How To Perform a Background Check

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How To Keep Your Family Safe With A Background Check Online

How To Perform a Background Check Online

How To Perform A Background Check

A Background Check is a record of someone’s history, their public record. A background check might include civil records, marriage & divorce records, criminal records, incarceration records, court records, driving records, lien records & more. Basically any government collected information that is public domain. In years past, performing a background check meant hiring an expensive service to lookup information for you. The more streamlined and modern way to perform a background check is to use an online public records database website. Using your computer or smartphone you can lookup background information in minutes. There are many online background check resources to choose from, some are better than others.

How To Perform A Background Check Online

The internet has revolutionized the way we access information. Now that most households in the US have computers, tablets or smartphones with high speed internet, people can access information from almost anywhere at anytime. A background check is a person’s public record and these records are available to the general public. You can contact various government agencies to get copies of a person’s public record but that takes a considerable amount of time. A much easier method to perform a background check is to sign up for an online service. These services organize billions of records, save and index them so you can easily search by name, city and state. They do the rest. These services are typically not free and they range in price. With we offer you many options to search for the information you are looking for. We have hundreds of pages of free content plus our paid members area.  Many times we offer a low fee to try out our members area initially, so you can test drive our members area for a low price and hopefully save yourself the time and headache of tracking down information on your own.

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Responses to “How To Perform a Background Check

  1. Reyes Nieves Fuentes age 35 date of birth 10/13/1985 from Pueblo Colorado can i get complete history of background check criminal history and active warrants
    Thank u

    1. We found a multitude of information about Reyes Fuentes when we performed a background check on him. We also found many other people with the same first and last name and age. If there was a specific background record, such as criminal history, that you would like to know about this person we are happy to elaborate more with our background check results. You can also sign into our member’s area and run unlimited background checks on anyone in the United States.

    1. Joe, we are happy to share information about this person’s background check however we’ll need to know his age and middle name to confirm we’re looking up the correct person’s background information

    1. Jose, we ran a Colorado background check for a Christina Fuentes and found an arrest record and a Fugitive arrest warrant from 2017

  2. Nationwide check plz even tho i stayed florida my entire life cortez Daquan tigg Age 23 State florida but i would like a nationwide check

    1. Cortez, a nationwide search is too broad with just the information you provided. Can you let us know what state you reside in and your age so we can filter our background check results? Our public record database has over 2 billion records so it’s very helpful to have as much information as possible.

      How to Run a Nationwide Background Check

      You can run a nationwide background check with online public record websites, like You will need to enter your full name, age and state of residency to begin. Many people have the same first and last name so it’s important to enter as much information as possible to run an effective nationwide background check.

    1. Boni, we have refunded you your charges and apologize for the difficulties. We have 24×7 customer support if you need any background check assistance with a search in the member’s area. we also offer live chat support. Please allow a few business days for the refund to be processed

    1. Alva, thank you for reaching out about our “How to Perform a Background Check”. We ran an Ohio warrant search and did not find anything active at this time however, we do show an arrest record and an ongoing court case from earlier this year.

    1. Melissa, we ran a Nevada warrant check for a Hawk Kimble and did not find anything active for this person in Nevada or nationwide

    1. Clinton, thank you for inquiring about our ” How to Perform a Background Check ” blog. To answer your question, it really depends on the nature of your felony. In certain circumstances, felonies can be expunged but a lot of the time a felony is such a serious criminal offense that it will stay on your criminal record indefinitely. That being said, your best option would be to contact legal counsel to review your court case to evaluate is there is an option for you to get your felony expunged.

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