Missouri Divorce Records

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Missouri Divorce Records Information

If you?re looking to complete your family tree, to apply for child support for your kids from your ex-spouse, or if you?d like to remarry, you might need a copy of your divorce record. Missouri divorce records are a matter of public record, so anyone can search for them. This makes it easy to trace your family history, but it?s not sufficient if you need a certified copy of your own divorce record for legal or financial reasons. Fortunately, Missouri divorce records are easily obtained, and there?s very little involved in obtaining a copy or even viewing a copy online.

Certified Missouri Divorce Records

If you need a copy of a divorce records in certified form, you?ll need to be listed on the divorce certificate or someone related to at least one person on the certificate. The only non-family members able to seek this information are legal representatives of one or more people listed on the certificate.

Missouri?s Division of Vital Records is where to search for divorce records. They issue copies in person and through the mail, which makes it easy for anyone to obtain the information they need. Anyone can have a divorce statement by applying online or visiting in person, but no one here will issue a certified copy of this record to anyone, even if they are legally permitted to have a certified copy. There is a fee, but the fee depends on how many copies you want, how many years you ask the office to search, and if you want the request expedited or handled according to typical time frames.

Certified copies are only available at the Missouri Recorder of Deeds? office in the county where the divorce was granted. Anyone looking for a certified copy can call or visit in person, pay the fee, and obtain a record. This is easy to do, but you do have to prove who you are with your photo identification.

Missouri Divorce Records Copy

If you don?t need a certified copy of a Missouri divorce record or you just want to view a copy online, you can do that easily. The Recorder of Deeds? office has a website in every county. You?ll need to know which county the divorce was granted in, and you?ll need to head to that website. Once you?re on the site, you?ll see an option to search for public records. Divorce records are a matter of public record, which means you?ve got to enter the name of at least one party in the divorce.

To make the search even faster, you can enter the date of the divorce. If you don?t know that, it is possible to narrow the search by document. Selecting divorce from the drop-down menu makes this possible. This copy is only for your online viewing pleasure, and it cannot be used for any legal reasons. It can be printed and kept with your personal records if you prefer to have it for your family history, but it cannot be used legally in any capacity in Missouri.

Missouri Divorce Records
Missouri Divorce Records

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