorce was processed. There you can request a copy of your divorce record from the courthouse clerk

  4. Pauline Onley says:

    Do I need to know my exact divorce date in order to get a copy of the record? I need it to update my Driver’s License. I only remember the time range (between late 1966 and June 1967), so I can’t order the record until I get the date. Or can I? Please instruct me with the proper steps.

  5. squarryadministrator says:

    We are happy to assist you with finding the correct website to obtain an official copy of your Arkansas divorce decree. You will want to reach out to the Arkansas Department of Health, they are the managing Arkansas state agency for vital records, including divorce records, and you can order a copy of your divorce decree online. See below for more detailed information.

    How To Get a Copy of My Arkansas Divorce Decree

    1. Visit the Arkansas Department of Health website
    2. Select program services & select divorce records
    3. Fill out the Arkansas divorce records request form
    4. Pay the $10 fee and $5 for processing
    5. Ordering divorce records by mail may take a few weeks

  6. Esmarie says:

    Good morning, I moved from AR to South Africa IN 2010 and need to obtain a copy of my divorce decree. Please assist and let me know how to go about getting said decree.

    Kind regards,


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