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Nationwide Federal Courts Finder

Our free Federal Courts Finder will locate any federal or district courthouse in the nation. There are 94 federal districts in the United States and many of these have multiple federal courts. It’s easy to get mixed up when just looking online and that is why we built this free Federal Courts Finder. Just click on the state your interested in and we’ll provide you with a list of all the federal courthouses in that state. You can easily link to the federal court websites for more information or call the phone number directly from your mobile device by clicking on the phone number.

Our Free Federal Courts  finder is mobile friendly so it will work seamlessly on any device. You can also use this tool on our free app available at the Google Play Store ( Search Quarry Tool Box )

Additional Federal Courts Finder Information

Federal courts are governed by the US constitution and these courts are broken down by regional circuit courts and district courts. The 94 federal districts are organized into 12 regional courts. Each of the regional circuit courts also have a court of appeals.  Each state  has at least one district court, plus Washington D.C. The federal district court’s role is to determine the outcome of legal disputes of a federal manner. Each of these courts uses a judge and jury to determine the outcome of a federal trial. Additionally the federal court system includes Bankruptcy Courts, Court of Appeals, Bankruptcy Courts and of course the Supreme Court of the United States. There are also special federal courts such as; Court of Federal Claims, Tax Court, D.C. Court of Appeals, Court of Appeals for Veteran Claims, Court of Appeals for Armed Forces, Immigration Courts and Tax Courts. These special federal courts are not in  every state like the district trial courts. See USCourts.gov for more information about district courts.

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