How To Verify Someone's Identity

How To Verify Someone’s Identity

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Verifying Someone’s Identity

There are many methods that you can use to verify someone’s identity but not all are fool-proof. Biometrics, like finger prints or retinal scans, are probably the best way if you have access to a database ( most of us don’t ). SSN ( Social Security Numbers ) have been a standard method of identifying someone’s identity but this is difficult to verify and can be easily forged and counterfeited. Using utility bills, w2’s, tax returns, bank statements are another but these are easy to create in Photoshop or similar graphic software programs. A photo ID ( driver’s license, passport, etc. ) are a better way since they’re more difficult to replicate but the best method is to use a combination of resources. There are many online public record databases where you can find a multitude of information that someone can verify such as; birth records ( year and city born ), marriage certificates ( year and city married in ), driving records, criminal records, lien records, etc. Then what you should do is to match up as many pieces of the different data and cross-reference them to insure you’re dealing with the correct person.  It basically comes down to common sense and if the person you’re dealing with doesn’t have or know the information that was mentioned then a red flag should go up and you might consider that this person is not who they say they are. Identity theft is pervasive and it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” someone’s identity is compromised so try and use your due diligence to verify someone’s correct identity. You can use as a resource to help you figure out who that person really is and find out what’s in their public record … Get a 5 day trial for $3.

Verify someone's identity

Identity Verification with Biometrics

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