Oklahoma Divorce Records

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Oklahoma Divorce Records Search

According to statistics, over a million divorces take place in the United States each year. This is the reason the law requires each U.S state to keep detailed records of divorce. Just like the other states of the United States, Oklahoma maintains divorce records. The Oklahoma State Department of health maintains and issues the Oklahoma divorce records. All post 1967 divorce records maintained by Oklahoma State Department of health are available for public viewing. Though, you need to keep in mind that the State Department of Health is responsible only for verifying the divorce granted in the state. It does not and will not provide certified copies of the divorce.

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The divorce records provided by the Oklahoma State Department of health include the marital status of a person and where/when the divorce was granted so if you want to find out whether your future spouse is already married, you can make a request to the Oklahoma State Department of health. Also, you can make a request for divorce records if you have to provide someone proof of your divorce. There are multiple ways for you to obtain Oklahoma divorce records including in person, over the phone, through mail or online.

To obtain the divorce records in person, you’ll need to visit the county office as this is the place where all records are maintained. Once you submit the request and pay the fee, the county office will start to look for the record. Once the record is found, the office will hand it over to you. Though, you need to keep in mind that the record will be handed over only to the registrant, the registrant’s immediate family, or a legal representative of the registrant. You can make a request for Oklahoma divorce records over the phone by calling the Oklahoma State Department of health at 405- 271-4040. If you choose to make a request by mail, send your request that contains your name, your spouse’s name and the date/place the divorce was granted to:

Oklahoma Vital Records Service
Oklahoma State Dept of Health
1000 Northeast Tenth, Room 117
Oklahoma City, OK 73117

Apart from the aforementioned ways, you can access Oklahoma divorce records online through public databases. To access the divorce records online, you simply need to sign up on the website, pay the fees, and perform the search.

To find out more about the Oklahoma divorce records, you can visit the website of Oklahoma State Department of health.


Oklahoma Divorce Records
Oklahoma Divorce Records


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2 responses to “Oklahoma Divorce Records

  1. Good day. My name is Milford Aki-Wande Williams. I reside in the country of Los Angeles, California. I want to request a copy of my divorce certificate. How much is the fee that I need to include with the written request for this document. The Cashiers Check should be addressed or made in what name. What is address this request to be mailed to? That Milford Williams

    1. Milford,

      We are happy to help you locate a divorce record online however we do not provide Certified Divorce Certificates. You will want to contact the Los Angeles County Superior Court for official Divorce Judgment Documents. This is in accordance with California Government Code sections 68150 (a)(f)(g)

      How To Get a Divorce Certificate in Los Angeles

      1). Visit the LA Superior Court Website
      2). You must have a case number to search their website
      3). If you don’t have a case number then you’ll have to contact the specific LA courthouse where the divorce took place
      4). To obtain the Certified Divorce Record Copy you will need to pay $15 for Certification and $0.50 per copy

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