Iowa Divorce Records

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Iowa Divorce Records Information

The Iowa Department of Public Health?s Vital Statistics office has been acquiring and storing Iowa divorce records since 1880. They?re public record, viewable and obtainable by anyone who wants to see or have a copy of Iowa divorce records. They?re not limited to only the party listed on the record. In many instances, parties want to find Iowa divorce records from their ancestors to help with their family tree, to trace their ancestry, and to help with their genealogy. For this reason, the state makes it quite easy to view Iowa divorce records online and obtain them in person, on the computer, over the phone, or through the mail. This is done with the Vital Statistic?s office or through the Clerk of Court?s office in the county where a divorce was granted

Iowa Divorce Records Online

If you need to see a divorce record in Iowa, simply visit the website of the Iowa clerk of court?s office in the county where the divorce was granted. Each Iowa county court clerk?s website offers a public record search option. Divorce records are a matter of public record, which means they?re easily viewable here. This link directs you to a page where you can narrow your results to search only for divorce records, to search by year, to search by numerous years, and to search by name. It?s not necessary to provide the names of both parties listed on the record. One will do. Once you enter it, the record appears and is viewable on your computer.

Get a Iowa Divorce Records Copy

Iowa state law allows only the person listed on the divorce record, the children, or the parents of the people listed on the record to obtain a certified copy of a divorce record. All other people making an inquiry are permitted to obtain unofficial copies for their personal records. This is done by contacting the office of Vital Statistics. You?ll need to call or visit the office in person. It?s located in Des Moines, and it?s open every weekday save for holidays.

The fee to obtain a copy of a divorce record is $15, and this fee is payable by check or money order. Cash is not accepted. You can call the office and provide the information required to obtain a copy, and it will be mailed to you upon receipt of the information required. You can also write an official letter of request and mail it to the offices. All requests must contain the following:

Iowa Divorce Records Information

– Full name of both parties listed on the divorce record
– Date of the divorce
– County in which the divorce occurred
– Your name and contact information
– $15 for each copy requested
– A copy of your valid photo identificationOnce your information is received, copies of the records you requested are sent to you. In some instances, a rush fee might apply to your order which allows you to pay more for faster service. Copies cannot be used for illegal purposes in any instance.
Iowa Divorce Records
Iowa Divorce Records
Iowa Divorce Records
Iowa Divorce Records

Iowa Divorce Record - Questions & Answers

Are divorces in Iowa public record?

Yes, all Iowa divorces are public record via the Freedom of Information Act. Anyone can view vital records which include marriage and divorce records as well as birth and death records. The only part that is not public record is the actual divorce certificate. Only the divorced parties can obtain a copy of an Iowa divorce certificate

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  1. says:

    NEED DATES FOR BOTH OF THESE DIVORCES. JENNIFER ANN HOWK (maiden name) Fincher then Thompson . Partener names : Adam Fincher and Christopher Thompson. Both marriages and Divorce occurred in Bloomfield, Iowa. Davis county.

  2. says:

    I need a copy of Dale Lee and Lisa Gorham divorce papers. They married around 1989 the marriage was annulled a few months after. We are applying to be foster parents. Need asap please. Does not need to be certified

  3. says:

    Cathy, we’ll need your full married and maiden name as well as your age or date of birth to run an accurate Iowa death record search

  4. says:

    Just need accurate date of my divorce in the mid 70s for passport PLEASE?

  5. says:

    Shoanne, in order to get a duplicate IA divorce certificate you’ll need to contact the courthouse that processed your divorce

  6. says:

    Copy of my Divorces

  7. says:

    How to Order a Copy of an Iowa Divorce Decree

    You can order a copy of your Iowa divorce decree by visiting the courthouse website in the county you filed for divorce in. Only the divorcee parties can order a certified copy of their Iowa divorce records. There will be a nominal fee for this service and processing may take a few weeks.

  8. says:

    I need a copy of my divorce decree

  9. says:

    Virginia, you should contact the clerk of the court where you filed your divorce papers. They will be able to update you on the status. Because of Covid and limited court resources, these things are taking longer than normal

  10. says:

    I filed for divorce in Iowa and paid 139 plus 8 dollars processing fee online. I filed approximately 3 weeks ago. I have been trying to find out if it has been filed because I have no receipt. How can I find out status of my divorce and If[

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    Rafael, you will need to contact the Iowa county courthouse, where you originally filed for divorce, and make a request with the clerk of the courthouse to obtain a certified copy of your Iowa divorce certificate. There will be a nominal fee for this and you can typically order this online.

    How to get a copy of my Iowa divorce certificate

    You can get a copy of your Iowa divorce certificate by contacting the clerk of the courthouse where you filed your divorce papers. If you do not know where or when you filed for divorce you can use the online resource, used by the Iowa courts, It will cost you a bit extra to use this resource but you will be able to have a certified copy of your Iowa divorce certificate mailed to you.

  12. says:

    I need a copy of my divorce certificate but i dont have the exact date of my divorce it was in 1991 can you please help me thank you

  13. says:

    Kate, we are happy to assist you with an Iowa divorce record lookup. We will need your full name, middle as well, and dates of your divorce. If you’re looking to procure a certified copy of your Iowa divorce decree , divorce filing or final divorce records you will want to contact the Iowa county courts where you originally filed for divorce. You can talk to the courthouse clerk over the phone or use their online web portal to obtain a certified copy of your Iowa divorce record by mail.

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