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Divorce Records

Divorce Records Definition

Divorce Records are a record of the dissolving of a marriage or domestic partnership. Divorce records are a vital record as are marriage records, birth and death records. Many times in a divorce the name of one of the partners is changed back to their respective maiden name. Depending on the circumstances there may be child custody assigned in a divorce process but this can also be a separate matter in the eyes of the court. Divorce records are public domain and most everyone has access to this information.

The Divorce Process

To begin a divorce, the proper paperwork must be submitted to the courts. However, many states have a marriage counselor or other marriage expert try to help resolve the problem. Once a divorce is begun, agreements on which spouse gets the house, the savings, etc. must be made. This can be a long process. Special care must be taken not to infringe on what the court will decide (such as child custody). If the agreement is to be valid, it must be as close to fair as it can possibly get during the writing and execution.

Once the court has decided to hear the divorce case, the procedure is pretty standard for court. A divorce expert must be found to give their witness during trial, and for various reasons of divorcing, other paperwork or witnesses may be needed. Any questions about the court procedure can be talked over with the clerk of the court.

After the divorce has been finalized, it takes a great deal of work on each of the spouses’ parts to make it work. If there are children involved, the process can be particularly difficult for them if they are old enough to remember the other parent if custody is not shared. However, if circumstances change significantly enough in favor of one parent or the other being the able caretaker, spouses may appeal to court to have custody terms changed.

Spouses who are unhappy with the judgment can go back to court. Having the divorce appealed or reopening the agreements made above are two of the most difficult things to do after the divorce.

Once the divorce is finalized, however, the couple is given a divorce certificate. Typically, each spouse receives a copy. This is the official document to state that the marriage has been ended and is treated as a legal document. Should a spouse decide to change their name on their driver’s license, ID card, or a vehicle title, the divorce certificate will be needed. Many DMV offices will not do so without the proper paperwork from the Social Security Administration (SSA) and will not accept photocopies of the original divorce certificate.

If the certificate is lost, the spouse can apply to receive a duplicate. This involves completing an application form, submitting up to two forms of identification, and payment for the fees. Only the state, county, or country can issue duplicates.

Divorce Records Search

 There are a couple ways of looking up a divorce record. 1st you can simply perform a divorce records search with a first and last name. Often times it is best to search both the maiden and married names to insure you’re locating the correct divorce record. 2nd you can perform a vital or civil records search that will give you more information including the married and divorced names and birth records which is a great secondary piece of information you can use to cross-reference the divorce record with. See below for more divorce records information.

Divorce Records Information

Divorce Records Search

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Divorce Records

Divorce Records

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