Kentucky Divorce Records

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Kentucky Divorce Records Information

The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services works with the Kentucky Vital Statistics office to provide public records for those with a need or interest. Kentucky divorce records are easily obtained by visiting, calling, or writing into the office to obtain the record you need. The Vital Statistics office does not file divorce records prior to 1958, which means tracing family ancestry is not something you can do in this office. For records older, you?ll need to obtain them from the Clerk of Court?s office in the county where the divorce took place. They are the only entities in Kentucky holding onto records dated prior to 1958.

Kentucky Divorce Records Through Vital Statistics

Anyone is free to visit the vital statistics office in Frankfort Kentucky to ask for vital records, including Kentucky divorce records. These records are a matter of public record, which means anyone can see a copy or obtain an unofficial divorce record copy in any capacity. There is a small fee for each record, but the fee is dependent on how you order the record, how you pay for it, and how quickly you want to obtain the record.

Vital Statistics will only provide divorce records to individuals who provide the following information:

– Name
– Photo identification
– Mailing address
– Names of both parties listed on the divorce record
– County and city where the divorce took place

Requests through the mail must contain a written request along with a check in the amount of your total order, and a copy of your valid photo identification. If you make your request for a copy of a divorce certificate over the phone, you?ll need to mail in your photo identification and payment. In person requests are usually handled the same day, but there is a cut-off time in the afternoon for same-day service. Other requests take as long as 30 days to process.

Certified Copies of Kentucky Divorce Records

If you need to obtain a certified copy for legal reasons, you?ll need to do so through the Kentucky county court clerk?s office in the county your divorce took place. You must also be someone listed on the divorce paperwork, or you must be the parent or child of someone listed on the divorce certificate to have a certified copy presented to you.

If you?d like to view a divorce record, the best way to do so is through the county clerk and the website the office maintains. All county clerk websites offer a public record link that allows you to use the names of the parties in the divorce to perform a search. You need only one name of one person who was involved in the marriage to do this. The result is available immediately, and it?s for anyone to view. It cannot be used in any legal manner, and it?s only for public viewing online. This is not a certified copy, nor can it be used as one anywhere in Kentucky or any other surrounding states.

Kentucky Divorce Records
Kentucky Divorce Records

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Responses to “Kentucky Divorce Records

  1. says:

    I don’t know exactly what day my divorce was final

  2. says:

    I need the date of my divorce to file for Social Security. Can you help me. I also had a marriage that was annulled, do I need the dates for that marriage and divorce as well for Social Security?

  3. says:

    I need a copy of my divorce record in Kentucky for a driver’s license in Ohio. I have been using my maiden name Watson, ever since the divorce in 1979. NOW, they are asking for a copy of the divorce decree (1979). My ex has been married and divorced at least two more times and is now dead. I just want to get mydriver,\’s license in Ohio. Can you help by sending me a copy of the decree by email. Thanks. Thanks

  4. says:

    Please give us your full name and date of birth so we can accurately lookup your divorce information for you

  5. says:

    I cant remember the date of my divorce decree.

  6. says:

    Delores, you will need to contact the clerk of the court in the county where your Kentucky divorce was processed to request a certified copy of your KY divorce certificate

  7. says:

    How do I get a copy of my divorce decree from 1994.

  8. says:

    Deborah, if you give us your full name and age we can run a Kentucky divorce record search for you

  9. says:

    I don\’t know the date of my divorce, how do I find out?. I think it was around 2000 or later.

  10. says:

    It says it needs the exact date I got a divorce, I don’t remember it. I need that to do that on VitalChek

    Thank you

  11. says:

    Christine, if you need a certified copy of your divorce papers you can use the resource This is what the Kentucky court system uses to procure vital records such as birth, death, marriage and divorce records

  12. says:

    I need a copy of my divorce papers but I don’t remember the actual date I got my divorce. How can I get the date so I can order a copy? Thank you

  13. says:

    Brian, we are happy to assist you with a Kentucky divorce record search however we’ll need your full name and age to proceed. Another option is to contact the Kentucky courthouse where you originally filed for divorce and make your divorce date request with the clerk of the court.

