Alabama Divorce Records

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Discovering Alabama Divorce Records

Reasons to acquire Alabama divorce records can be quite numerous. People doing genealogy need proof of lineage for themselves or others. Sometimes you lose personal paperwork and need to get a new copy for whatever reason. The Alabama Department of Public Health maintains and issues copies of Alabama divorce records. Their contact information is below.

Alabama Department of Public Health (Street Address)
The RSA Tower
201 Monroe Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

Alabama Department of Public Health (Mailing Address)
P.O. Box 303017
Montgomery, AL 36130-3017

Alabama Department of Public Health (Website)

Alabama Department of Public Health (Phone)
1-800-ALA-1818 (general Info)
334-206-5418 (vital records)

Printing a vital record application from the website can save time. You can have them send a copy of an Alabama divorce record for as little as $15 but you must fill out the application completely.

Viewing divorce records online
Often families use sites with a free 14-day trial period but pay then after the 14 days has past. Some of the sights listed below are well organized and easy to use. A lot of local libraries give patrons free access to these sites. Below are a few sites you need to access.

Getting a Copy of Alabama Divorce Records

Finding a copy of divorce records is not nearly as daunting a task as you might think. Every one of the 67 counties in the state has a Department of Health but now these records are only available prior to 1950. Before 1950, you must go to the local county circuit court where the divorce occurred. is a website that has listings of the courts? contact information.

Another point to realize when doing research on divorces. As Alabama was growing, it divided up along political lines throughout the years. These lines changed dramatically at times. For example, if Great Grandma lived in Dothan, Alabama, whatever year her divorce was depends on what county it was in at that particular time. It could have been at one time Indian Territory.

As per the being a member of the Internet age, a majority of these counties have social media pages such as that can be a fast link from your smartphone or computer. Be prepared to do footwork when it comes to searching thru records. Sometimes being able to see the document in person or research in person can glean useful information in your search especially in the area of genealogy. You never know who has the piece to your puzzle.

Alabama Divorce Records
Alabama Divorce Records

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    Can we help you with an Alabama divorce records lookup or a public record search?

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    Our Divorce Records only go back 50 years so this one is not in our Alabama divorce record database. Your best bet to get a copy of your Alabama Divorce Decree and Divorce Records is to contact the Alabama Department of Public Health Office. They will be able to better assist you with looking up old divorce records as they are the managing state agency for these vital records.

    How to Get an Alabama Divorce Certificate

    1. Visit the Alabama Public Heath website
    2. Fill out the Mail-In Application
    3. Include the full name of the divorcees
    4. Provide your name and signature
    5. Pay the $15 fee for a certificate copy
    6. Processing may take several weeks

    Alabama Public Health Department Address

    Alabama Vital Records
    P.O. Box 5625
    Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5625

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    Hello, I am looking for a divorce which took place in 1961 between Alfred Charles Taylor and my mom Joanne Lee Taylor (maiden – Barnes) Can you help?

  5. says:

    Our Alabama divorce records do not go that far back. You can contact the Alabama Department of Public Health as the archive all the divorce records for Alabama as far back as 1950. For divorce records that are before then, like in your case, you will want to contact the Alabama circuit court in the county where the divorce took place.

    How to Get Old Alabama Divorce Records

    1. Contact the circuit court where the divorce took place
    2. Visit them in person, online or over the phone
    3. Request divorce records from the circuit court clerk
    4. Provide the required information and pay the fee for a copy

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    I am seeking the divorce records for my great-grandparents. They were Robert Emmett Lashley (b. 1871, OH) and Virginia Irvine Snyder (b. 1879, VA). They were married in 1896. They were living in Birmingham in 1900, along with my grandmother, Virginia Cameron Lashley (b. 1897). Family history says that they divorced in the early 1900s, perhaps before 1905. Do you still have those divorce records?

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    We can certainly try and lookup your potential divorce records but we’ll need some more information first. Did your divorce take place in America or Jamaica? If the divorce took place in Jamaica then we won’t be able to access those divorce records. We only have access to records in the United States. If this divorce did take place in America, from an American marriage, then we can lookup those divorce records for you. If you can also provide her age this will help us refine the results.

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    Hi my name is Andre Douglas I need ur help my wife went to America and told me that she divorce me but I got no paperwork Frome at all I need to know if it’s been done her name is Andrea Karen Lewis I don’t know what else to do or how to do it am from Jamaica plz if it’s there I will pay to get it plz

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