Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN


City State Zip Court Name Address Url Phone
Great Falls MT 59404 Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel Missouri River Courthouse 125 Central Avenue West Great Falls MT 59404 406-207-2093
Billings MT 59101 Ninth Circuit Librarian 2601 2nd Avenue N., Suite 1200 Billings MT 59101 406-247-2333
Butte MT 59701 Montana Bankruptcy Court Mike Mansfield Federal Building and United States Courthouse 400 North Main Street, Room 303 Butte MT 59701 406-782-3354
Billings MT 59101 Montana District Court James F. Battin United States Courthouse 316 North 26th Street Billings MT 59101 406-247-7000
Butte MT 59701 Montana District Court Mike Mansfield Federal Building and United States Courthouse 400 North Main Street Butte MT 59701 406-782-0432
Great Falls MT 59404 Montana District Court Missouri River Courthouse 125 Central Avenue West, Suite 110 Great Falls MT 59404 406-727-1922
Helena MT 59626-9708 Montana District Court Paul G. Hatfield United States Courthouse 901 Front Street, Suite 2100 Helena MT 59626-9708 406-441-1355
Missoula MT 59802 Montana District Court Russell E. Smith Federal Building 201 East Broadway Street, Suite 310 Missoula MT 59802 406-542-7260
Billings MT 59101 Montana Prob/Pretrial Office 2601 2nd Avenue N., Suite 1300 Billings MT 59101 N/A 406-657-6287
Browning MT 59417 Montana Prob/Pretrial Office Blackfeet Federal Center 531 Southwest Boundary Street Browning MT 59417 N/A 406-338-5921
Glasgow MT 59230 Montana Prob/Pretrial Office United States Post Office and Courthouse 605 Second Avenue South, Room 204D Glasgow MT 59230 N/A 406-228-2519
Great Falls MT 59404 Montana Prob/Pretrial Office Missouri River Courthouse 125 Central Avenue West, Suite 120 Great Falls MT 59404 N/A 406-453-4461
Hardin MT 59034-1809 Montana Prob/Pretrial Office Crane Building 9 East Fifth Street Hardin MT 59034-1809 N/A 406-665-4210
Helena MT 59626-9708 Montana Prob/Pretrial Office Paul G. Hatfield United States Courthouse 901 Front Street, Suite 1200 Helena MT 59626-9708 N/A 406-441-1160
Missoula MT 59802 Montana Prob/Pretrial Office Russell E. Smith Federal Building 201 East Broadway Street, level lower Missoula MT 59802 N/A 406-542-7100
Great Falls MT 59401-3645 Federal Defenders of Montana 104 Second Street South, Suite 301 Great Falls MT 59401-3645 406-727-5328
Billings MT 59101 Federal Defenders of Montana 2702 Montana Avenue, Suite 101 Billings MT 59101 406-259-2459
Helena MT 59601 Federal Defenders of Montana 50 West 14th Street, Suite 300 Helena MT 59601 406-449-8381

Montana Federal Courts – Locations, Hours & Phone Numbers

Montana Federal Courts function a little differently than the Montana state courts. When looking for federal court information, it is helpful to remember it is more often referred to as district court.

One of the deciding factors as to whether a case is heard in state or in federal court is the jurisdiction, or area of law. Some types of law are only heard in district court, while others are handled case by case.

There are several areas of law heard specifically in Montana federal courts. Bankruptcy cases are always handled by a federal court. Cases involving the US government or feuds between the US government and foreign government are federal cases. Cases involving federal laws, of course, and the US constitution are also federal jurisdiction. Federal laws include employment law, laws protecting people with disabilities and civil rights law. Additionally, disputes between states are also federally handled.

The records for Montana can be found at the Montana Federal Courts Administrator’s office, the central location for cases pertaining to Montana. Public litigation records can be accessed online as well. They provide the names of the plaintiffs and defendants, which court the case was heard in and the reason for the case.

A search can be started simply by going to the Montana government website and typing “courts and judicial branch” into the search bar. Another good starting point is

Something to remember when conducting an online search is that Montana is unique in that it does not have an appellate court. Court cases that would normally be directed to an appellate court are heard by the Montana Supreme Court. This also means that the Supreme Court must hear all appeals cases in Montana, since citizens have a right to an appeal from a lower court decision.

Although Montana Federal Court is governed by the guidelines of all federal courts, it is slightly different in structure, while providing a variety of ways to access public information. For Montana court records search online click here.

Montana Federal Courts
Montana Federal Courts

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