  14. says:

    Going to get married March 14, 2020 in Florida. I need to know my divorce dates of my 2 divorced. Fist divorce was in Elkton Ky and the second was filed in Morgantown Ky.

  15. says:

    Lindsay, we do not show any information when we ran a Kentucky divorce search for you. You may want to contact an attorney or a divorce court clerk to inquire about how to verify if there actually was a divorce that took place. In order to obtain a copy of your Kentucky marriage certificate you can contact the Kentucky Department of Public Health @ 502-564-3970

  16. says:

    I am needing to know if my ex is telling me the truth. I was incarcerated and he filed for divorce I didn\’t sign anything, yet was told by him that a judge signed them and he was going to screenshot it to me and never did. My current bf seems to think that we are still married. My name is Lindsay dale and his name is tony dale, we were married legally on June 26 or 27th 2013. We had ceremony on Sept 13th and that\’s the date I can remember, but legally was in June or July of 13.

  17. says:

    Unfortunately those Kentucky divorce records are older than what we have available in our KY divorce record database. Our records only go back approximately 50 years. You might consider reaching out to the Kentucky State Archives or the Kentucky Department for Public Health as they archive much older public records.

  18. says:

    I am searching for the divorce record of Leeman Ward and Malvie/Malvory Branham. I believe the divorce took place in the Greasy Creek county between 1925-1939.

  19. says:

    To obtain an official copy of a Kentucky divorce petition and divorce decree you will want to contact the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics, the Kentucky CDC or the courthouse clerk where the divorce took place. They will either have the KY divorce records in their database or if not they may direct you to the Kentucky State Archives since these are very old divorce records. We have included some phone numbers below for your convenience.

    Kentucky Office of Vital Records Phone Number


    Kentucky CDC Phone Number


  20. says:

    My mother’s parents divorced sometime around 1925-1929 when they were living in Nicholas County, KY. How may I get a copy of the petition and decree? How much should I send and to whom? Please advise. Maud Robbins Martin vs. James Humble Martin.

  21. says:

    You might want to reach out to the courthouse clerk, where your Kentucky divorce decree was filed. They will be able to assist you with obtaining a copy of your KY divorce certificate

  22. says:

    I can\’t find my divorce record from the 80s Paula and Kevan ASHURST

  23. says:

    To obtain an official copy of your Kentucky divorce record you have a couple of options. 1st. You can reach out to the courthouse where your divorce was filed and request a copy of your Kansas divorce certificate from the court clerk. This can sometimes be done online through the Kansas courthouse website, depending on what online services they offer. 2nd. You can contact the Kansas Department of Health to request a copy of your KS divorce record. The state of Kansas files divorce records with this agency as well as KS marriage records and birth and death records.

    Get a Copy of Your Kansas Divorce Certificate

    1. Request a copy from the Kansas court where your divorce was filed
    2. Request a copy from the Kansas Department of Health & Environment

  24. says:

    Need a copy of my divorce

  25. says:

    Edward, we do not show the exact date of your Kentucky divorce date. The best option to obtain the specifics of your Kentucky divorce is to contact the relevant courthouse where your divorce was filed and talk to the court clerk. They can assist you with obtaining a copy of your KY divorce which will have your divorce date and any other relevant information.

    How to Find My Kentucky Divorce Date

    Contact the Kentucky courthouse clerk, where the divorce was filed, and request a copy of your divorce record. Show proof of ID and pay the small fee for a copy. This will show your divorce date and all pertinent information.

  26. says:

    Can you provide the date of my divorce to Holly Wright of Jefferson County Louisville, Kentucky back in 1988 or 1989? My name is Edward Thomas Fagan formerly of Louisville, KY, Orlando (Longwood) FL, Weston FL, etc. Born August 21, 1959
    Thank you, Ed Fagan (407) 212-9131

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