Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN


City State Zip Court Name Address Url Phone
Wilmington DE 19801-3519 Third Circuit Librarian J. Caleb Boggs Federal Building 844 North King Street, Room 5418 Wilmington DE 19801-3519 302-573-5880
Wilmington DE 19801-3024 Delaware Bankruptcy Court 824 North Market Street, 3rd Floor Wilmington DE 19801-3024 302-252-2900
Wilmington DE 19801-3519 Delaware District Court J. Caleb Boggs Federal Building 844 North King Street, 4th Floor Wilmington DE 19801-3519 302-573-6170
Dover DE 19904 Delaware Prob/Pretrial Office 1218 Forrest Avenue Dover DE 19904 302-677-0633
Wilmington DE 19801-3024 Delaware Prob/Pretrial Office 824 North Market Street, Suite 400 Wilmington DE 19801-3024 302-252-2950
Wilmington DE 19801 Delaware Federal Public Defender 800 North King Street, Suite 200 - CHU Wilmington DE 19801 N/A 302-573-6010

Delaware Federal Courts – Locations, Hours & Phone Numbers

Delaware Federal Courts refers to the federal court present in the state of Delaware i.e. the U.S District Court for the District of Delaware. Currently, the Delaware Federal Court is located in Wilmington. A number of patent and commercial disputes have been heard and tried in this court. Information related to civil as well as criminal cases can be obtained from the Delaware Federal Court. This can either be done online or in person.

If you desire to obtain the information you need in person then you visit the Delaware Federal Court located on King Street in Wilmington. On the other hand, if you want to access the information online then you can use the Delaware PACER system to view and download filings. An electronic public access service, PACER allows users to obtain information related to case and docket via the internet.

In order to ensure public access to court information, the federal judiciary provides the PACER system. The information you can obtain includes all the orders, exhibits, pleading and transcripts related to a case. However, generally the public doesn’t have access to transcripts. In case one of the litigants has appealed the case, they’ll request the court reporter for a transcript. The transcript may appear in the docket afterwards. If you want to find out whether a transcript is available, contacting the clerk’s office and asking for help is the best thing to do.

Except for sealed cases, you can get complete access to federal courts through the PACER system. Unless someone forgot to update a schedule or enter something, you can get access to anything and everything you need through this system. Whether you’re looking for criminal or civil case files, you’ll find them on this online system. Delaware Federal Court information is available to you. How you get it (online or in person) is up to you.

Delaware Federal Courts
Delaware Federal Courts

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